Kangmei Pharmaceutical Industry Direct Industry Billion Billion, is listed by the independent board of directors of listed companies?

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Kangmei Pharmaceutical Industry Direct Industry Billion Billion, is listed by the independent board of directors of listed companies?

2021-11-25 00:32:10 11 ℃

Independent director

Since the birth of a single-die system, it has been working for a long time. According to the definition of the independent directors, the independent directors need to have independence, and can be due to the creation of rights and interests in small and medium shareholders, and the judgment of the company's business is independent.

However, since the operation of the independent duff, Sore is more like a "vase", which has become a "furnishings" of listed companies. Over the years, the solo downs have been well-known by well-known people, financial experts or professors, and some people also serve as a single-service company for many listed companies.

From the perspective of listed companies, hire authoritative experts or well-known people to serve as an independent directors, which is conducive to the company's hand book, and can also indirectly take a discounted person's traffic. From the perspective of experts, professors, etc., serving as an independent directors of listed companies, which is conducive to enhancing individuals, which is also a good social business card.

Originally, independent directors should have a full independence feature, and it is necessary to be responsible for the SMS. However, in practice, the independent directors have more or less interest delivery relationship with the listed company executives, and the listed company high-paying is a single-service, but independent people have not learned the daily business of listed companies. Leading only serves the company's shareholders or executives for listed companies, but did not have done due to the creation of rights and interests.

The Kangmei Pharmaceutical was exposed to the company's huge financial fake, and January 1, 2016 to June 30, 2018, the Kangmei Pharmaceutical cumulative monetary funds were more than 88.6 billion yuan. After a long waiting time, the lawsuit of the Kangmei pharmaceutical industry finally made a ruling, and more than 50,000 investors won, the Kangmei Pharmaceutical was sentenced to more than 2.4 billion yuan.

Here, the most concerned is undoubtedly four independent director teachers to pay close to billions. From the specific information, Jiang Zhenping and Li Dingan have undertake 20% of the joint responsibility (equivalent 491.8 billion yuan); Zhang Hong is responsible for 10% of the joint responsibility (equivalent 245.0 million yuan); Guo Chonghui, Zhang Ping assumes 5% joint responsibility ($ 12295 billion .

Although the compensation of the university is considered, it is impressed by the compensation of hundreds of millions of claims, and it is considered a heavenly numerous number. Originally, the position of the independent director of listed companies can be called "lying and making money" work, the work of independent directors has also known as "gold rice bowl" in the past years. However, with the continuous improvement of laws and regulations in the domestic securities market, especially the constant maturity of the representative of the lawsuit, this is also a risk of independent directors of financial fake listed companies.

From the perspective of the violation of the Kangmei Pharmaceutical, it is basically struggling to strive for investors, and marks the initial success of the domestic representative lawsuit system. In this context, whether it is a major shareholder of listed companies, real-control people, or listed companies' independent directors, but they will involve fraudulent listings, financial fals, will bear the necessary legal responsibilities, and huge amount of compensation is natural. It is difficult to avoid it. Therefore, after the case of this Kangmei pharmaceutical industry, I actually knocked the alarm of the listed company, and I couldn't help but also have a rush of the listed company. As an independent directors of listed companies, it should always maintain independence, and maintain rigorous independent judgment on related important matters, so that it can better create equity in small and medium shareholders, rather than a "furnish".

This time the penalty amount is large, but it has fundamentally guaranteed the investor's personal interests. For the listed company's independence, if there is a lack of professional judgment and solid financial level, then the long-term ditch position may become a high risk. Especially for celebrities who have been independent directors of many listed companies, the risks undertaken in the future will be higher, and this position is no longer so fragrant, and may even trigger some resignation.

It can be seen that the era of listed company's independent director "lying down and makes money" has ended, and the "true skill" of listed companies is more toned. Subsiders should righteously analyze and investigate the important matters of listed companies with their own level of financial knowledge, and truly fulfill their duties of independent directors. Otherwise, when the listed company is exposed to financial fake, the listed company's independent directors must also bear the corresponding responsibilities and eventually become the result of not paying.