Biden insists that the epidemic has entered 20 months, and the money is more in the American population ...

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Biden insists that the epidemic has entered 20 months, and the money is more in the American population ...

2021-11-26 06:03:03 8 ℃

(Observer Network News) The Fed "Ultrafa", the US government adopted "blood transfusion" economic therapy like "chaotic flowers", and the American society strangely fought frequently, Biden took the opportunity to "play the blood." He said that this week, the epidemic has entered 20 months, and the money in the US population is more.

On the 23rd, the Russian media revealed, "Many Americans turned over their own pockets and found that they were empty."

On November 22nd local time, Biden announced nominations of Jerome Powell, Chairman of the US Federal Reserve Committee, and nominated the current Federal Reserve, Lel Brena, served as the next Fed's Vice President.

He tried to rendering the US economic recovery when he spoke, said that US employees have higher wages, better welfare, and work more flexible.

On the 22nd, Biden nominated the Federal Reserve staff

Biden also referred to its government's direct relief policy for middle class families, saying that the disposable revenue of typical middle class families in the United States increased by 2% this year. He called, such economic recovery makes the United States "stand out": "The United States is the only economic scale in the world than the epidemic, the money in the family wallet is more main economy than the epidemic. This is still considered inflation Result. There is no competitors in the international international. "No."

On the 23rd, Today, Russia (RT) commented on this, Bidney stated that US citizens became more done after 20 months of new crown, and many Americans turned over their own pockets and found that they were empty. Although the Fed may have printed a lot of new banknotes to maintain economic operation, ordinary Americans have not seen much.

Russian media pointed out that the US government's epidemic response measures have indeed soaring the wealth of some people, most of which entered the pocket of billionaires. As of October, only Tesla Terman, the world's marske earned $ 209 billion. A large number of ordinary Americans lose their jobs, and income will continue to expand to ridiculous levels.

"Although Biden may try to optimize inflation, the monetary means continues to promote the price of live consumer goods soaring, most unemployment benefits have been invalid, meaning that Americans now give a job for rent, either drink northwest wind."

According to Johnshopkins University and the US CDC (CDC) data, December is not until the United States, the number of people died of neoguan pneumonia this year have exceeded 2020 year.

As for "US employee wages higher", it has to be tenth billion US dollars for Titron and Biden Government for US economic injection. In the past 18 months, the total allocation of the US Congress is US $ 7.1 trillion, accounting for 30.6% of the total GDP in one year, some of which are sent to the people through checks. According to the US official on November 16, there are more than 90% of the American so-called "rising salary" last year. More than 90% is government allocation. US Finance Minister Yellen has warned on the 16th that the cash in the Statehouse will not support too long after December 3.

The huge hidden dangers of supply chain cuts also let the US response program began to simultaneously diagnosis of economic buildings - continuously brighten the gap between the rich and the poor, the monthly increased inflation index, the upper limit of the debt cap, which has become the US economy. "Detonate points". The Republican Senator has pointed out that inflation in the United States has produced "domino effect" and will eventually subvert the US economy.

At the end of the root, unilaterally relying on the Fed "super hair", the US government's "blocked" economic therapy is unable to cure the US economic internal injury. At the same time, the United States is constantly producing negative overflow effects for market injection, so that people around the world will "pay".