How to "winter" "Warm" is "winter"?

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How to "winter" "Warm" is "winter"?

2021-11-26 00:17:40 5 ℃

Author: 梓 岳

EDTOR: Lu Yingzhi

Under the cold winter, the days of the Libao real estate brand Oreth tribe seems to be more and more bad.

On November 23, Wen Travel from the Media "Traffic" disclosed the Orentda tribe, the original small town arrears employee wages, financial products expired, and the real estate license is delayed.

"Traffic" is a public number focusing on Wenbaizhi property and tells the story of the cultural business story. Earlier, on October 15, the platform exposed the Delta Tribe and Haiyu Valley project delivery extension and wealth management products.

The Oren tribes have been regarded as the industry benchmark of Wenbaizi, and the original hometown and Haiyu Valley is a landmark project that supports its brand image. Today, these two major text travel dishes have been in one thing, Orenda tribes and their founders Liu Xiangyang caught in the redemption crisis.


Two major projects are trapped

Hidden fund chain redemption crisis

The development of the original town is started in 2004, led the team by the Orent Decreasian Bander Liu Xiangyang. From the company's official website, this is a US holiday town in Beijing Yanqing Ancient Cliff, covering an area of ​​8,000 mu, a collection of holiday, super five-star hotel, dining food, sports, education and health, etc. More than 2,000 elite families are here.

According to the "Traffic" disclosure, the original township push "buy a house + wealth management" model, currently many investors face the family, and the dilemma of financial expiration is not redeemed. A owner's house has not been 4 years, and the family has not come down; some investors have purchased 3 million yuan of wealth management products. In July this year, the original country is not paid, and the solution given is "buy a house to reach the house" . In addition, the company's employees have been paid for a long time, and there are employees to reveal.

Image Source: Oreth Tribe official website

Haiyu Valley is a special town of Oren, covering an area of ​​60,000 mu, located in Chicheng County, Zhangjiakou, about 18 kilometers from Yanqing County, from Zhangjiakou Haiyi Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.. The Words of Winter Olympics has started working in 2014, relying on the national nature reserve of the Da Haino, carrying out operations in sports medical models, and planning to create a full-family resort complex.

Image Source: Oreth Tribe official website

In September 2020, the Haiyu Mountain Valley high-temporambered the 5th Hebei Travel Conference, including the town of Millenmia, which is mainly in the villa and garden house, as early as October 2017, the lowest price per set 167 10,000 yuan.

According to the "Journal of Traffic", there is owners buy 1 set of 1.8 million houses in Millen Xiaowei 3 years ago. It was agreed to pay in the end of August last year. Time is postponed to "Before December 31, 2021".

The owner disclosed that on October 7 this year, the delivery of the delivery must be contracted. The Haiyu Valley held a owner's communication meeting. A project person in charge clearly said that there is a problem with the company's funds. On December 31 this year. The delivery time will be delayed until June 30, 2023.

At the same time after the real estate delivery time is over-extension, Haimen Valley's financial products are also exposed. Investors bought 1 million yuan of financial products in Haiyu Valley in August last year, when the statement was "a year, you can enjoy 6% interest." Now the redemption time has expired, the project is responsible People have gone to investors, "" Fund chain breaks, is financing investors to find investors ", and relevant financial products will refund from 2022 to 2023. Many investors are worried that their financial investment may have a bloody.


Founder Liu Xiangyang, claiming to "the transistor of the real estate"

Haiyu Valley's trader Zhangjiakou Haiyu Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. was established in July 2016, the legal representative of Zhou Junhui, the registered capital of 10 million yuan, and the sky-eyed data showed that its risk level is advanced. From August to September this year, the company was enforced five times by the Chicheng County People's Court because they did not perform legal obligations on time, and the implementation targets from 2.53 million yuan to 860,000 yuan.

The company's equity chain is quite complicated. Sole-angle financial according to the sky, combing its equity path map as follows:

Drawing: Haiyu Valley Developer Equity Road Map

From this equity chain, the ultimate beneficiary of Haiyu Valley is Hong Kong Juyi International Group Holdings Co., Ltd., and Chairman of Juyi International Board of Directors Liu Xiangyang is the founder of Oren's tribe.

