Wang Jian Dafa, former Chairman of Tom Cat, 31-year-old, heater listed company, and today stocks are sold

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Wang Jian Dafa, former Chairman of Tom Cat, 31-year-old, heater listed company, and today stocks are sold

2021-11-26 00:18:08 3 ℃

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Recently, Ali auction information display, Wang Jian, former chairman Tom Cat 7531.8999 million shares are held by judicial auction, starting price of 244 million yuan, the auction time is at 0:00 on December 1 to at 10:00 on December 3, 2021 4 end.

At the close November 24, Tom Cat share price was 4.99 yuan, 7531.8999 million shares corresponding to the market value of 378 million yuan, 244 million starting price equivalent of playing a 6.46 fold.

Radar Finance noted that Wang Jian once brilliant, 31-year-old becomes a listed company chairman.

However, since the end of July 2019 until September this year, Wang Jian intensive holdings Tom Cat, cash is not resolved over 1 billion funding gap. Intermediate reduction was due to illegal investigation, and resigned as chairman of listed companies in January this year.

It is worth mentioning that the recent rub Tom Cat Spring concept of the universe, stock prices rose, the controlling shareholder of the company took the opportunity to cash in over 300 million.

31-year-old chairman of the board, Baolei of 246 million yuan in cash

Public information, Wang Jian was born in 1988, graduated from Zhejiang University in 2009, bachelor's degree, was founded in 2010 in Hangzhou Zhe letter, the company's main business issue for mobile operators casual games.

In December 2015, just listed near Jinke Wen of (a listed company Tom Cat predecessor) released the "major asset restructuring suspension notice", the company confirmed the acquisition of 100% stake in the underlying philosophy Hangzhou letter, cut into the mobile Internet field.

That time, Wang Jian holds a 46.95% stake in Hangzhou Zhe letter, Hangzhou Zhe letter controlling shareholder and actual controller, also served as chairman and general manager of Hangzhou Zhe letter.

Ultimately, the acquisition as planned, Wang Jian of about $ 400 million in cash and $ 9.8 billion of stock Jinke Wen, while Wang Jian also subscribe in cash for the shares of Jinke Wen issued. To May 31, 2016, Jinke Wen Wang Jian holds 18.02% of the shares.

2017 second quarter, Wang Jian were overweight, to May 22, 2017, Wang Jian stake up to 18.1%, became the largest shareholder of listed companies.

Since then, Wang Jian several holdings, to September 29, 2017, Wang Jian increased its stake to 18.29%, which is the pinnacle of its stake.

The evening of August 30 the same year, Jinke Wen thrown out of the company's largest acquisition in the history of the program, the way intends to actual controller Zhu Zhigang and other counterparties issued shares, for a total price of 4.2 billion yuan acquisition of Hangzhou funny treasure, each cow Shangyu code 100 % stake. The two companies hold core assets of the company Outfit7 56% stake, Outfit7 company created "Talking Tom Cat Family," the world-renowned IP.

Based on this evaluation, Outfit7's 100% stake in the assessed value of 7,285,965,200 yuan, Outfit7 audited by the owner's equity attributable to shareholders of the parent amounted to 421,163,800 yuan, the revaluation rate as high as 1629.96%, causing investors to question.

November 16, 2017, the aforementioned merger will too.

June 14, 2019, 31-year-old Wang Jian served as chairman of Jinke Wen.

In July 2019, shares had just lifted soon Wang Jian began to generous reduction. Until the end of the year, to disclose the number of holdings up to 35 times, for a total cash amount of 246 million yuan.

Wang Jian holdings sparked a lot of speculation. 2020 February 2 evening, Jinke Wen of disclosure "2019 annual results notice", expected 2019 deficit from 2395 to 2400 million yuan, mainly due to the impairment of goodwill and other asset impairment. While the Shenzhen Stock Exchange GEM claim Jinke Wen management portion of the semi-annual report 2019 inquiry letter illustrate subject matter of goodwill Hangzhou Zhe letters, O7_INV the like whether there is impairment of Jinke Wen reply above there is no loss of goodwill impairment .

At the end of the third quarter of 2019, Jinke Wen book balance of 6.261 billion yuan of goodwill, including mergers and acquisitions Outfit7 Investments Limited (hereinafter referred to as "O7_INV") goodwill 3.651 billion yuan, mergers and acquisitions Hangzhou Zhe letter Information Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Hangzhou Zhe letter") goodwill 2.32 billion yuan, mergers and acquisitions to force Technology Co., Ltd. Hangzhou daily goodwill 270 million yuan.

In 2019, after the company released results notice, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange GEM companies Management Department of the requirements Jinke Wen listed the proposed provision for impairment of goodwill corresponding to the specific circumstances of the subject, the amount of the impairment provision is expected, performance commitment for each year of completed cases; combined with the overall development environment, the underlying results of operations, financial indicators and other changes in the game industry, a specific point in time goodwill impairment signs appear, estimates the course of this impairment, provision for impairment of goodwill in previous years adequacy and accuracy.

Eventually, Jinke Wen loss of 2.823 billion yuan in 2019.

