Who is a corporate deposit?Where is this "ghost"?

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Who is a corporate deposit?Where is this "ghost"?

2021-11-26 06:02:19 8 ℃

# 295 million deposits pledged "hidden" #

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Zhonghong.com November 25th, the two things happened recently, and it is very much "unfair". One is the 280 million deposits of the Shanhe Pharmaceutical, Hang Seng Pharmaceutical in Nanjing Bank of the Bohai Bank, is used in non-related loans pledge guarantees, involving more than 300 "official seal fake" issues.

Another one has just appeared in recent days, Nanjing Keyuan Smart Technology Group (hereinafter referred to as "Keyuan Wisdom") and Pudong Development Bank involved disputes for deposit of 295 million yuan. This matter continues to ferment.

On the 24th, the two units publicly respond to deposit pledge disputes.

Ko Yuan wisdom said that the Shanghai Nantong Branch of the Pudong Development Bank has covered the "consistent" chapters and the man-made seal confirmed for each inquiry information for the relevant inquiry certificate.

It is understood that Ko Yuan wisdom is a company listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, 24th, in the announcement of the reply to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, is a public explanation with the Pudong Development Bank deposits.

Coreguan wisdom said in the announcement that the group's related personnel did not know the deposit pledge. "The company did not handle overpatipular business in Nantong Branch of Pudong Development Bank. As of the date of this announcement, the company has not received any pledged proof of pledged procedures from Nantong Branch of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank." At the same time, it is self-examined, the company and Nantong Ruihao International trade is limited Company, Burong (Nantong) Material Technology Co., Ltd. has no relationship, no trading, the above bank deposit pledge is unique.

In the focus of the above disputes, the supervision requirements of the annual accountant combined with the company's 2020 bank deposit inquiry letters, supplementing the relevant audit procedures, whether the audit evidence is accurate, the company's 2020 annual report about the bank Whether the disclosure of deposit pledge state has a true and accuracy.

For the concerns of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, Ko Yuan wisdom said that the Shanghai Nantong Branch of the Pudong Development Bank has concluded "consistent" chapters and the "Jiamou" seal for each inquiry information for the relevant inquiry certificate. The disclosure of the company's 2020 annual report on bank deposits on bank deposits is true and accurate.

Shanghai Pudong Development Bank said that after the verification of the bank, the "2020 Bank Deposit Inquiry Letter" received by the Corporate Wisdom Annual Accountant is not issued, and the Pudong Nantong Branch has provided relevant evidence information to provide a further verification of the public security organ.

This incident once again lets the doubt goals to the listed companies and deposit banks. Looking back on the above things, it is quite a lot, and it is a deposit in the bank, and the deposit is mortgaged if the depositors have nothing.

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