When chaos occurs, how does the live e-commerce industry develop in order to develop?

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When chaos occurs, how does the live e-commerce industry develop in order to develop?

2021-11-26 06:02:17 3 ℃

In 2015, mobile live broadcast began to rise; in 2019, after Taobao, Jingdong, many e-commerce companies including Netease Cala, Xiao Hong Book, etc., 2020, sudden new crown pneumonia epidemic To explode growth. In just a few years, the live e-commerce industry that has spawned in the Internet has passed several rounds.

There is a strong boost behind this, and it is also inseparable from the national poor policy and normative policy.

Recently, two well-known anchors were punished for huge thief taxes. In fact, in the past two years, there is a clear regulatory requirements for the various policies for the live broadcast industry, so that induces consumption, false exaggeration, lack of after-sales, etc. have a clear regulatory requirements.

In the industry expert,

Capital blessings, platform support and government guidance will jointly make live e-commerce industry to stop "savage growth"

. The corresponding fuzzy space of the future industry will narrow, normative will be enhanced, and the live e-commerce industry will develop in a healthy atmosphere.

There is a chaos in the industry

Since the popular e-commerce popular e-commerce, the number of revenues in the anchor group has been complex and the product false propaganda, and the price fluctuations are constantly exposed, and the public opinion is highly concerned.

According to the "2021 China Live E-Commercial Research Report" released by Erui Consultation, as of the end of 2020, China's live e-commerce related enterprises registered 8862, and the number of the anchors in the industry had reached 12.34,000. The "Financial Times" reporter learned that in the head e-commerce live platform, the annual income of well-known anchors exceeds millions, 10 million or even hundreds of millions of yuan.

In September this year, the Central Propaganda Department and the State Administration of Taxation were issued to report, to strengthen tax management in entertainment people in the field of entertainment, including star artists, online anchors. "Live beta as a new type of marketing method, it is easy to break through the geographical limit, and there is no directly corresponding tax law constraint terms, so it is easier to become a tax-stricken area of ​​the tax," said analysts, Regulatory, not only contributing to the "brutal growth" of the industry, but also contribute to the promotion of the ecological development of the entire anchor.

In fact, live e-commerce industry anchoring taxation problem, just the horn of the iceberg in many industries. In recent years, due to false propaganda, three products, price abnormal fluctuations, after-sales service is not guaranteed, live e-commerce often mounts social media hot playback.

At the end of last year, a new "bird's nest" product was investigated by a new "bird's nest" product, and many live broadcast "large V" were also frequent. "'Live Belt' bypass the traditional middle channels such as dealers, the aquatic body and the operator, the publisher, the spokesperson, etc. Han Liangchen, Vice President of the Commercial Federation Media Shopping Professional Committee, said that many problems brought about by net red economic explosive growth, need to be specified.

Capital enthusiasm

E-commerce live goods is also an important development trend in the future economy, and the capital power behind it is naturally not ignored. The company, which was created by the aquary of the anode of the stealing tax, has been achieved by 3 rounds of financing, and the transaction amount is tens of millions of dollars. Some headband is anchor, and its company has also passed several rounds of financing, especially in last year, the enterprise line-up transformation accelerates, live e-commerce as a major legacy, and has been further favored by capital. According to IT Orange Statistics, from last year, my country's live e-commerce field has occurred in the field of 44, and the amount of funds is about 2.4 billion yuan. In this field, only 7 incident financing incidents occurred throughout 2019, and the amount of investment is only 71.5 million yuan.

Recently, the Founded in September 2020, I just completed tens of millions of yuan in RMB angel round financing, strategically investing by the gathering, and the company's live broadcast of e-commerce is based on the shake platform. Service and other business. Live e-commerce KOL Supply Chain SaaS Platform - Thermal Star is also announced recently completed 50 million yuan A round financing, the investor is a plum flower venture capital, Zhi Ming capital, byte beating angel investor, and this is the company The third round of financing completed within a year.

It can be seen that the current capital of the current e-commerce industry has spread to the entire industry chain, including the upstream commodity supply chain; live broadcast production and communication links, mainly including the anchor, MCN mechanism, and live broadcast platforms; downstream consumers, The performance is a live e-commerce payment and realizes the live broadcast.

In the view of analysts, the rate of capital entry is not reduced, and the layout of the whole industry chain will continue to promote the development of the live e-commerce industry. However, whether it is the development of the ventilation industry or the operation of capital, it requires a benign ecological balance, and "barbaric growth" is less disadvantageous for the future of the industry.

Need to standardize development

The rapid expansion of the large number of live e-commerce markets, and the government's support policy is not open. In recent years, a series of support policies in a series of live e-commerce talents have set off a wave of development of live e-commerce economy. But at the same time, the governance and regulatory policy for e-commerce live chaos have also been released. Industry experts say that incentive support and guidance specification policies can drive live e-commerce efficient and orderly operations at a deeper level.

"Network Live Marketing Management Measures (Trial)" issued by seven departments such as the National Internet Information Office, is implemented from May 25 this year, and "Measures" clarifies that live marketing behavior is "red line", and is related to social public opinion. Consumer rights protection issues, have been enhanced, designed to regulate the order of the network market, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the people, and promote the health and orderly development of new technologies. On June 17, the Zhejiang Provincial Network Business Association released the "Live E-Commerce Service Norm (Draft for Comment)." This is the country's first direct e-commerce industry standard standard, which establishes primary qualifications, bright cards, businesses, and construction of full processes such as review, rules, live broadcast monitoring, illegal disposal, and consumer rights protection.

It is worth noting that all kinds of problems in solving live bands are a comprehensive governance process, legal standards, and institutional rules are only one of them. From the quality of products to the aquatic professionalism, then to the platform's strict supervision, only all aspects can guarantee no longer leak, live e-commerce industry can achieve healthy long-term development.

Lawyers in Tahe Thai Law Firm, the current advertising method, e-commerce law, anti-unfair competition law, product quality law, food safety law, consumer rights protection law, etc., the false propaganda involved in net red belt , Data fake, product quality, food safety, consumer rights and other legal issues have had a relatively complete provisions, and different subjects involved in live bands should be involved in law.

"The goods, the aquary, the quality of goods should be improved, cautiously select cooperative brand; merchants should regulate supply chain, work hard in goods, guarantee after-sales service; live broadcast platform should fulfill platform responsibility, increase the audit of live content, The net red and merchants that violate the interests of consumers have implemented the platform to ban the system, standardize consumers' payment methods, and establish a perfect platform order tracking system. "Liao Huai said.

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