"Delayed retirement" ushered in good news?The official statement of the human society, the employee is not affected after 70

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"Delayed retirement" ushered in good news?The official statement of the human society, the employee is not affected after 70

2021-11-26 18:06:10 38 ℃


In fact, there is always a rumor in recent years. Many people think it is very likely to implement the policy of delaying retirement. Is the policy that truly implemented in China? Will the policy implementation have a certain impact on seven-zero employees? In fact, the reason why this is considered, because with the continuous development of economic society, although China has entered a new stage, at the same time, my country has already had an extremely serious population aging.

"Delayed retirement" is now new good news? The Ministry of Human Sociality has conducted a positive statement on this matter, but also clearly stated that delayed retirement policies will not have an impact on 70 employees, so our 70 post-employees are "not participating", as long as they do The work is fine, there is no need to generate anxiety.

In fact, the retirement age of my country has been relatively early, my country's male, 60 years old, women can apply for retirement, and female cadres can only apply for retirement when they are 55 years old. . In fact, compared with other countries, my country's retirement policies are more human, considering the life needs and physical conditions of the people, such retirement policies are extremely reasonable.

Japan adjacent to us, although the country said that the level of economic development is high, the problem of population aging in recent years has also influenced the development of this country. In order to increase social labor, there is a policy of delayed retirement, and now Japan's average retirement age needs to reach 65 years old, and soon, maybe it will be probably probably extended once, have been delayed to 80 years old, this retirement age It is really very late.

Although delayed retirement helps alleviate the phenomenon of population aging, most of the netizens on the network are still resistant to them. According to the results of the survey, only the 20% of people will agree with delayed retirement policies, and those who are 80% is extremely opposed to retirement, and there will be so many people standing against the ranks, because they fight over the job. I want to get an opportunity to get an endure in my later years.

In fact, when people have lived, the physical condition will definitely be big, when you are young, we can bear more work, but in the same position, it is often not from the heart. So now there is now a policy of delaying retirement, it is impossible to ensure that the staff can guarantee their work quality as young.

Moreover, the national conditions of each country are different. Many netizens believe that although foreign approach to relieved the problem of delayed retirement, my country is not exactly the same, after all, my country has a lot of work intensities in China. Larger, the length of work is longer. So if you choose delay retirement, it is extremely big for the physical damage to the staff. Therefore, many netizens are still very resistant to delayed retirement policies.

In the face of the problem of aging, my country's relevant departments have been constantly following, and policies on delaying retirement have been discussions and research. Many experts and scholars have also have a variety of suggestions. The experts of the Academy of Sciences recommended to use gradually delayed retirement, recommend men to retire for one year, while women are delayed every three years. .

The progressive retirement helps to mobilize the enthusiasm of the staff, and can also alleviate the population aging. Netizens have been delayed retirement, and hopes to get a definitive response from the Ministry of Human Social Society, and until November this year, the Ministry of Human and Social Security is officially announced to the next five years.

This program does not have any impact on 70 workers, and 70 workers don't have to generate anxiety, their retirement age is still implemented in accordance with previous years. The workers after 80 and 90 and afterwards will be affected.

In fact, the implementation of this policy is to adapt to the current changes in China. After all, the problem of population aging in my country is now very serious. With recent years, we can clearly see that there are more and more the number of older groups, so the reform of the retirement system is imperative. This reform will inevitably, it will inevitably require a step-by-step process. During this period, the relevant departments need to continue to teach new.

It has implemented nearly decades before my country, and in the course of these decades, it has indeed a very good performance. However, with the continuous development of the economic society, this system is completely unsuitable for now today's social situation, it must be changed. So even delayed retirements will be dissatisfied with the masses, but this is still the imperial reform, this policy will be fully promoted and implemented in the morning and evening.


A flexible policy can fully stimulate the vitality of the staff and can stimulate the vitality of social production. My government has always been a government-centered government, and the relevant departments have always been in the masses, rooting the people's life, considering the people, and contributing to the lives of ordinary people.