15 days doubled cattle shares, the car parts quotes turned off?

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15 days doubled cattle shares, the car parts quotes turned off?

2021-11-26 00:17:47 4 ℃

Author: Yang Lei Editor: Small City Girl

On November 25th, the collective of the automobile parts plates weakened, and the stockholders were "invalid to work" today.

Quotes show, Ningbo Foundation, East Electronics, East Arrow Technology and other companies have fallen more than 10%, the popularity of the Yangtze Huang Shares have fallen, the tail is slightly pulled, and finally falls 9.61%, the stock price is 25.01 yuan.

Huang Shares calls related to the following two factors:

1. On November 24th, the Shanghai-Guangxian shares announced clearly. "At present, the company's main income source is still mainly based on traditional fuel vehicles. This indirectly splashes a pot of cold water, and today's market is obviously cooling.

2. After a round of skyrocket, the company's valuation has soared, which has become not cheap.

In the early in November, due to the temperature rise of new energy auto parts, Huang Shares rose nearly 27.67 yuan from 12.19 yuan, only 15 days increased by 127.55%.

In the process of ranging, the sale and institutions have participation. On November 18th, the first-line tour "made a new one", "Ningbo Sangtian Road" appeared in the dragon tiger list, and the purchase amount exceeded 15 million yuan. In addition, the agency seats also appeared in the dragon tiger list twice, buy tens of millions of dollars.

After the share price has risen sharply, the estimation of the Shanghai-CATAL shares is significantly higher than the industry average. The latest data shows that the company's dynamic P / E ratio is 165.12 times, while the industry's dynamic P / E ratio is 36.69 times, and the rolling price is 30.69 times.

It is understood that the fundamental surface of Shanghai-CATAL shares is weak, and its gross profit margin is lower than that of the company, and the asset liability is higher than the company.

In the first three quarters, the gross profit margin of Shanghai-well shares was 13.01%, and the asset liability rate was 68.63%. In the same period, Ningbo Huaxiang gross profit margin was 17.97%, the asset-liability rate was 38.71%; Changshu steam is 23.93%, the asset-liability rate is 44.07%; the gross profit margin of Wencan has 18.35%, and the asset liability rate is 53.12%.

In the first three quarters, the Shanghai-CATA revenue increased by 67.04% year-on-year, and the net profit of return was 3.48% year-on-year, and the company's profit increased far as income increase.

Huang Shares is the leading enterprise in the field of domestic auto wiring, and the main occupancy specific gravity of automotive harness business is 93.96%. According to the data, the company has supported the VAS in 2005, accounting for more than 20% of the SAIC Volkswagen Circle (the highest harness). In addition, the products of Shanghai-Guangxu shares have also been recognized by mainstream vehicles such as General Motors and Mercedes.

In terms of traditional car wiring supply chains, CR5 (top five companies concentration) is as high as 82%, and the main participants are Japanese Kasaki, Sumitomi and the United States Anboyu, and only a few manufacturers have a joint venture car company.

With the electricity of automobile, intelligent opening, car companies increase the demand for high voltage lines. The brokerage institution predicts that the domestic auto wiring market will reach 73 billion yuan to 2025. Due to the low market share of domestic companies in the field of automotive wires, the domestic alternative space is large, which is also the focus of institutional attention.

Whether the Huang Shares can seize the development of new energy vehicles to open performance growth, and have to be observed.


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