[Energy insurance is available in central enterprises] Guofa measures and raised "Energy Bank"

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[Energy insurance is available in central enterprises] Guofa measures and raised "Energy Bank"

2021-11-26 00:18:19 18 ℃

Editor's note: Since this year, it has been influenced by many factors, and my country's energy supply continues to be tight. Recently, all central enterprises implemented the Party Central Committee, the State Council decision-making deployment, in accordance with the National Assembly, National Energy Administration, and adopted a series of solid initiatives to ensure power thermal safety and stability, providing powerful guarantees for economic and social development and people's livelihood demand.

After the winter, my country's energy consumption ushered in peaks, national investment measures and raised "Energy Bank" to highlight the responsibility of central enterprises, and lit Wanjia Light, guarding the people's warmth.

"The home is here to warm! I don't have a short sleeve at home." Mr. Chen, the residents of Ninghe District, Tianjin, took home status in a friend circle. The cold wind whizes outdoors, and the room is warm. Touching the tattoo, although not hot but very hot.

This is the first boot heating in the sixth year of Tianjin. The country has undertaken the power generation heating in Ninghe District. For this moment, they have been fighting for more than 20 days.

According to the construction schedule of Ninghe Heating Reconstruction Project, the National Virgin Northern Xinjiang staff completed the steam of steam pipes in advance in advance. In the middle of the night, the distribution chamber lights are bright. After 20 hours of uninterrupted construction, DC cabinet cable laying, wiring and power transmission work are made, ensuring that the system calls on the second day are on the official power supply.

"Find coal" and "coal" on the road

Coal preservation is the key to thermal power companies. Since September 28th, the Manager of the Northern Bank Fuel Purchasing Department is Chongxu in the road to "find coal". It continuously turned Taiyuan in 20 days, Erdos, Datong, Huairen, Zhangzhou, representing Northern Xinjiang 80 Tens of thousands of coal guarantees contract.

Guofa Beijiang is a microcosm of national investment energy. Since this year, it has been influenced by many factors. my country's energy supply continues to be tight. National SDC implemented the Party Central Committee, the State Council decision-making deployment, in accordance with the National Assembly, National Energy Administration Work requirements, fully start "power saving attack", playing a combination of combined sufficiency, and highlighting the responsibility of central enterprises in action.

"Take advantage of this winter, spring, spring, booming, as an important political task in the current and future, grasping and grasping, and resolutely lay a good intention of winter and power safety security to attack the attack, fulfilling our political responsibility and Social responsibility. "Board of Directors of Guofa, Bai Tao, secretary of the party group.

"Patrol every day, the wet dress is the same as the normal state of our coal." In order to ensure that the coal is used, it is only used for the secondary coal in emergency coal to become normal operation. Huaxia Power Inspection operators have a "physical examination" of the equipment every day to ensure the reliable operation of the coal system.

The high-load operation of the unit is high, and the coal bun is like a huge "stomach" every day. "Good coal is difficult to seek, coal coal quality is more diverse and unloaded, everyone should do difficulties". The Huaxia Power Fuel Department is a safety unloading of each voyage. Under the coal coal of the painted coal, the coal unloading of the drip is wet, and the coal is stored in the port of more than 1 year. Under the epidemic boat shipment, it provides safety inventory for the unit.

In the early morning, the cold wind bleak coal yard, the country's driving power fuel department staff head wearing a hard hat, hand holding flashlight, pedal water boots, in anti-gloss, work together to serve the "Changlong" on the transportation road, They held 24 hours to unload the coal "Main Battlefield" to achieve the "receivable" of coal. Equipment Management Employees will perform some defect processing and equipment regular inspections, arranged in the case of low night and unit load, minimize the impact of equipment dissemination management on power generation.

Data show that the total amount of coal purchasing coal in State Investment has increased by more than 70% since October. As of 27 October, the fire-powered enterprise of Guofa Electricity Co., Ltd. can use the number of days for more than 17 days.

Visiting a spam and anti-potential protection

Guoshiba Bay Power is an important power supply point for Fujian Power Grid. During the preservation period, it coincides with the sudden epidemic. The power plant No. 3 unit is being repaired, some maintenance personnel cannot be in place on time. Under the leadership of the leader of the party member Chen Jian, the Youth of the Youth Bay of the Power Isolation Group, the party members strictly control the maintenance quality standards and continuous operation. At present, the No. 3 unit has been smooth and grid-connected, and the 4 units are full of firepower and contribute to the guarantee of Fujian Power Grid.

In the face of the severe situation of continuous diffusion of overseas epidemic, Guoshe Qinzhou power is established "strictly preventing new coronary pneumonia overseas" party members, focusing on the duty, outer wheel supervision and disinfection work during the berths of the berth. As of now, the customs, the dock unloading machine operation, maintenance personnel, the whale clearance personnel have no infection. While doing a good job in the prevention and control of the epidemic, State Investment Qinzhou Power Generation should be issued, and there will be multiple issues. As of November 3, the accumulated power generation was 14.5 billion kWh, an increase of 20% year-on-year, in which the generation of power generation was 42 billion kilowatts, an increase of 10.5% year-on-year.

Clean energy in the electricity, wind power and photovoltaic power generation of State Surgers has exceeded 65%. While supervising the fire power enterprises firmly implement the "should have to send", actively arrange new energy companies such as hydropower enterprises and wind power, photovoltaic, and more thanks to ensure safety.

