Zhongqingbao pushes the equity incentive plan to pay attention to the letter: the share price is five times the concept of "Yuan Cos], and the real-controlled people are led by the permission to contribute to nearly humble interests.

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Zhongqingbao pushes the equity incentive plan to pay attention to the letter: the share price is five times the concept of "Yuan Cos], and the real-controlled people are led by the permission to contribute to nearly humble interests.

2021-11-26 12:05:59 11 ℃

On November 21st, Zhongqingbao launched an equity incentive plan, and the actual controller Li Ruijie and his son Li Yilun will have a total ratio number of options accounting nearly 50%. The purpose of this equity incentive plan is "attracting and retaining outstanding talents, fully mobilizing the enthusiasm of the company."

This also triggered a deep concern to its concern, requiring that the cause and rationality of this arrangement in detail, whether there is interest to transport.

Since September, Zhongqingbao refers to the public number to refer to the "Yuan Cosmic" concept and is very concerned. During the period, the stock price has always been upward. After more than two months, the stock price of Zhongqingbao has around 8 yuan / share, once the price is over 400%, the total share price is 42.63 yuan / share in the nearly one month, as of November 25, its closing price is 33.9 yuan /share.

The real-control person father and son will receive nearly 50% of the stock option, attracting talent or interest delivery?

On November 23, Zhongqingbao received a letter from Shenzhen, because it disclosed the "2021 stock option incentive plan (draft)" (hereinafter referred to as "draft") showed that Li Ruijie, the company's actual controller Li Ruijie and General Manager Li Yilun Two people awarded 5.26 million stock options, accounting for 50% of the number of incentives.

The "draft" shows that Zhongqingbao is proposed to awarded 10.6 million in stock options to not more than 21 incentives, accounting for 4.03% of the total amount of the company's share capital. Among them, the company's directors, chairman Li Ruijie, as well as the company's directors, General Manager Li Yilun will have a number of stock options, accounting for 24.81% of the total share capital, accounting for 1% of the company's total share capital. A total of 17 other people who should incentive should have worked, a total of 5.09 million, accounting for 48.02% of this total, accounting for 1.93% of the total share capital of the company.

For the incentive object, the company's actual controller Li Ruijie and his son Li Yilun's basis, "draft" showed that the above two as the company's leadership core, has a major influence on the company's business management and development strategy. Therefore, it is reasonable and necessary to comply with the relevant provisions of the Listing Rules as the actual situation and development needs of the incentive object.

At the same time, the "draft" suggests, according to the relevant provisions of the Administration, the incentive program is proposed to Li Ruijie and Li Yilun as a separate proposal as a separate motion, and must be considered by the company's shareholders General Assembly special resolution.

However, the company is required to pay attention to the company's detailed description of Li Ruijie and Li Yilun become the necessity, rationality of the incentive object, and the number of the above two to grant the number of reasons and rationality of the number of stock options. Whether there is a situation in which the degree of contribution is based on the degree of contribution.

The sky-eyed investigation shows that Chairman Li Rujie is the seventh major shareholder of Zhongqingbao, with an amount of 833,900 shares, and the shareholding ratio is 0.32%. However, Li Ruijie currently pledged is 800,000 shares, accounting for up to 95.93% of the shares, accounting for 0.3% of the total shareholding of the company.

According to the "draft", the price of the stock period of this time is 35.19 yuan per share, that is, after meeting the right conditions, each stock option, which is 35.19 yuan, can purchase 1 company A shares of ordinary stock stocks .

According to the price determination method, the right price of the stock option is not less than the stock ticket amount, and it is not less than the following prices: the top 1 trading day of the company's stock transactions (for each share) 35.19 yuan); the top 20 trading anecdote prices of the top 20 trading days (30.24 yuan per share) before the draft draft announcement.

From this, the right price of this equity incentive plan is set at the lowest price of the range of possible price.

It is worth mentioning that the stock price of Zhongqing Bao has been released after the incentive plan, but as of November 25, its closing price is 33.9 yuan / share.

