US stocks closed: Welcome the three major indices of Thanksgiving holiday

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US stocks closed: Welcome the three major indices of Thanksgiving holiday

2021-11-25 14:41:18 17 ℃

Fin Federation (Shanghai, Editor's History Zhengu), with the long-term US debt yield, the three major indices of the US stocks are high after the three major indices are high, and only the Towards of the Towards of the Towards, the US Federal Reserve Conference is related to "Addition The expression "expression has not caused a substantial impact.

(Strip 500 Index, Nag, Dow Number Line Map, Source: TRADINGVIEW)

On Wednesday, the PCE Price Index rose 5% and the number of unemployed people reached the new low since 1969, and also added a fire to the Fed accelerated TAPER and raising interest rates.

State Street Global Macro Strategy Analyst Marvin LoH said in a media interview that today's data suggests that the employment market is in a very good state. If there are signs that the employment market can recover faster, the expectation of interest rate hike will become more active. However, it should be pointed out that the market has now given the interest rate hike to the next year, and now it is now further pointed to May next year, this expectation has become more radical.

Since this week, the US-final holiday season officially kicked off, and the US stock market will end because of Thanksgiving, while Friday's trading period will end three hours in advance.

Market dynamics

As of the closing, the S & P 500 index rose 0.23%, reported 4701.46 points; Nasdaq index rose 0.44%, reported 15845.23 points; Dow Jones index fell 0.03%, reported 35804.38 points.

From the perspective of the industry concept, quantum computing, industrial marijuana, 3D printing sector has increased, retail department store, textile manufacturing concept declines.

Popular stock performance

American technology leader collectively rebounded. Among them, Apple rose 0.33%, Tesli rose 0.01%, Amazon rose 0.03%, and Meta rose 1.13%, Microsoft rose 0.07%, high-profile decreased by 5.26%, AMD rose 2.92%, Ni Wei rising 0.65%.

The economic restart concept has also adjusted, of which 1.76% of the snow rose 0.77%, and Exxon Morova rose 0.55%, US Airlines fell 0.05%, and the United Airlines rose 0.06%, Delta Airlines rose 0.40%, Royal Caribbean cruise Falling 0.63%, Norwegian ship rose 0.31%, and Boeing rose 0.70%.

Most of China's stocks increased, in addition to Tencent ADR and Jingdong fell slightly, Ali, spending a lot, 哩 哩 哩 哩 超 2%, Xiaopeng Automobile has risen the next day, this week has increased nearly 16%.

Company news

[Worried about the loss of market share Nordsterlong, GAP stock price drop]

After a day disclosed earning report, the retail store Nordsterlon fell 29.03% on Wednesday, and the brand GAP fell 24.12%. Both companies have said that supply chain is negatively impact on performance, and the market will be prepared for the company, and business is prepared for the company.

[RIVIAN re-extension delivery time market value fell below $ 100 billion]

Comprehensive media reported on Wednesday that electric vehicle manufacturer Rivian has recently sent mail to users, and R1T electric pickup and R1S electric SUV scheduled to be delivered in January next year will be delayed until the second quarter, or even in the third quarter. As of Wednesday, RIVian stock price fell 4.17%, and the market value fell below 100 billion US dollars.

[The person in charge of the Instagram will attend the Legialutive Association for the first time]

With the data of the former Facebook employee disclosed, the INSTAGRAM picture sharing platform has a negative impact on adolescents, which is in the tip of the public opinion. American Senator Richard Blumenthal's spokesperson confirmed on Wednesday, the CEO of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, expected to attend a Congress hearing from December 6, and responded to the question of the internet platform and algorithm economic supervision.

[Uber announces the suspension of Brussels operations]

Travel giant Uber announced on Wednesday that after the Court of Appeal, the Court of Appeal that the country prohibited individuals from providing taxi services applicable to professional drivers, they will stop in local operations from November 26, and called on the Belgian government to revise relevant laws as soon as possible. The company said that there were probably 2000 drivers affected by this incident.

[Canadian health department completely approves Johnson & Johnson vaccine]

Johnson & Johnson announced on Wednesday that the Canadian health department fully approved the company's vaccine, which is also fully licensed worldwide. It is reported that the decision of the regulatory agency is based on the overall research of the vaccine, showing 85% of the prevention of severe diseases.