Stick to the forefront of Winter Olympics

In November, the Northern Puluce Daxue, Zhangjiakou City Chongli District as a homogenizer of the 2022 Winter Olympics, the power conservation task is significant. State Investment New Energy has 180,000 photovoltaic components in the local area, covering an area of ​​more than 2,000 acres. After the big snow, the power generation components are severely occluded, the hot spot effect appears, and the inverter heating time is high, and the load is sharply decreased. Guo Shi Xin Energy immediately launched an Olympic security policy, set up a snowy maintenance attack team, clean up the boosting station, photovoltaic components, water pump houses, distribution rooms and other important production and life equipment. After a fight against day, the power generation of national investment is increased by 01,000 kilowatts per hour to 10,000 kilowatts. In October, the Yaqi River Basin was in the end of the Yaqi River, and the current power generation of the cascade power station in the Yaqi River basin reached 10.105 billion kilowatts. Yakjiang Hydropower surrounds the goal of "precision scheduling, safety, multi-power", accelerates the debugging of two rivers and Yang Fanggou Hydropower Station, and enhance power generation capacity. The basin cascade power station is 1887 million kilowatts in October last year.

There are 7 values ​​in the small Three Gorges in Gansu, due to the cause of the epidemics, the exterior of the power station is difficult to return, one person is isolated. They were 11 consecutive days in the case of only 6 people, and they were responsible for the operation of 4 water turbine generators. Climbing the main change, 220 kV switch station, topping top, down more than 40 meters deep grouting channel, they spent more than 2 hours a day, successfully completed various maintenance tasks.

Guofa Dynasty Mountain has a safe bottom line, doing operational risk management, strengthening equipment inspection and defect analysis, maximizing water resources. As of 0:00 on November, the number of continuous safety production days reached 5,000 days, providing stable support for power supply.

"The last km" of electric coal transportation

According to national important energy transport enterprises, China's important energy transportation enterprises, close attention to coal flow, and the priority electric coal relies on loading and unloading, continuously improving operational efficiency, and fully utilize electric coal transportation, ensuring national energy transportation.

Guotou Caofeidian Port exerts a large number of large ports, active as a steady coal price, etc.

This electric coal guarantee and winter frozible coal double overlap, and put forward a severe test in winter port production operations. As the key port of Guofa, Guofei, as the key port of "North Coal Nan Yun", first felt pressure.

"Looking at a ship is full of coal, all the pay is worth it." Guotou Cao Dian Dian Port Technology Group said. Enter October, the anchorage ship is concentrated, 10 berths must remain full in full, dozens of equipment is not divided into days and night, equipment maintenance time must be accurately calculated, technicians see the needle, using job gap, equipment maintenance, maintenance, and all night Overtime is a normal state.

At 3 o'clock in the morning of October 25, Guotou Cao Dian Dong Port maintenance work was busy, the temperature of the sea was close to zero. I don't know which kindful master, I sent a hot roast potato. Everyone was surrounded, you eaten a piece of place. At this moment, there was no more delicious than this. The technician Zhang Yuguang, who is holding on the shipper, has not gone home for three days. Soon after his child was born, "Do you want son?" The maintenance master hit him, he smiled simplely, "I want to, but I want to take the equipment better. The equipment can be hugged home."

Guo Tang Tang Hong Kong settled efficiency improvement special group, focusing on optimizing production plan, compression process conflicts, strengthening equipment maintenance and production coordinating, reducing equipment online failure, etc. Since October, the company has a significant increase in the cost of the company, and the aeration of a single ship has a decrease of 39.1%, and a single route time is 5.7%, which significantly reduces the ship in Hong Kong, since the number of waterways. Ship quickly "relying on, loading, departure".

Guofa Jing Tang Hong Kong combined with Daxie Railway Autumn Sky Windserarchy, on October 4th, the autumn equipment centralized maintenance is launched. In the case of more maintenance projects, the task is difficult, through "early preparation, strong management, steady and implementation", Visiting the second, the original plan for 25-day equipment is concentrated, effectively compressed, end 3 days in advance, and lay equipment foundation for the company.

Hong Kong Compass Association 1 + 1> 2

In the case of a large number of foreign trade coals, Guoxia Bay Port is strengthened with the business links between ports such as customs, prioritize foreign trade electric coal vessels. The company is in accordance with the Group and the national investment of traffic synergies, 24 hours continuous, stable to supply coal from Meizhou Bay Power Plant. The port provides a dedicated storage yard in the power plant. It is a power plant for coal by a special refueling device and a working line. The port is always concerned about the operation of the inner and foreign trade farm, power generation load, blending, ship arrival time and other operations, flexible adjustment of the operating process, and does not measure the efficiency of loading and unloading.

Guofa Qinzhou Port is based on pre-service, take the initiative to pay attention to the production situation of State Insured Qinzhou Power Plant, establish a Hong Kong and Electric Coordination Mechanism, held a special meeting every Friday afternoon, Hong Kong and electricity two parties negotiated. Such as the power plant is in a hurry, the port will take the initiative to give up other customers, prioritize the power plant coal ship. Guofa Qinzhou Port took the initiative to pay attention to the production of power plants. When the power plant unloading machine was maintained, the active contact helped its berthing and shining, and fully ensure power plant power generation coal.