"5 days 50 listed companies consult!" This insurance fire, follow-up rate or raised

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"5 days 50 listed companies consult!" This insurance fire, follow-up rate or raised

2021-11-26 00:19:14 9 ℃

After the new Jingwei, November 25th (Wei Wei), the "Dissive Running Road" caused by the Kangmei case, a fire product named as the direct supervision of high liability insurance (known as Dong Zuolu).

"The insurance company and insurance brokerage companies that have recently been looking for the directors of the directors of high liability insurance (known as Dong Zuoling)." Wang Min, senior consultant, Shanghai Jianwei Law Firm, was a person in charge of China's non-life insurance, Many years of research on Dongben, he told the new latitude and weft, many insurance companies wanted to develop this business because they saw market demand.

Dong Zuolian is a professional liability insurance, providing compensation for the economic loss caused by the economic loss caused by major negligence during the performance process, but also is not only the performance of management of the company, but also more importantly. It is a compensation guarantee for the interests of investors, creditors and other relevant parties.

Since 2020, the number of purchases of Dong Zuoluna in listed companies has increased significantly. China's "Dong Zuo" as a keyword, in WIND retrieval, as of November 25, 202, 222 listed companies have released an announcement to buy or intend to buy Dong Zuo, and 2020, In 2019, this number of 2018 and 2017 is 155, 37, 16, 6.

Dong Zuolin ushered in the peak

The last directors caused the industry to pay attention to the 200 million yuan in Ruixing coffee, and the United States has announced the collective lawsuits of the securities fraud on the securities fraud, but Rui cafe. Ruixing Management has already purchased Dong Zuolu, which has risen to the popularity of the direct line of Dongbu.

In the Kangmei Pharmaceutical case, the signature independent dummy liability is the liability of the coils of the same amount, and also sounds the police supervisor of the listed company, and many people will turn their attention to Dong Zuo.

"After the first instance of the Kangmei Pharmaceutical case, Dong Zuoluna wanted to welcome the peak. Since November 15, 2021, in a short five working days, our company has received the official procurement consultation of more than 50 listed companies. "The relevant person in charge of Ping An Insurance" is expressed in the new and latitude. "

A insurance industry is also revealed in the interview in China. The recent consultation volume has risen, the demand source is mainly from the executive groups of listed companies, including independent duft, secret secret, and evidence. "The customer who needs a certain cycle due to the procurement of Dong Zuolu, and customers recently consulted in communication, but most of them have clarified the purchase intention."

The data provided by Ping An Insurance Insurance has shown that from 2020 to 202nd, in October, more than 300 listed companies, the overall insurance rate increased by more than 50%. As of the end of October 2021, there were approximately 650 A-share listed companies in the market, and the insurance ratio was about 15%.

Why did the listed companies that buy Dong Zuoluna have increased? Wang Min believes that mainly due to the newly revised "Securities Law" on March 1 last year, the risk of litigation in the supervisory supervision and listed companies has increased, and the risk of compensation is increasing; Recently, Kangmei Pharmaceutical Cases, and supporting judicial interpretation of securities collective litigation, also enhanced the actual legal risks of listed companies and direct supervisors.

Despite the more and more listed companies in the purchase of directors, it is still low in 4,559 listed companies in A shares.

A research report released by the Capital Market Research Institute of the COSCO has shown that the investment rate of Director's liability insurance is more than 90%, and the insurance ratio of Canada, Europe and Singapore reaches 80%.

Confused China, since the introduction of the directors' liability insurance in 2002, the average annual insurance ratio is only 2%, of which only 60% of companies that continue to insure for 2 years and above, including only 6 companies that have insured more than 10 years.

What are the cases can be compensated?

I can see the annual report of the A-share listed company, and the "Important Tips": "The Board of Directors, Supervisors and Director, Supervisors, Superior Manager guarantee that there is no false record, misleading statement or significant data contained in this report I miss, and the authenticity, accuracy and integrity of its content are taken to personal and joint responsibility. "

The above-mentioned industry insiders revealed that from the perspective of consulting issues, the insured is more concerned about the "Content of Dongbian Dairy". There is a compensation priority, how to determine each executive payment ratio.

Dong Zibin is a professional liability insurance, which people can get insurance protection? The industry said that Dong Zuolin generally underwrites the shareholders of listed companies and their direct supervision, and actual controllers as a listed company shareholders are not within the standard guarantee.