According to the public information, Liu Xiangyang was born in Xinzheng City, Zhengzhou in 1962. In 1980, he was admitted to the Department of Chemistry in Henan. In 1998, Liu Xiangyang fought the "21st Century Community" in Zhengzhou Duo City, and began to emerge in the real estate circle.

In 2004, Liu Xiangyang opened the nationalization layout. The first stop in Beijing Yanqing Ancient Cliffs, developed the specialty town of the original US Lijian. He creatively created the Oren tribal brand and business system, and

Image Source: Oreth Tribe official website

Orelunda tribes are located in membership health and happiness system operators. The idea is different from traditional real estate development, not only to make money in selling houses, but focus on happiness operations, focus on business community, in real estate Direct the "community marketing".

In this business model, the investors of the Haiyu Valley's financial products are purchased from the original United States. Now, these two projects have burst the redemption crisis, and if they do not have effectively resolved, it will undoubtedly constitute damage to the core competitiveness of Oren tribes. As the founder of the Oren tribe, Liu Xiangyang also pays attention to his public image during the brand shaping. In May 2008, he launched the establishment of a charity fund, donated 3 million, organized a series of public welfare activities every year; and donated RMB 10 million to the University of Henan, and hired part-time professors.

Image source: Henan University Alumni Association official website

Liu Xiangyang, which sets real estate elites, and public welfare people, and also has a vice president of Yanhuang Culture, Mooring, a charity fund, and the ambassador of Chinese Taiji cultural communication and other social titles, called "Chinese soul real estate leaders. ". And he himself, when he accepted the media in 2018, he called: "I am not a real estate developer in the traditional, I am just a passer in the real estate Rivers."


The wind is from Wuyun Mountain, and the Orenda tribe has been remedied by a name.

The unicorn is noted that the systemic crisis of Orenda tribes has shown a birthday in the first two years. They were criticized by Cangchang Name and was involved in a public opinion storm.

The storm is from the development chaos of Zhengzhou Wuyun Mountain project. On July 15, 2019, "People's Daily" "readers" column issued "violation construction running race, golf practice field, single-family villa Wulun Mountain development chaos is not remedown? Ancy survey.

Image Source: People's Daily Public Number

The report quoted Zhengzhou citizens to comply, located in Wuyun Mountain in Zhengzhou Shangliu, more than 10 years ago, the government will relocate the five natural villages in the mountains. After the peasants go down, developers have built a national mantrami, strictly controlled racecourse, golf practice farm, single-family villa. The relevant departments lay "Poverty Alleviation Road" to these runners, villas, and mountains also set a number of levels, and ordinary masses cannot access it.

As a developer of these illegal buildings, the "Oren Tribe" is publicly named. They planned to build Luga Town, Corotti Town, Wutong Villa, Wulong Lake, etc., more than 1300 sets of houses (buildings). The landscape of "Instructions" in the mountains is clearly written: "Orenda tribe members can enter the park with membership cards and consume in various consumer places in the park."

These practices are tantamount to the Wulunshan circle as private territory, causing strong public dissatisfaction, but also push Wuyun Mountain into the popularity of public opinion, and become a rectification of the central media in July 2018 Qinling illegal Illegal construction is typical.

On the day of the incident, the Zhengzhou Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government set up a joint investigation team to investigate the development of Wuyun Mountain; all illegal buildings, including runners, golf courses, single-family villas, etc., within three days of demolition.

Image Source: Oreth Tribe official website

Wuyun Mountain illegal construction incident, it is undoubtedly a reincarnation for Oren and Liu Xiangyang. Afterwards, Liu Xiangyang lowered many, freshly exposed.

Unicorn pays attention to, in the internal meeting, Liu Xiangyang often mentioned atertic: "The gentleman is easy to live, and the little person is in danger." He took the company to name the company, it should also be self-warned. However, as the literary property enters the winter, the Orentda tribe is still unable to escape the bad luck.

Following the Wuyun Mountain project, the original hometown and Haiyu Valley have worked, the fund chain is tight, and whether the Oren tribe can find strategic investors, get rid of the current dilemma, and let us wait and see.