Does everyone are sentenced to the piracy of "Learning Exchange" is still safe?

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Does everyone are sentenced to the piracy of "Learning Exchange" is still safe?

2021-11-25 00:38:25 12 ℃

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A beautiful drama video platform that swims on gray zone is completely endped.

On the 22nd, the third middle-aged people's court of Shanghai was sentenced to the copyright, and the founder Liang Yongping, founder Liang Yongping, founder Liang Yongping, was sentenced to 1.5 million yuan.

According to the report of the Shanghai police in the early 192021, the case of the human film and television subtitle group infringement, 14 of the suspects headed by Liang Yongping, 12 servers, and more than 16 million yuan in the case.

On November 22nd, the official Weibo of everyone wrote such a sentence: "I still admit it. Everyone's film and television cannot recover or restart, the body of the app can be deleted, we cannot solve the copyright problem."

This means that fans who love the American drama are important to aggregate - everyone's film is completely cool.

Everyone movies, weak

The official social media of everyone has worked so sad: Everyone of the People's Movie, more than ten years, many programmers participate in website development and software development, did not expect that they will be sinned together ...

Although the text is sad, it is impossible to cover the copyright issues that everyone cannot discard in all the way.

Everyone's film is a Yyets subtitle group created from 2003, which is a group of translation enthusiasts. In 2007, YYets renamed everyone's film and became the largest American drama enthusiasts in China.

Purchase copyright requires massive funds, and the people of others naturally do not have such financial strength, using the most crude obstruction of film and television resources - directly from the overseas pirated forum or directly to theft.

Everyone must know what consequences like this practice, so it is printed on all subtitle works: "The subtitle group is spontaneous consisting of network enthusiasts, not for profit, join only personal hobby, no Any money substance is returned, and the subtitles will be kept in playback: "This subtitles are for learning exchanges, it is strictly forbidden for commercial purposes, please delete it within 24 hours, it seems to avoid infringement responsibility In addition, in fact, almost all of the people's film users are clear, this is an infringement that cannot be circumvented.

After combing, almost all film and television sites have experienced pirated-authentication, industrial process, but everyone's film is in the current situation, and has not made any changes.

Everyone's film and television is long, and finally ushered in the Thunder. In September 2020, the Shanghai police will have a pot of people in all ports, and seize each port to publish more than 20,000 film works (episodes). At this time, the number of registered members of everyone has reached more than 800 million.

Through everyone's film and television will find that pirated film and television works with sharing and learning slogans will eventually violate intellectual property laws. However, if everyone is moving on the path of authentication, will it become better?

Purchasing copyright is actually a fact that all head video platforms burning money in the copyright war have not been achieved. In the past ten years, the cost of China's film and television copyright also welcomes a wave of sky.

As an example, according to the company's earnings report, 2018 to 2020 version of office is 21.1 billion yuan, 2.22 billion yuan and 20.9 billion yuan, in 2021, only in the first half of the year, it took 10.5 billion yuan, and the future This trend has a trend of only increasing.

The entire long video industry is the same problem, Ai You Teng, Sohu, PPTV and Thunder, except Mango TV (Self-made drama), has not yet been profitable. In addition, in order to compete for the reprimatic copyright, it has continued for ten years of copyright dispute, which has made the entire long video industry to consume 100 billion yuan.

Does everyone have such financial strength, and the biggest dilemma comes from policies. Even if people want to buy overseas film copyrights, it is necessary to face the approval and quotas, which can be approved and quota is uncertain. Everyone's film and television may really just time problems.

How is the human video of a mother?

Everyone's film is checked, many of the users who pay the people's video (RR video) Panica, and if you have any payment fee everywhere. According to the latest official news, everyone's video day may be better, and now only "rectify" requirements, there is no "life of life".

According to public information, everyone's video is actually a family, and it is a brother relationship of "a mother." The team of Chongqing has been combined into the current people's video.

Everyone's video and everyone's film and television is that its business scope does not involve subtitles, secondary pressing videos and other fields of copyright infringement. But everyone has received the original data and some user resources of everyone. On this basis, everyone video is developed more than everyone's film and television.

Everyone's video is also in the capital market, according to the sky, in June 2021, everyone video has just got a strategic investment in Xiaomi Technology and a quick hand. In addition, Chongqing Radio and Television Group (General Taiwan) has also reached a strategic cooperation in the beginning of the year and everyone. Everyone's video is also exposed to the rumors to be listed.

But the risk of everyone has not been released. According to the articles of the technology media Tech Planet, the video playback of everyone can get the benefit of 0.5 yuan per 1000 times. It is said that everyone video is still doing business revenue. Child, that is, there is no more waywardly. Everyone video is finally welcoming the review because of the copyright "Wiping".

In June 2021, the newly revised Internet information service management of the National Net Truna Office was released, and the relevant functions of the name of everyone's video app were suspected of illegal and infringement, and everyone's video suffered rectification.

Renren video This kind of operational model "that does not spend also enjoyed the copyright" also encounters industries. In April 2021, A Teng Youmang and other major video industry giants released joint statements, claiming that there is no authority to implement editing, cutting, handling, spreading of related film and television works, and sword refers to everyone video.

After this series of actions, some users of everyone found that everyone's video app quietly went a lot of film and television resources, and the previous American drama was almost emptied, and the old drama did not have the rest.

Corporate intellectual property statistics, the video content of everyone's video is mostly no copyright content, including "Rocky", "top floor", "fatal woman", "magic", "Queen's chess bureau", "Hunting" "Magic", "Desperate Housewives" and other foreign popular film and television dramas, there is no introduction of the drama in China, and 90% of the episodes have disappeared, only the episode of small partial review.

Although everyone's video is only facing rectification, we must weave not disconnect the copyright issue.

After the brutality of the pirated era, the user has come to a benign development cycle. The user's copyright awareness is also improved. If the long video platform is still in the past "free copyright lunch" consciousness, it is almost inevitable.

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