Electricity education, no future?

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Electricity education, no future?

2021-11-25 00:38:40 8 ℃

This is another electric competitor to break into the public vision in a way that symbolizes the national honor. EDG won the 1021 League of Legends Global Final Championship, brought a group carnival that belongs to young people. At the same time, "electricity education" began to be broadly discussed.

Under the carnival, there is also a cutting side, many people still have a cold eye and misunderstanding of the electric competition, "electricity is not sports", "learning electricity is playing games", etc.

In fact, learning is not only playing games. E-sports professional talents is the strong demand for electricity stroke industry chain, including content design, event implementation and operation, program management, and more. At present, this market talent gap is huge.

Learn electricity, play games

It is necessary to understand the industrial chain of electrical competition before discussing the outlet of the electrical talent.

The upstream of e-sports is mainly authorized, including e-sports research and development and game operations;

After the game developers and game operators are authorized to entered the E-sports industry chain - the implementation and content production of the E-sports industry, including the performance of the electric competition, electricity venues, etc., content production, including events Content production and derivative content, etc .;

The downstream of e-sports is mainly propagated, including TV channels, electrical competitive media, online broadcasting, etc.

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In various fields of electricity, the team / brokerage company is the main force of the electric competition, and the game development, the game issuance is the technical support and lifeline depends on the development of the electric competition. These three are the core of the electrical competition. The demand is most urgent.

Among them, the upstream link represents the profession includes, the content production of game development company, digital animation art design company, game development technicians, animation production technicians, product planning director, product test team, etc.

The middle and downstream links include professional coaches, vocational tutors, sparring, medical care nutrition, professional brokers, tactical analysts, wind control talent investment consultants, psychological counselingists, event analysts, career solutions, product planning director, product project promotion analysis Teachers, referee, wind control talent investment consultants, etc.

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What needs to be added is, just like other sports projects, the professional electricity election is very early, starting from teenage, starting to participate in yourself. It is already an age of 18 and nine years old. At this time, I don't realize that I don't realize that I doing professional electricity campaign.

Related reporting data is also evidence that e-sports talents are still very scarce resources.

"China Professional Equipment Talent Development Report" shows that 2022 China's electric competition overall market is expected to reach 215.7 billion yuan. According to the data released in 2019, the Ministry of Human Social Society has nearly 1.5 million and 2 million talent needs in the next five years.

Image Source | "China Professional Equity Talent Development Report"

In order to solve the problem of talent supply, universities and market cultivation systems have begun to carry out e-sports education.

Culture system

In 2017, China Communication University and other colleges and universities have opened electrical privileges, cultivate game design, electronic rever, competition planning and operations. As of 2019, there were nearly 70 colleges and universities in my country.

Taking China Communication University as an example, electrical competition is known as "digital media art" professional, admissions brochure show that this professional focus is professionally understands how to design, program editing, electric competition planning, competition, etc. .

The main courses include game program design foundations, game development programming foundations, computer graphics, game engine away, and applications, data structures, game creations, etc. Relevant people in the college stated that professionals in many e-sports industries came to school.

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In addition, China Communication University and the Tiger Teeth Strategic Cooperation established the "Middle School", and its official website showed "the only college in the country with an electric classroom, only for the Chinese electricity industry."

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At the same time, Peking University opened an e-sports senior talent training class. The Peking University Physical Education and Research Department established the Health E-sports Development Center, hopes to "promote the healthy development of electrical competition through production".

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In addition, Nanjing Media Academy has graduated the first e-sports professional student in June this year. Wang Si, deputy dean of its electrical competition, said in an interview. Have participated in the event operation. "

Colleges and universities have visible attention to electrical competition.

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In addition to colleges and universities, there is an electrical competitive enterprise to carry out relevant training businesses, and there are also companies specializing in electrical competition. For example, in September this year, he won Wang Si Cong's Pusher's capital tens of thousands of round investment.

Whether it is a college or a business, its cultivation of the electrical talent is not cut.

Some colleges have also cooperated with the electrical competitive factory to conduct content production of the large factory's electrical game, enhance the reputation of the college in the electrical competition factory, and the cooperation unit can also provide teachers and internal resources for the college. There are also some colleges and universities to make up the industrial structure, bond the government's direction of the "innovation industry", and cooperate with local enterprises to form an interactive innovation platform. In terms of textbooks, many colleges and universities such as Tsinghua and Nanguang have also begun to cooperate. At the same time, they combine our teachers and find new content paths for electricity and traditional teaching systems.

What needs to be added is, about the salary of the electricity staff, the People's Social Ministry report shows that there are more than 500,000 domestic electrical competitioners, of which 86% of the employee's salary is 1-3 times the local average salary. The "2021 TV in the 2021 TV" is displayed, and the high-end talent salary of electrical competition is second only to the financial industry.

Industry Status

At present, my country's electricity industry is booming. According to the Medical Advisory Report, the 2020 electric competition overall market is more than 145 billion yuan, and it is expected that the electrical bidding market will exceed 180 billion yuan in the 2021 yuan.

At the same time, the heat of relevant investment has also continued to rise. In 2017, 2018 reached the peak of investment, game live and electricity sparring, etc. into the two years of popular investment.

With the end of the shuffling and thousandcast wars in the e-sports market, the overall investment in China's electric competitive capital market has declined sharply, and the investment amount is only 91.3 million yuan, down 91.3% year-on-year, and industry investment begins to return rationality. Under the 2020 new crown epidemics, electricity became the first sports content of the lead and successfully held a worldwide event, which has driven a rebound in market attention and investment.

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The rapid development of the electricity industry does not match, the electrical industry still has a pain point. In addition to the talent gap, the basic construction under its industrial line is still weak.

Compared with the perfect traditional sports, electrical competition is very weak underline. Many cities have also difficult to form a precipitation of industries even if they organize electrical competitions and related activities.

It is not easy to strengthen the infrastructure of the electricity to build the space under the line.

In addition to the operation experience of the industry, there must be a collaboration with various industries, financial institutions, and government departments to reach multi-sector specialization, and need to explore the standards of the industry under the new infrastructure of the electricity. The waste of public resources, promoting the organic development of the industry online.

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In addition, "China's Professional Equipment Talent Development Report" pointed out that China's electricity industry has a certain gap in industrial system, business model, talent training, and other aspects of Korea.

For example, in terms of business model, China is hosted by the event, the electrical industry is based on game revenue, and the income of the event is relatively low. South Korea is centered on the communication, and the electrical industry mainly relies on communication and advertising income.

In terms of core advantages, China has the world's largest number of e-sports users, games and electrical privileges, high-name and auditors of Korean competitions, and have mature industry standards and industrial systems.

In terms of talent training, China is still exploring the stage, lacks a unified management organization, and the Korean system has been quite perfect and taking organizational management of unified planning.

In addition, domestic electricity theory research foundation is relatively weak and single.

Kong Ming, secretary-general of the Chinese Culture Entertainment Industry Association, said: "Today's electricity industry is not lacking, no shortage of traffic, it is not lacking, but I think the structure is too single. On the other hand, the electricity needs to be pourmed. Need some criticism Eyes, this industry should get more criticism, can afford more tests, it can develop healthily. And the base research foundation of the electrical industry is still very weak, need to pass theoretical basic research, Advance the training and correct guidance, enhance industry image, and help industries quickly and healthy. "