Cash exceeded one billion, being investigated on suspicion of insider trading

After entering 2020, Wang Jian holdings did not stop. 35 times throughout the 2020 annual disclosure of holdings, in 2021 six times to disclose holdings.

Until September 30 this year, Wang Jian, the total amount of cash has reached 1.004 billion yuan.

As of November 24, Wang Jian listed companies held 318 million shares, 9.05% stake, ranked the fourth largest shareholder.

For the sake of cascading, Wang Jian even has a violation. On February 4, 2020, the Shenzhen Exchange sent a regulatory letter to Wang Jian. Regulatory letters pointed out that Wang Jian is the chairman of Jinke Culture, from August, 2019 to August 27, 2019, during the period, due to the mandatory partition, focusing on centralized bidding methods respectively. Jinke culture stocks are 1737.84 million shares, 51.56 million shares, accounting for 0.49%, 0.15%, respectively, and more than 57.99 million yuan in total. The above reduction behavior occurs in the Jinke Culture 2019 and semi-annual report, and the third quarter report is disclosed 30 days before the third quarter, it constitutes a sensitive period transaction.

The Shenzhen Exchange pointed out that Wang Jian's behavior violated the relevant regulations. I hope that Wang Jian fully emphasizes the above problems, absorbs lessons, and reforms in time, and put an end to the above problems.

On July 17, 2020, the Shenzhen Exchange issued a decision to report the criticism of Wang Jian.

According to the deep deputy, Wang Jian as the chairman of Jinke Culture, there is the following violations: On February 28, 2020, Wang Jian was 1124.13 million shares of Jinke Cultural stocks due to the concentrated bidding method, accounting for gold The proportion of cultural total share capital is 0.32%, and the amount is 48.23 million. The above-mentioned reducing behavior occurs within 10 days before the 2019 Performance Express, which violates the relevant regulations, and approved the relevant regulations. Wang Jian gives the punishment of the criticism. For Wang Jian's above-mentioned violations and punishment, it will be recorded in the honest file of listed companies and open to the public.

On December 21, 2020, Jinke Culture Release Announcement showed that Wang Jian, chairman Wang Jian, was investigated by the Securities Regulatory Commission due to the deposit of the company's stock suspected insider transactions during March 2019 to March 2019.

In January of this year, Wang Jian went to Jinke Culture Chairman's position.

Pilot, shares are mandatory auction

In addition to the big bracelet, Wang Jian also has a decoration.

Since August 2016, Wang Jian has repeatedly prepared 10 times in Fang Zheng Securities, Xingye Securities, and Fuguo Assets-Ningbo Bank-Dongguan Bank Co., Ltd.

Among them, in 2017, Wang Jian as a financing of Jinke cultural stocks held by Fang Zheng Securities as a financing, and the relevant protocols of stock pledge repurchase transactions were permitted to enforce the contract notary to enforce efficacy.

However, Wang Jian did not fulfill its repayment obligations as a contract, and the above stock pledge repurchase transactions have breached a contract. Many negotiations and collapses of the securities, Wang Jian, did not repay the debt to Fang Zheng securities.

In May of this year, Fang Zheng Securities issued an announcement, in order to safeguard the company's own rights and interests, according to the "Executive Certificate" issued by the Notary Office, the company applies to Zhejiang Province Intermediate People's Court ("Hangzhou Zhongyuan") for enforcement, requirements The executive Wang Jian immediately repaid the financing principal of the company for 259 million yuan and the corresponding interest, breach of contract, and realizing the cost of creditting, and applied for property preservation measures to the property under the executor.

Recently, Ali Auction launched Wang Jian's equity auction information. As of now, 0 people signed up, 203 people setup reminder, 3654 people join the onlookers.

Where is Wang Jian's current fund? There is no clear information yet. The Radar Finance discovered that according to the sky-eye investigation, Wang Jian served as a legal representative in 12 companies, and five companies were asholders, and 17 companies served as executives. Among them, several companies have been prosecuted by contract disputes, lease contract disputes.

After the conviccings, the controlling shareholder has a set of 357 million yuan.

The Radar Finance notes that the Jinke Culture will change the securities as "Tom Cat" in August this year.

At the afternoon on September 8, the company said in the interactive platform to reply to the concept of the Yuan Universe, VR and other concepts, "the company's basic work group" has been developed by the company's product development "," The special working group of the Yuan Cosmic direction ... . Subsequently, the company's share price opened in the afternoon.

On September 8, the Shenzhen Foreign Office issued a concern to Tom Cat, requiring the situation of whether or not to use interactive and easy to reply to the hotspot, the concept, and the reduction of shareholders.

Subsequently, Tom Cat replied to the letter, the Yuan Universe is a very grand and distant vision, and the company's current game products and theoretical Yuan universe have a big gap. At present, the company's product iteration and new product exploration is still in the early stage, and whether the progress of the project can meet the company's estimated effect, and there is a large uncertainty in the future market.

Although the company said that there is uncertainty, the company's stock is still very popular. September 8th, the company's share price has risen nearly 50%.

During this time, the company's controlling shareholder Golden Social Holdings and its consistent actors Zhu Zhigang broke the pen of 8316.01 million shares, calculated according to the reduction and average price, and the set was 357 million yuan.