Dining and beverage store tide, will you turn to "New Hide"?

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Dining and beverage store tide, will you turn to "New Hide"?

2021-11-25 14:41:57 13 ℃

In the winter, the dining industry also passed the signal of the cold wave.

First, Haidian Fishing Announcement is said to make a decision. To gradually shut down 300 stores within 56 days, accounting for 19% compared to the number of overall stores; followed by 200 关 关 关 关 呷 呷 也 也He is re-concern by public opinion, plus the closing behavior of tea and dry brands such as tea Yan, collects "cold wave" in a Chinese catering industry.

The epidemic enlarges the crisis and opportunities in the catering industry: the chain catering brand of the lur detecting crisis is almost closed, and the head catering brands such as Haidilao uses the rental barest running horses, improve market share, and when the industry pattern When gradually stabilizing, the health of overall development has become a more important measurement. Similar to the current Internet big factories, the catering industry has reached the rapid growth of capital, and will begin to promote "fertilizer and thin".

But unlike the Internet, the long-established and large industries of the catering are incorporated in a new wave of new opportunities.

After the hot pot, after the new tea, the expansion of the expansion of the barefare period is a "new noodle". Since July this year, the intensive declared financing information puts the field of the Chinese noodle museum: the front and Fufu face disclosure single pen financing nearly 800 million yuan, and the report is estimated to nearly 7 billion yuan. After that, there is a small face At the same time as the financing is 100 million yuan, it will revealed three times the details of the valuation of the valuation within three months.

After the capital acceleration, it is the service acceleration. In March of this year, when we announced a round of financing, he met the expansion plan of "three years to open to 1000 stores". This pastoral brand established in 2014 has been developed in seven years, but only 150 stores, this is still under the premise of double expansion for two consecutive years in 2020-2021.

Three years later opened to 1,000 people, meaning that the average of 1.3 days in the face is to open a new store. Industry adjustment period, why is it a new opportunity to meet a small face?

How to sell Chongqing to Guangzhou?

The main menu that meets the small face is the Sichuan-Chongqing snack in Chongqing's small face. As the name suggests, Chongqing face is a high-ranking breakfast culture representative in Sichuan. It has been from Chongqing, but has been stopping in Chongqing because of its extremely domain characteristics. Although many years of development history, there has been no birth to the small brand of Chongqing.

The brand slogan to meet the face is: "Not in Chongqing, meet the small face". This first store opened in Guangzhou at the beginning, I didn't plan to conquer the Sichuan-Chongqing market. Just like the Sichuan Hot Pot of Haidi, in the face of this very regional characteristic catering brand, only guaranteed On the basis of taste quality, it is widely accepted by the taste style.

Unlike other regional caterings, Sichuan-Chongqing snacks are distinct with "spicy". "Spicy" is a taste style that can be accepted by the most widely accepted. Especially in recent years, Sichuan Vegetary has been ridiculed as "National Cuisine" in recent years.

In the beginning, the founding team in which the small face was found, it understood that his own development space was to promote regional catering. In 2014, the first store in the face was in Guangzhou. For the founding team, a question that is now the most needed to solve is: How to accept it in Guangzhou in Guangzhou, which is significantly distinguished and diet culturally developed by the market.

Song Qi, graduated from Hong Kong Board, in McDonald's, Hundred Sorts Work, in his view, the premise of McDonald's scale is standardization, and standardized core is operational - through system and refinement, taste, taste debugging and stability.

The superficial features of Chongqing are multiple ingredients, and the fine tuning of any sectors and proportion will bring taste differences. Meeting the small face is to quantify the raw materials and process that originally rely on experience and feel, standardize the taste; at the same time, according to market feedback, the standardized level is increasing, such as the red bowl of the signature, there are three different spicy, Behind each custom taste is a set of standards to adapt to a wide range of market demand, and seek balance between local guests and "Chongqing fellow" in Guangzhou.

On the research and development process of the product, Songqi also tried to manage it through the system. After each new product, after the first version, the internal series test will gradually promote 1 shop, and then 10 stores, and iterates according to the results of the store production and customer feelings, until three months to six months later To all restaurants.

