The love mall is accused of false propaganda, and the reporter interviewed the mouth!

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The love mall is accused of false propaganda, and the reporter interviewed the mouth!

2021-11-26 00:18:28 2 ℃

In the first half of 2021, Mr. Zhang, Fujian Quanzhou, listened to friends to say that downloading love mall and purchasing members, and can apply for a certain amount of loans on it. Because I need a capital turnover, Mr. Zhang took 299 yuan to purchase a year's member qualification and proposed a loan application. However, Mr. Zhang left and other right, etc., that is, the notice of the lending.

Mr. Zhang said to the special search reporter report that he was launched a loan application on May 26 this year. At first, I used the mall APP staff to represent a working day, and the interest is still very low. The actual situation is over two months, and this loan is still reviewed.

During this period, Mr. Zhang consulted a few times, and I first started to express his loan application, and the platform system and cooperative licensed financial institutions were needed to pass before leaving, let him wait patiently. Later, the customer service personnel did even hang up the phone and refused to reply.

In addition, Mr. Zhang also tells the special search reporter, and the love of the mall will also loan the installment shopping, mainly based on electronic products, but this interest is high. Take a well-known brand of mobile phones as an example, the official website is priced at 5999 yuan. The price of the Mall of Love is 7237.3 yuan, and the member can handle the period of 12 periods, and also pay the service fee of 1484.54 yuan. The total total price is 87.27.84 yuan. The decimal details interface show that the annual interest rate of loans has reached an amazing 35.9%, far exceeding 4 times the maximum LPR interest rate of the Supreme People's Court (the 1221-year LPR interest rate is 3.85%).

The loan is not approved, and the interest of the product is high. Mr. Zhang feels that he pays 299 yuan of the conference fee. It is impossible to work. He hopes that the Mall app will return the contribution to himself.

In response to Mr. Zhang, the special search reporter contacted the official customer service of the Mall app, after indicating the identity and proposing the appeal, the other party directly broke the exhibition and hanged the phone. After that, the special search reporter once again, all in the unattended state.

On the black cat complaint platform, the special search reporter found that many consumers questioned that the commitment to open members with the mall app is a false propaganda, and there is no propaganda in the actual application. Everyone accuses that the Mall app is just an air receiver fee, causing a bad user experience.

The special search reporter queried, love use the mall app is the installment loan launched by Shenzhen Metal Technology Co., Ltd. and the installment e-commerce platform. The reporter can't query the financial license information of the mall in the official website of the Bank of China Insurance Regulatory Commission. In addition, in the Mall app, the clear financial loan qualification certificate or the relevant information of the license cooperative financial institution has not yet.

In response to the question of Mr. Zhang, the reporter consulted the Lin Bing lawyer of Beijing Jingshi (Shenzhen) Law Firm.

Lin Bing lawyer believes that if we cannot find information about the company online at the China Bank Insurance Regulatory Commission official website, then we believe that the mall is not a financial license, then the company's lending behavior is suspected of illegal, the corresponding interest rate is not Legal protection, consumers can litigate to the court and require compensation. In addition, the situation of Mr. Zhang is reflected, and the related propaganda of the mall may be suspected of fraud. "Consumer Rights Protection Law" stipulates that if consumers have the right to obtain compensation for the purchase of goods or acceptance of service costs or accept service costs, the increase of compensation is less than 500 yuan, for 500 yuan.

(Note: The date of this report is November 3, 2021, and the release process will be properly labeled.)

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