Samsung will transfer mobile phone from Vietnam to Indonesia

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Samsung will transfer mobile phone from Vietnam to Indonesia

2021-11-25 00:41:19 13 ℃

For Indonesia's industry, there is a good news; it is reported that South Korea's Samsung Group will transfer some mobile phone production base from Vietnam to India and my country. This is part of Samsung's seven factory capacity restructuring in Asia.

Samsung Group has two mobile phone plants in Vietnam, producing 182 million mobile phones each year. This figure is equivalent to 60% of Samsung's total capacity of the world. If you can achieve this, Vietnam will still be a Samsung production center with a capacity of 50%. India's share will increase to 29%, and Indonesia will increase to 4%.

According to Korean media reports, from next year, Samsung will drop its mobile phone capacity to 16.3 million per year in Vietnam. In contrast, Samsung produces 60 million mobile phones in India every year, which is equivalent to 20% of its global production. By 2022, Samsung hopes to increase its capacity in India to 93 million units per year.

This makes sense to consider Samsung's production facilities in India are known as the world's largest mobile phone plant. The plant is completed in July 2018. At the same time, Samsung produced 10 million mobile phones in my country, which is equivalent to 4% of its global production. This Galaxy mobile phone manufacturer plans to increase its annual production to 18 million.

DIFITAL TRENDS: Samsung will pay $ 14 billion in order to achieve this restructuring plan. India will receive 90 million US dollars, the rest will be targeted in Indonesia. # Samsung #

The decision of Samsung restructuring its strategic production has been influenced by several factors, one of which is the salary of Vietnamese workers. In addition, due to the city of Vietnamese, the city caused by neoguan pneumonia, the production of Samsung is also hindered.