Even if the director is insured, the direct supervisor is not a high-pillow, and Dong Zone does not "stroke all its behavior". "

According to the "Announcement on the Purchasing Liability Insurance for the Company of the Company", the liability insurance policy is basically able to cover all the misconduct of non-malicious behavior (any actual or accustered violation of the trust when fulfilling their duties) , Error, unregoo, wrong statement, false statement, misleading statement, defamation or infringement rights, violating the legal compensation caused by the full authorized guarantee, negligence, violation responsibility, or any other matters to claim compensation) .

How to define non-malicious misconduct? Wang Min pointed out that non-malicious is subjective not intentionally, and general Dong Zuolian will be intentionally or dishonest with the listed company and the direct supervision. If it is negligent in the process of performance, it is fault behavior, and Dong Zuolin is underworked. In addition, most of the directance of the directance of the directors of the directors of the DIS is treated separately from the insurance responsibility of the direct supervision of only fault behavior. The above-mentioned industry insiders further introduces that there is a core terms in the special security of the supervisor, and there will be a core terms called "Division Terms", which is mainly used to determine the applicability of intentional illegal behavior. Standard Emotional Security Terms should be except for those who are informed and participated in intentional falsification. Article 4 of the Insurance Law of the People's Republic of China stipulates that insurance activities must comply with laws, administrative regulations, respect social morality, and must not harm social public interests. At the same time, according to the "Liability Insurance Business Regulatory Measures" issued in December 2020, the Insurance Company has also indicated the insurance company's compensation responsibility caused by the insurer's intentional manufacturing accident through liability insurance.

"For uninforming or not participating in fake, Dong Zuoling should be used as a separate individual, and the losses that are subject to participating in fake people will be subject to the losses that are subject to uninformed or not participating in fake." People said.

In addition, he emphasizes that the divisibility provisions in the Terms of Emotion insurance insurance should be used as a judgment standard for the regulatory penalty decision, the court civil or criminal judgment, or the insured.

Dong Zuolu insurance insurance rate or rising

The Kangmei Pharmaceutical Securities Dispute is the first special representative of China's first special representative. The huge civil compensation has also played a good risk education in the market, and whether the proportion of compensation will promote the new round of rising rises?

According to the announcement information of the disclosed disclosure, more than 50% of the listed companies that have purchased Dong Zuoluna have a maximum of 50 million yuan or less.

The relevant person in charge of Ping An Insurance, said that after the new "Securities Law" is implemented, 70% of the new procurement of Dong Zuoluna's listed companies have increased its guarantee amount to 50 million to 100 million yuan.

In the above-mentioned insurance industry, in fact, the rate level of A stocks in the past year has increased significantly more than the past year, some projects have doubled the sign. In fact, it is only 100 million yuan premiums from 2020 full market insurance market, but 570 listed companies have insured these two data. It has been clearly seen that the past insurance rate is severe.

"Because the amount of compensation for the Kangmei Pharmaceutical case is expected to have a demonstration effect on the market. The guarantee amount of the A-share listed company will continue to rise, to better deal with the risk of its own and its direct supervisor. The above-mentioned industry insiders believe that listed companies can expect that the insurance premiums in the future Dongbin will have a significant increase until the premium can reach a more reasonable level.

Talking about the adjustment of the insurance company to Dong Zuolin, he believes that some insurance companies are expected to have some insurance companies to tighten the policies, and the rate is raised, and even withdraws or further reduces the underwriting capacity.

"In the past, due to the small size of Dong Zuoluna, most of the insurance companies did not invest in the relevant risks, which also had the reason for the insurance premium rate than reasonable level. However, in view of the domestic judicial And the practice and changes in the supervision environment, add the nearby Kangmei Pharmaceutical case, I believe that more insurance companies will realize that the risk of directors of A-share listed companies has been different from what they understand. "He said.

Wang Min pointed out that the US stocks China listed company Dongbian insurance rate is about 20% -30%, and the current Dongzheng insurance rate is about 0.5%. "It doesn't match the risk, and the rate of the blame will definitely rise."

The insiders described above recommends that the relevant insurance companies can further and continuously strengthen the degree of cognition of risks in a long time to participate long-term participation. If there is no professional team to focus on centralized management, it should be arranged as soon as possible, otherwise it is possible to provide insurance services to these guest groups of listed companies.

In addition, due to the great amount of compensation in the Kangmei Pharmaceutical case, the person believes that the amount of affair of the listed company in the future will continue to rise, and the listed company for purchasing insurance should appropriately consider the insurance; for the first insurance, The compensation limit of more risk-matched to better responds to the risk of listed companies and their direct supervisors. (China New Jingwei APP)

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