1.53 trillion market value "Ning Wang" and shot!Hao throws 1 billion yuan to set up a new company, "grabbing the head" for this resource

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1.53 trillion market value "Ning Wang" and shot!Hao throws 1 billion yuan to set up a new company, "grabbing the head" for this resource

2021-11-25 14:41:45 12 ℃

1.53 trillion market value "Ning Wang" has to do something!

The sky-eyed shows that November 23, Yichun Times New Energy Resources Co., Ltd. was registered, and the registered capital of 1 billion yuan is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ningde Times, and the license project includes mineral resources (non-coal mine) mining.

It is worth noting that in the recent A-share company's announcement, "Yichun" is frequent, mainly because it has the title of "Asian lithium".

"Ning Wang" under Yichun

The sky-eyed shows that November 23, Ningde Times established a wholly-owned subsidiary of Yichun, and the legal representative is Jiang Zi.


Licensing projects in Yichun, the mining projects of mineral resources (non-coal mines); general projects also include mineralization, new materials technology research and development, comprehensive development of lithium ore resources, utilization and processing, technical research and development and lithium materials detection, lithium series products Export business, etc.

On September 13 this year, Ningde Times announced that it is intended to invest in the construction of Ningde Times, a new lithium battery production and manufacturing base (Yichun) project in Yichun City, Jiangxi Province, and the total investment of the project does not exceed 1.35 billion yuan. At the same time, the news of the Yichun Municipal People's Government website shows that the project has been officially laid on October 28.

Image Source: Yichun City People's Government Website

The establishment of the Yichun era, especially the business scope of its lithium mine resources development, is easy to let people think of the Ningde Times ready to lay in the upstream lithium resource. The publication shows that Yichun can use the lithium oxide reserves of 2.6 million tons, accounting for 37.6% of the country.

In fact, it seems that Yichun resource advantages is not a Ningde Times. In September of this year, the two A-share companies were signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Jiangxi Yichun. According to the agreement, the Jiangte motor will supply no less than 500 tons / month battery grade carbonate to the National High-Tech; the two sides will explore more cooperation possibilities, both parties. Each of the core advantages, combines long-term, comprehensive strategic partnerships.

Upstream resources have received attention

Recently, new energy companies will pretend frequently in the upstream lithium resources. As the Ningde era of lithium battery faucet, it is often the protagonist.

On November 17th, Lithium Americas Corp announced that the acquisition of Millennial Lithium in Vancouver, with a $ 400 million prices, Millennial Lithium, Millennium Lithium, with two world-class lithium salt lake projects in Argentina . This price is approximately 34% higher than that of Ningde Times 299 million US dollars. In addition, the American lithium industry will also undertake $ 20 million in a $ 20 million in the Ningde era.

In the continuous high songs of the new energy industry, the competition for the lithium of upstream raw materials is increasingly hot. Open Source Securities pointed out that current power battery companies also achieve the maintenance of raw materials by self-built, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions.

In 2021, Ningde Times has strengthened the layout of the upstream raw materials, especially lithium, nickel, and cobalt, etc., on the one hand, there is more words to sign the long-term level and the supply of our own raw materials. On the other hand, you can also enjoy investment income as shareholders.

Huaan Securities said that in the context of the high growth in the new energy vehicle industry, the progress of lithium resource development is difficult to match the speed and magnitude of the downstream demand growth, and the quality resources are scarce, and the industrial chain will continue to increase the lithium resources and smelting around the world. Factory layout. The global competition of upstream resources, reflecting the scarcity and importance of lithium resources, and lithium resource autonomous control is a strategic demand for new energy industry chains.

The data of open source securities shows that the current Ningde Times is continuously contained in the upper reaches of lithium battery in various ways, such as direct investment buildings, acquisitions, and cooperation.