B-station big hand pen 600 million investment has a demon comic?B stands so big Zhangqi drum investment wants to do?

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B-station big hand pen 600 million investment has a demon comic?B stands so big Zhangqi drum investment wants to do?

2021-11-25 00:34:02 10 ℃

According to the news report, on November 19, according to the Shenzhen Exchange of Offeng Entertainment, it was disclosed, and the 哩 哩 has been all-owned to acquire the demon original comics platform. According to the announcement, there is a demon. In 2009, the main business includes "there is a demon original comic dream factory" website and "there is a demon comic" app operation, online comic published, online animation production, animation copyright operations, etc. This purchase price is RMB 600 million.

The investment is already a "normal operation" of the B station. Ai Rui 2020 China Animation Industry Research Report shows that in 2017 to 2019, the B station invests 26 anime related enterprises. For the national grief, you can divert back to 2019 - Time, the Benges Chuang District MAU has surpassed the drama area for the first time, and became the first major professional content category.

At present, there is a demon has over 32 million users, and the platform gathers more than 70,000 original comic artists. In terms of IP, its works include "100,000 cold jokes", "town soul street", "bau", "end", etc.

Not long ago, the B station announced its third quarter without auditing financial results report. The financial report showed that the B station recorded an income of 5.207 billion yuan (unregistered, all the renminbi), an increase of 61% in the same period in 2020; its adjusted net loss was 1.67% year-on-year. And the third quarter of 2021, the net loss after the adjustment of the B station was over 3.8 billion yuan.

It is said that the investment of the calder is so big, there is a demon comic, many people will be very strange, what is the way to do such a curry?

First, from the perspective of the development of the industry, after the development of the industry has developed to a certain stage, the merger and restructuring will become an important trend in the development of industrial development. When the entire China's content industry has developed to the current stage, the merger recombination trend It has already begun, so the curried of the big-scale acquisition is not an unexpected thing. From now on, the acquisition of the hatry can still be understood. This is a kind of move that meets the law of the overall industrial development, and the geese hatred to the current stage and wants to achieve a necessity path of more diverse.

Secondly, let's see the development state of the current calding kine, the calde supplement as a secondary platform, although it has continued to go out in recent years, it can be said that there is a very good market influence on the long video platform market. Even in the entire market, it has a strong market competitiveness in the market, which has a strong market competitiveness on the market, but we must admit that for the current Calry Cares, IP is the core of the second element of the core, which is the main field of the caldery, so how can we improve the competitiveness of your IP market, and ultimately consolidate their own advantages. And even the competition barrier belonging to the calder, this is the current biggest problem of the caldery, so it is the most important thing to further consolidate the kineau ip in this state. A actions.

Third, from the perspective of long-term market development of the curd supplement, the curry supplement has developed to the current stage, which has formed its own advantage. This time the kinecal supplement needs to do is based on this advantage. Find the content of the content and diversified development ideas, after all, the calder is still in the state of loss, and we see the long video platform wants to achieve a profit, it is actually very difficult, so the most need to do it is to explore Diversified profit logic and profit routine, for the current kioli calm, the acquisition of demon comics is undoubtedly to form a more effective market competitive advantage during his IP operation.