Optimized business environment highlights in Maozhuang District: Intellectual Property Change is "Loan" "Real Gold Silver"

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Optimized business environment highlights in Maozhuang District: Intellectual Property Change is "Loan" "Real Gold Silver"

2021-11-26 00:18:39 16 ℃

In order to effectively solve the problem of corporate finance, the Maionzhuang is fully played with intellectual property rights as an important entry point to promote local economic development, ease the pressure of SMEs, and press the intellectual property pledge financing "fast forward", strengthen knowledge Property rights protection and application, vigorously carry out intellectual property pledge financing, actively guide and support enterprises to use intellectual property pledge financing, and better promote the development goals of the "one city and two districts of the city".

Intellectual property financing refers to the material rights of Intellectual Property Rights, with the legal ownership of patents, registered trademark privileges, copyright rights, etc. A financing behavior of funding principal. The area has taken place and has achieved a new breakthrough in the amount of intellectual property.

Strengthen promotion and create a good atmosphere of intellectual property protection. The district uses the "newspaper, network, end, micro, screen" full media platform, increase intellectual property pledge financing support policy propaganda, and improve the market entity for new models, new information, new products, and continuous improvement. The enthusiasm of innovative principal intellectual property rights pledge financing. At the same time, in the publicity of intellectual property publicity, the publicity, answering questions, business training, entering the community, into the school, into enterprises, etc., to promote the importance of intellectual property protection to the masses. The area has launched 45 intellectual property publicity activities and distributed more than 5,000 intellectuals.

Extensive research, excavation of the development potential of intellectual property rights. Since this year, the district organizes the market supervision bureau, the Science and Technology Bureau and other relevant departments visited Hubei Shuangxing Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd., Hubei Hanze Agricultural Development Co., Ltd., Hubei Shenlong IntraiTechnology Co., Ltd. and other enterprises, through the site, Wait until understanding the information of corporate intellectual property rights, aiming for the problem of financing, applying for geographic logos, etc. Improve the development level of specialty industries and promote high quality development of enterprises in corporate intellectual property. Due to the current declaration of 142 patented enterprises, 2 geographical indicators products have been reported.

Improve the mechanism, build the intellectual property department collaborative promotion pattern. The district has introduced the "Implementation Opinions on Further Strengthening the Pledge of Intellectual Property Pledge", which clarifies that the various government functional departments and banks have established a collaborative working mechanism, strengthen information data sharing, and promote the establishment of 2 intellectual property asset assessment agencies, 1 Expert library, 1 intellectual property financing project library, promoted the standardization of intellectual property pricing, providing strong support for the cross-development of intellectual property pledge financing in the region.

Optimize the service, facing the face-to-face assistance of the small and medium-sized enterprises to handle pledge financing. The staff of the district organizational area market regulatory bureau, on the facade of the company explained the intellectual property pledge financing policy, 50 people actively guide the intellectual property service agency "hand in hand" bank and enterprise, through building bank, enterprise, intermediary service agency docking platform helps enterprises to use patents Pledge loans, promote the rectification of "knowledge" and "capital", turn intellectual property as "real gold and silver".

At present, the total amount of intellectual property pledges in the district has a total of 25 million yuan, total financing, and the number of pledges, etc. (Shiyan Evening News Qin Chu Net correspondent So Lianbo Peng Yu Liu Hao Punishment: Art)