Assessment standards are questioned: only to make a collection, do not increase the profit

The Shenzhen Exchange also questioned the performance appraisal index of Zhongqingbao this incentive plan company, requiring its detailed description of the determination basis and rationality of performance appraisal indicators, whether the performance indicator can achieve incentive effect, is in line with the shareholding of listed companies The provisions of Article 11 of the Incentive Management Measures, whether the indicator is scientific and reasonable.

According to the "draft", the company's performance assessment is only for business income, 2022-2024 accounting years, based on 2021 years of revenue, 2022 to 2024 growth rate is not less than 10%, 20% and 30, respectively, 20%, and 30, respectively. %. If the company has not met the above performance appraisal target, all incentive objects correspond to the issued stock options that have been issued in the past, and is canceled by the company.

However, the growth of business income does not fully reflect the company's development status, and it is also as mentioned by the letter. This indicator setting is that the science is still in question, and it can meet the excitation effect.

Throughout the financial data of the Chinese Qingbao's past five years, its performance is indefinated. During 2016-2020, its revenue was 323 million yuan, 313 million yuan, 334 million yuan, 469 million yuan, 294 million yuan; net profit is -49.72 million, 50.3 million yuan, 36.36 million yuan, 51.72 million Yuan and-1.35 billion yuan.

In the first three quarters of 2021, Zhongqingbao realized business income of 257 million yuan, an increase of approximately 28% year-on-year; net profit of 1.357 million yuan, not as follows in 2019. Overall, net profit is compared to the camp, undulating large, and presented a decline. The assessment standard does not improve the net profit, and it is suspected that the Chinese Youth Bao is alive, escaping difficulties, and this is back to the stock incentive plan.

At the same time, from the growth rate of Zhongqingbao's operating income, Zhongqingbao's 2019 increased by 40.36%, but 2020 will decline in 37.32% year-on-year, and even in 2017. Business income. It can be seen that the selection of the revenue level of 2021 is the base, whether it is reasonable, which can reflect the problem of the company's growth is the problem that China is needed to further explain.

Suspected to use the "Yuan Universe" concept speculation stock price, Zhongqingbao's advice

In the "Yuan Cosmic" concept, and therefore, the stock price rose, has also become a key supervision object in the near future.

In the past month, Zhongqing Bao has received a concern letter from the Shenzhen Exchange. In addition to the inquiries of the stock incentive plan, the rest two is inquiry for the development of the "Yuancos" game, and whether it is The question of hot spots, false propaganda, etc. Two reply two times in Zhongqingbao denied that it had a good behavior with a hotspot concept.

The reason why Zhongqingbao became a concept share of Yuancai, who came from its announcement in September to launch a Yuancosian game called "brewing master". According to reports, "Brewing Master" is a virtual and realistic linkage simulation of the Yuancai game. In the game, players can "personally" brew, and then let alk later.

This news droves that China's stock price continues to rise, and also drives the stock price of other metamorphic concepts. The wind of the "Yuancos" concept is also officially blown in the capital market.

Since September, the stock price rising, a total of 4 stock prices have been released, and it is called "Yuan Coso is a huge concept and model. The company is still in the preliminary exploration stage, the concept is relatively shallow, corresponding The product is still in research and development. At present, there is an impact on the online time and region of the new game, there is uncertainty. "

In the two replies to the payment letter, the specific R & D investment of the Guanyuan Cosmo is also rising.

On October 28th, Zhongqingbao's first reply called the relevant game planned research and development invested 5 million to 15 million yuan. The first version is expected to be completed in March next year and officially open to the public.

However, the rationality of this research and development data was subsequently questioned. Therefore, China's second reply is also known as the "500-15 million yuan" actually only investment in the current H5 version. Subsequent 2D, 3D, VR and overseas versions have separate budgets and planning, with a total budget of about 100 million yuan.

The back of this "Hao" is its mediocrity or even slightly bleak performance, and the rational assessment standard in the stock incentive program is not difficult to really improve its performance. This all kinds of variety can not help people suspect whether there is enough financial strength support, and the related products can really land.

A few years ago, Zhongqingbao has also risen due to the first line of the block chain, but ultimately because the results are difficult to produce, the stock price fell sharply. At present, in the case of the phrase, the so-called equity incentive plan is to make a clear explanation for the regulatory layer.