To now, meets the small face in the Guangzhou store has been close to 50, and the average score of the public comment is above four stars.

Preparing for the first 100 stores from the first store

From the perspective of development experience, before this year, it is a team that is full of "patience". When the financing news announced in July this year, Song Qi summed up his team in many occasions: "The target is far-reaching, long-termism, basic skills".

The first store in the face was opened in the Tianhe District of Guangzhou, and the street store in a 30-square-meter is already in the operation of the operating system. It is based on WeChat-based CRM system. Finish. Effectively imitate the old man McDonald's, meets the small face and try to build its own talent training system - Kong University. In Song Qi, these are the basic capabilities that can support the scale of the start store.

Capital is also a capability. After the taste of the single-storey store is verified, it will quickly accept a 3 million yuan angel investment, even after the fund is used, Song Qizhen once expanded the store to the bank loan, realize the single-store business template Can be replicated. Until two years later, when meeting a small face declared a new round of financing, 10 stores have been opened in Guangzhou, and the store is 400,000 moonlight. According to the guest purchase price of 15-30 yuan, a store is about 600 people in 2016.

But in the catering industry, the victory and large-scale chain operation of "single shop model" is completely two things, the latter is more dependent on sustained product iteration, system management, supply chain creation and other complex construction.

When the material and process of Chongqing small surfaces are dissolved enough to quantify, the procurement and supply of materials become formulas. Unlike the central kitchen mode of the Headquarters of the Faba, meet the small surface supply chain system, which is established by the open capacity of the industry giants.

Since 2017, we will cooperate with Zhengda Group, Yi Haijiari, and new hopes and other major mature supply chain enterprises. The distribution side of cold chain logistics has chosen to cooperate with Haidilao.

In the construction of scale, it is still "holding thighs" in size. In 2016, in 2016, I met the investment of Jiu Mao and Baifu Holdings. The former will also do the same "predecessor" in the Chinese men's pool, the latter is the investment company specializing in chain dining, the store The total number is close to 800.

Thousand store challenges

After the development of 7 years, capitalization heat in the hub field will encounter the small face to push it before.

In fact, this track and the Chongqing face industry that meets the face wants to refactor: the culture has been in history, the industry is large, but the concentration is low, it is difficult to produce a huge brand of imagination. The current market value of Haidi fishing is 102.6 billion Hong Kong coins, but only half of the market value of the "" B station.

Whether it is the highest estimate of the industry and the five-year-old mix, this group of "new noodles" is similar to the "New Hide" of this batch of interests: It is targeted by scale, distinguished Traditional geographical pasta grandmaster.

In Song Qi, the attention of capital coincides with the opportunity. It has been prepared to speed up the store in the end of 2019, and after the two years, the number of doubts in the store has been doubled, and in July this year, the national store The number reached 150.

But for all fast food chains, thousands of stores are still full of dangerous challenges. In the hub field of Chinese fast food, there is currently no thousand store brands. In the random area of ​​rice, the large-scale chain is currently doing only a rural basis of the franchise model, and the former, the former is used for 10 years, the latter from Feixi The chicken was used for 16 years.

In April 2019, the first "franchise store" in the face was encountered. This is a expansion model between joining and direct camp: the person in charge of the store is only responsible for daily operations, and all the capacity used to support the support includes supply chain, personnel, digital, members, finance and other systems. provide support.

Obviously, encountering a small surface to introduce this model to seek balance between opening the store efficiency and the quality of the store, which makes it a steady way to meet the face for two consecutive years.

Reviewing the seven-year time to meet the past development, the founding team spent more energy in Song Qikou, "Being a centimeter to the depth", "not a raining" to build its own product, operate, supply chain and Expansion capabilities. In July this year's financing news, it also said that the small face will focus on solving digital power.

But all this is just in front of the plan of "three years to realize thousands of stores", but it is a single ticket. And rural bases, old towns and other roots, the second three-tier cities, which meet the small faces and the Faba, starting from a first-tier cities. To make further expansion, it is alive in the continuous layout of the first-tier cities, and is also supported by the two-three-tier cities. The challenge of "long-termism" has just begun to meet the small face.