Broken 5.694 billion!"Changjin Lake" beyond the "Wolf 2" on the top of the domestic shadow, the championship champion, these companies laugh at the end

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Broken 5.694 billion!"Changjin Lake" beyond the "Wolf 2" on the top of the domestic shadow, the championship champion, these companies laugh at the end

2021-11-25 14:42:14 11 ℃

Everyday, ICA, I am very concerned

"Changjin Lake" on top China's shadow history box office champion!

At 16:43 on November 24, according to the cat's professional version, the anti-US aid, the theme war movie "Changjin Lake" includes the pre-sale box office has exceeded 5.694 billion, officially transcend the "Wolf 2" released by 2017 to pick a Chinese shadow history box office The champion of the list, and it became the topic championship championship championship, the global Chinese movie box office champion, and continued to live in the 2021 global movie box office list. Since the release of September 30, "Changjin Lake" broke 28 shadow history records.

The film is controlled by Bona shadow owners, Chinese movies, and Ali Xiang industry are also important. It is worth noting that the investment in "Changjin Lake" is large. Now the box office broke the record to make investors earn a lot of money, and its continued "Changjin Lake Silk Gate Bridge" recent disclosure of the pilot poster, the market is expected to be willing to be willing next year Spring Festival release.

Breaking 28 shadow history records

Since the release of "Changjin Lake", it can be described as "all the way to open". The lighthouse professional version shows that the film has won the National Day's first day champion. 7 days, the ticket office is 310.7 billion yuan to refresh the National Day box office record. The 20-day box office exceeds 5 billion yuan, release 56 days after combining pre-sale box rooms More than "Wolf 2" and the Ding Dynasty, the domestic shadow history box office champion, the latter took three months to complete the above box office results.

China Securities Journalists learned from the film that if combined with overseas box office, "Changjin Lake" has recently exceeded "Wolf 2". "Changjin Lake" landed on November 11th, China Hong Kong and Singapore, on November 19, is released in the United States, Canada, released in Australia on December 2. Britain, Ireland, Malaysia has also been confirmed.

The box office broke the record and the production input of the film is inseparable. "Changjin Lake" is based on the Battle of Changjin Lake in the second battle of the US Aid, and the shooting has created a number of domestic shadow history records. After 188 days of shooting cycle and oversized clothing props. The size of the film is produced, the size of investment, shooting time and the number of people in the scene will create the most Chinese film history.

Talking about the creation of "Changjin Lake", Bona Film Chairman told China Securities News reporters in Winter, which is difficult to shoot. From the perspective of creative perspective, there have been many excellent foreheads, including the classic film such as "Shang Ganling" "Heroes and Children", as well as the same type of war in Hollywood. However, the sudden new crown epidemic interrupted the shooting process, so that the tense shooting process became more tense.

Due to time urgent, Bona film industry finally chose three director joint directed, Chen Kaige, Xu Ke, Lin Chaoxian three directions to play their own advantages in the cultural play, character shaping and military action design, and completed this Hongzhi. The film should be surpassed in character shaping, artistic image, war movement and aesthetics. "I hope to be a work that is left." Yu Dong said.

In the winter, the coordinate significance of the film is not only to push the industrialized specifications of China's movies to new heights, but also to face Hollywood's large production and large investment.

The box office record of "Changjin Lake" will continue to refresh. A notice obtained by the Chinese Securities News report show that the Huaxia Film Notice Tie, the original gear is from September 30, 2021 to November 30, 2021, and the film is announced to extend again, the end time is extended to 2021. December 30th.

Continued is expected to land in the Spring Festival

After the box office of "Changjin Lake" broke the record, the market also turned its attention to its "water door bridge".

At the end of October, "Watermen Bridge" officially announced the pilot poster, despite not disclosed schedule, the outside world is expected to land on the Spring Festival next year.

According to the data, "Water Gate Bridge" is based on the Battle of Changjin Lake in the Second Battle of the United States and Aid Tropics. He tells that after the end of the battle in emerging and the next, the seven soldiers have received more arduous tasks. This time they will go to a more difficult battlefield, accept more brutal tests. This battlefield is the throat of the US military to retreat - the water gate bridge.

It is reported that most of the "Watermen Bridge" has been taken in the early years, and some dramas will continue to winter shooting due to seasonal changes. After the winter this year, the whole master created once again, continued to shoot the remaining part.

Editor: Cao Shuai

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