Sweet dragon spicy strip, grab the heart of consumers

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Sweet dragon spicy strip, grab the heart of consumers

2021-11-25 00:39:03 18 ℃

In the spicy strip, the satellite can be called the kettlement, and 500 tons of satellite spicy strips are sold every day. Today, this familiar and mysterious casual food faucet has also begun to go to the capital market. On May 13, 202, Wei Dong submitted a list of launched a listing in Hong Kong on the eve of the day. The Saundan Food Listing is a joint guarantee by Morgan Stanley Central and Ruiyin, so it has also been concerned with the community. The listing of Wei Dong food has promoted the process of Wei Dragon Spicy IPO, and this has also laid a solid foundation for the future of Wei Long spicy. Nowadays, the Wei Dragon Spicy IPO has an open process, and the market share reaches 5.7%, reaching 3.8 times the second competitor.

From the development of spicy food, it can be said that the future of Wei Dong spicy bars is still very large. Future bathroom will also seize market opportunities and make them more quickly. Swan Dragon has revenue has grown in the past three years, and the composite growth rate in the past three years has reached 22.4%. In 2018, the company's revenue reached 2.751 billion yuan, and the gross profit was 955 million yuan. In 2019, the company's revenue reached 3.384 billion yuan, an increase of 23% over the previous year, and Maori reached 1.254 billion yuan. In 20020, the company's revenue reached 4.12 billion yuan, an increase of 21.74% over the previous year, and Maori reached 1.565 billion yuan. Swan Dragon has continued to rise in the past three years.

The gross profit margins of the Swan Dragon have also risen year by year, then after the Open IPO process is opened, the Swan Dragon Company will might introduce more high -brusstore new products, which is likely to get higher hair in the future. Interest rates may also get a better net profit. In 2018, the gross profit margin was 34.7%. In 2019, the gross profit margin was 37.1%. In 2020, the gross profit margin was 38%.

Expand 36%

From the satellite consumers, 95.0% of Waterson is 35 and less, 55.0% of consumers are young people aged 25 and below, and they can say that they have grasped their young people. ! Obviously, with the development of the Dragon Spicy IPO process, Wei Long is also actually grasping the hearts of young consumers, then this is quite good for the future development of Wei Long. There is a cross-border brand to be siege, there are countless new show. Although Wei Long is about to be listed, the listing is not ending, and counting the net red snack brands that have been listed, most of them stay in high-gloss, and will fall all the way. Therefore, how to keep the momentum and high valuation after the listing is the weight.

Nowadays, Wei Long has launched the process of Wei Dragon Spicy IPO. It is sure that the future development journey will present a prosperous scene. In addition, Wei Long will also raise more funds to produce more new products for consumers to taste, and strive to achieve greater market share, to help their own development.