"When the confession is carried out," Chongqing, the no coal, how to fully guarantee

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"When the confession is carried out," Chongqing, the no coal, how to fully guarantee

2021-11-25 14:41:55 11 ℃

Chongqing coal minimum demand is 45 million tons, including about 37.5 million tons of industrial coal, including 1.65 million tons of electricity industry, 6.1 million tons of metallurgical industry, 7.5 million tons of chemical industry, 4.2 million tons of chemical industry, 3.2 million tons such as papermaking. . Among them, thermal power accounted for more than 60% in the electric power installation of Chongqing system.

The original coal mines in Chongqing have been closed. In response to the confession in this winter, how does Chongqing, no coal?


In late October, 1,000 tons from Xinjiang Turpan's coal, all the way to drive, take a car, take a ship, more than 2,000 kilometers, and go to Chongqing.

1000 tons of coal, the amount is not big. However, the success of "Xinjiang Coal Investment" is a signative meaning. On the day of the cargo ship to the shore, the news of the Chongqing's many domestic coal business bosses, and they called the head of Yuxi Reserve Coal Base.

"Treat coal into the 渝", this is not the first time. In the past, the coal from Xinjiang mainly passed the railway and highway to Chongqing, and the cost was high.

After the Sichuan Guangyuan Port Group, if the coal is in Guangyuan Port, Jialing Jiangshui Road, then trace from the Yangtze River in Yuzhong District, from the Yangtze River, and goes to Yongchuan Sanquan, transportation costs will be reduced by 30 yuan per ton.

Chongqing Changfa Fei Technology Co., Ltd. is the operator of the Yuxi Reserve Coal Base. Guo Peng, the general manager of the company, told the reporter that the Yuxi Coalfield will be the western district of Chongqing, the city of Chongqing, West District and Sichuan, China, Neijiang, Zhenyang Enterprises provide energy security. In recent months, the team has almost ran out of the large provinces (districts) of domestic coal, and use all resources and channels to find coal primary.

On November 10th, the first "Shanxi Baojin Chongqing Coal Special Column" arrived in Chongqing Lijiang North Station. "Since this year, Shaanxi coal group has reached 8.8 million tons, an increase of 84% year-on-year, and has played a 'crimping stone' for Chongqing electric coal." The relevant person in charge of Chongqing Economic and Information Committee said that through multi-part Coordination, Shanxi, Xinjiang today's winter Mingchun will increase 4 million tons of electric coal to Chongqing, further help Chongqing electricity confession.

Sichuan Yinxin Xing Road

"This, very smooth!" On the morning of October 27, the cargo ship arrived in the roller harias. When the Minister of Hong Kong, the Minister of Hong Kong Airlines, the Minister Wei Road, after the boat, said.

"The" Xinjiang Coal Investment "is the first flight, witnessed the brothers between Chongqing and Sichuan.

Wei Road told reporters that after coal-to-Guangzhou Port, in order to unload the goods as soon as possible, the port specializes in a coal equipment. This kind of equipment usually takes more than 1 month to do it to the port. However, the port urges manufacturers to process the fastest speed, and transport the equipment in the scene with only 10 days.

From Guangyuan Port to the mild, you need to pass 14 ships on the Jialing River. After the cargo ship is left behind, the real test has just begun. In order to ensure the success of the first flight, the Sichuan Provincial Communications Department, the Provincial Airport Maritime Management Center, Guangyuan City Transportation Bureau, the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Guangyuan Port and other units have repeatedly meeting the scheme. At the same time, the Sichuan Provincial Communications Department and the Chongqing Municipal Transportation Bureau have actively communicated and coordinate, and support will be provided throughout the process.

Wei Road told reporters that at present, Jialing River prohibits night flight and has a certain impact on shipping pass. "In order to improve the navigation efficiency of Jialing River, the transportation department of Sichuan and Yun is studying consultations."

Cast "Northern Coal Initial" new channel

In 2021, in the Chongqing Municipal Government Work Report, the city proposed "expanded the scale of 'Shaan Shaan Jiayuan'", enhanced 'North Coal in the "Transportation Channel."

In recent years, Chongqing has been working to solve the problem of less reasonable transportation structure, railway, highway transportation, and high logistics cost.

Guo Peng said that the opening of Guangyuan Port to the Surge Water Road is in line with Chongqing's strategic planning, and has opened the "North Coal Investment" new channel, which provides more guarantees, and optimizes the transportation structure, saving transportation costs. Not only that, in the future, there are more choices in the northwest China.

1,000 tons of high quality coal from Xinjiang Turpan Railway transport to Guangyuan, after the transfer of land transfer, then transported into Chongqing Strong Port, forming Xinjiang - Guangyuan - Chongqing Public Railway Division "Tsundo Coal Investment" new channel. Hong Kong to Hong Kong transport reduces the characteristics of the land transport transit, the new channel is convenient, fast, economical, low carbon, and large volume.

Guo Peng said that the next step, the Yuxi storage base will actively organize the supply, optimize the transportation process, and continuously improve the capacity of coal guarantees.

It is understood that the Chongqing Dragon Head and Hongguang Coal Base in Chongqing will also use public iron wire transport to improve the comprehensive benefits of transportation. (Worker Daily reporter Li Guo)

Editor in charge: Cao Wei