Millions of public security bureaments cannot pay, local government 103 suites debt

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Millions of public security bureaments cannot pay, local government 103 suites debt

2021-11-26 00:18:48 9 ℃

(Word Net Finance Wang Muju) November 24th, Huaping Shares ( released an announcement to conduct debt restructuring with Guizhou Kaili Public Security Bureau. According to the announcement, Huaping Shares will purchase 30 of the 30 sets of houses under the Guizhou local country. This purchase fund will flow to the Kaili Municipal Public Security Bureau to pay the Tail of the 16.86 million yuan overdue project of the Board of China.

This is no longer the first time in Huading's shares and the unit in the public security system to carry out debt restructuring, accepting the price of the room. On this time, Huaping Shares have received 103 sets of debt.

When the real estate is in a cold winter, the financial revenue of the local government, and the pressure of the relevant enterprises' accounts, and the positive doubles face the severe test.

Customers are worthy of debt, the object is the Public Security Bureau

According to the announcement, Huaping Information Technology Co., Ltd. started construction equipment and installation projects in the information construction equipment and installation projects of the Intelligent Law Enforcement Centers of the Kaili City Public Security Bureau in 2017, which was completed and put into use, and obtained the project test report. As of September 30 this year, there are still 16.86 million projects without recovery, have been overdue.

After consultation with both parties, Huary Company uses its subsidiaries to buy 30 housing companies in Kaili Kaiyuan City Investment Development Co., Ltd. (local state-owned holding). After evaluation, the relevant property is worth 165.66 million yuan, and the subsidiary of Huaping is paid by the commercial acceptance bill, and then coordinated by the local people's government, and the direction is transferred to the Kaili Municipal Public Security Bureau for payment of the project.

Kaili Kaiyuan City Investment Development Co., Ltd.

The commercial acceptance bill is issued by the issuer, and the payer accepts the payer's ticket for the payee / holder by the payer. Intuitive is: Huaping Shares use a "owed" "purchase" 30 sets of houses, this "owed strike" has been circulated, replacing the Tail of the Public Security Bureau should pay. Everyone "two clear", but there is no cash transaction in the middle.

According to the announcement, if the debt restructuring is going well, it is expected to have a net profit for the company's 2021% of the net profit of 1.1 bill 200,000 yuan. By then, Huaping's name will have 103 housing. The net profit of China Fair Shares attributable to China is 226.649 million yuan, and the amount of debt restructuring is about half of it.

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After the debt restructuring is completed, the Hualing Shares will have 103 housing for "room to debut".

It is worth mentioning that the other 73 housing is also related to the Public Security Bureau of another place in Guizhou Province.

Will sit in 103 suits, Huaping Shares more than one and public security bureau debt restructuring

In October last year, Huaping Shares announced that the company began with the Shijian County Public Security Bureau in 2012, signed a Tianwang Phase I, Tianwang Phase II, Tianwang Four Project procurement service contract. As of September 30, 2020, the project accumulated a total of 5.45 million yuan, and the remaining 32.52 million accounts have not been established.

After consultation with both parties, Huaping Shares also received 73 sets of houses from Qishi County, Qi Da Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. (finally controlled man as the people's government), "reflow" 32.5 million yuan. payment. As of this announcement, the relevant property is in a pre-sale state. The amount of the debt restructuring on the net profit of Huaping Shares 2020 is 6.86 million yuan.

"Securities Times e Company" today mentioned that industry insiders said that customers use real estate debt of debts into a valid solution to resolve arrears, but listed companies still need to consider the risk of real estate preservation and follow-up, or universality.

Huaping Information Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2003 and is a multimedia communication system and smart city solution provider, mainly providing social communication products, monitoring command products, and industry intelligence solutions. Since the launch of the Shenzhen Exchange since 2010, Huaping's share revenue has never exceeded 500 million, and its peak is in 2019, it is 478 million yuan; net profit only breaks through 100 million yuan in 2013, and the rest of the year is 100 million. Below below. In 2018, the company's net profit is even more shrinkage to 01,500 yuan, and it is low in the market.

In the first three quarters of this year, the company achieved business income of 250 million yuan, down 12.48% year-on-year; the net profit of return from home is --17.16 million yuan, which is down on a loss.

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It is worth mentioning that Huaping Shares also appeared on the No. 1 ticket for the Securities Regulatory Commission this year.

In January of this year, the official website of the Securities Regulatory Commission disclosed No. 1 of 2021 No. 1 Administrative Punishment Decision. After investigation, Huaping's second largest shareholder Xiong Mianchang (6.49% of the Women)) took the initiative to fund, in 2017-2018, let Wu Guorong use funds and shareholding advantages, manipulating the stock price and transaction of Huaping Shares. During the two-person manipulated share price, Huaping Shares rose, and finally lost 324 million yuan.

The CSRC has identified that the behavior of Xiongmhang and Wu Guorong manipulatively violates the 2005 Securities Law relevant provisions, which constitutes the act of manipulating the stock market. The Securities Regulatory Commission warned two people and more than 2050,000 fines.