Organic fertilizer industry is about to break out, the future will be a mainstream trend

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Organic fertilizer industry is about to break out, the future will be a mainstream trend

2021-11-26 06:02:47 8 ℃

Green agriculture has become the mainstream trend of China's agricultural development. Among them, organic fertilizers are the bottom-level demand for greening in China, which will become a "beautiful scenery" in Chinese agriculture.

1 Organic fertilizer is born, from the call of the times

As everyone knows, fertilizer is an indispensable substance in agricultural planting, there is a saying, a crop, a full relying on fertility home. At present, my country's annual food production exceeded 600 million tons of mark, realized "ten-year increase", and fertilizer does not.

Experts from the Agricultural Rural Department also pointed out that my country is both fertilizers production and large powers, the total production and consumption of fertilizers account for more than one-third of the world. But in actual use, the proportion of new fertilizers is less than 20%. Internationally, development of new fertilizers have become the mainstream of the current world's fertilizer industry.

A policy in 2017 detonated organic fertilizer industry.

In 2017, the Agricultural Rural Ministry issued "carrying out the organic tea organic fertilizer action plan", and chose 100 fruit dish tea key counties and took out 10 million subsidies to carry out organic fertilizer replacement fertilizer demonstrations.

In addition, industries related to organic fertilizer are also rising. For example, the state is an organic fertilizer raw material: including straw, livestock and poultry, etc.

Industry insiders say: Organic fertilizer effect is very huge, on the one hand, it can turn waste into treasure, solve the problem of breeding feces pollution; on the other hand, it has a very important role in improving the soil, improving the quality of agricultural products, development green agriculture.

We recognize a point: implement organic fat alternative fertilizers, not only realize the recycling utilization of resources, but also protect the quality activity of the soil, but also improve the quality of agricultural products such as fruit and vegetable tea.

2 Ice Fire in the organic fertilizer industry

01 promotion is difficult

Since my country is a small farmer economy, this system has restricted the wideness and depth of organic fertilizer promotion. The awareness of the use of organic fertilizer in the lack of the use of organic fertilizers, and it has also increased the difficulty of promotion; the quality of organic fertilizer in the market is uneven The confidence and enthusiasm of farmers are affected.

02 land constraint

At present, there are still 260 million farmers in my country, more than 600 million people live in rural areas, of which 2.3 billion households are contracting farmers, which is the so-called small farmers. At the same time, more than 80% of the land in China is in the hands of 260 million small farmers. The dispersion of cultivated land, the block is obvious, leading to mechanization, scale, and modernization.

03 organic fertilizer trust decline

Although, in the past few years, the state implemented organic fertilizer standards, but organic fertilizers are still difficult to curb them with a good situation. In addition, during the administration of organic fertilizer, some farmers do not feel the effect, which is lost, which reduces the trust of organic fertilizer products, and has affected organic fertilizer reputation and sales.

3 Organic fertilizer opportunities must be technological innovation

Disclosure, currently, my country's organic fertilizer industry is in the booming stage, participating in the increasing types of enterprises, including refined organic fertilizer companies, biological organic fertilizers, organic inorganic composites, and other new types related to organic fertilizers Fertilizer business. Therefore, organic fertilizer product innovation is more important.

3 Agricultural Rural Department: Implementing five measures to support organic fat exhibition

The Department of Agricultural Rural Areas will develop a subsidy policy that encourages and guides farmers to apply organic fertilizer, and accelerate the pace of organic fertilizer promotion and application.

Details are as follows:

1. About increasing financial support and capital investment

Our ministry organizes the use of the county promotion project, focusing on the construction of equipment and equipment construction, achieving full coverage of 585 animal husbandry counties, and supports the scale farmhouse nearly 100,000, accumulating organic fertilizer More than 400 enterprises, specialized biogas engineering enterprises, etc. Qinghai Province is my country's important river source and ecological protected area, and the resource utilization of livestock and poultry is related to national ecological security. Our department guided Qinghai Province's agricultural rural departments as the direction of fertilizer, and multi-advice to carry out the utilization of livestock and poultry, supporting the implementation of the county and mutual assistance counting, actively exploring typical models, demonstration to drive all provinces Work in the resource utilization of avian manure. Next, our department will combine "National livestock and poultry manure use species and raise the construction plan (2021-2025), increase policy support. Continue to support the eligible counties (city, districts) in Qinghai Province to promote livestock and poultry waste resource utilization, with kinds of nourishing, ecological circulation as the main path, and promote green development of animal husbandry.

Second, about increasing the use of equipment subsidies for cultured waste resources

We have attached great importance to the role of agricultural machinery purchase subsidies, and support farmers' purchase and use of livestock and poultry waste waste resources. At present, the scope of nationwide agricultural machinery purchase subsidies has been included in the variety of tancing machines, fecal squeezed separators, livestock manure fermentation treatment machines, organic waste good oxygen fermentation risoting machines and other 10 items of livestock and poultry breeding waste resource Utilize the machine. Support for 11 provinces to carry out agricultural machinery new products purchase subsidy pilot, subsidized to purchase waste disposal equipment, waste material dryer, etc. Since 2018, the national subsidies have purchased 11,000 units of livestock and poultry farming waste resources, and subsidized funds of 160 million yuan. Next, I will continue to optimize the range of tipping machines, bringing more livestock and poultry breeding waste to use the machine into subsidy, and accelerate the level of mechanization of livestock and poultry breeding waste. Third, about increasing organic fat alternative fertilizer scale

Our department conscientiously implements the strategy of "Tibetan Food in the Land, Tibet", encouraging and guiding the peasant to increase organic fertilizer. Since 2017, 238 key counties (cities, districts) have been selected to carry out organic fertilizer replacement fertilizer pilots, integrated production technology model of organic fertilizer replacement fertilizer, and construct fruit vegetable tea organic fertilizer replacement fertilizer long-term mechanism. Combined with the implementation of the soil-building formula fertilization, cultivated land protection and quality improvement, Northeast black land protection utilization pilot and other projects, using physical chemical subsidies, encourage and guide farmers to increase organic fertilizer, straw returning, planting green manure. Next, our department will develop a subsidy policy that encourages and guides farmers to apply organic fertilizer, and accelerate the pace of organic fertilizer promotion and application.

Fourth, regarding the implementation of environmental protection tax concessions

The state has introduced a variety of livestock and poultry waste resources utilization tax preferential policies. For the taxpayer's sales, the fuel and other fuels produced by livestock, as well as electricity, heat, and implement value-added tax, the value-added tax, which will be refunded by 100%; Environmental protection project income, implementing corporate income tax three exemptions and three preferential policies; comprehensive utilization and harmless treatment of livestock and poultry breeding waste according to law is not subject to direct contaminants directly to environmental protection tax. Next, the central government will combine the recommendations of the committee, continuously summarize experience, and further improve the relevant policies of environmental protection tax concessions.

5. Regarding the implementation of land and poultry waste resource utilization

In order to actively support the development of modern facilities, including livestock and poultry industry, the Natural Resources Department will issue the "Notice on the Management of Agricultural Land Management" (Natural Plan [2019] No. 4), clarifying livestock and poultry Farming facilities include aquaculture production and direct associated stain disposal, inspection and quarantine and other facilities. Next, the Ministry of Natural Resources will strengthen investigation and research together with relevant departments, further improve the facilities of agricultural land management, and support the construction of livestock and poultry breastfeit resource utilization and environmental protection.