Anxious!5 provincial capitals, relax limit!

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Anxious!5 provincial capitals, relax limit!

2021-11-26 18:05:42 36 ℃

Author: non-fish


Since the second round of concentrated facilitators appeared in large-scale flow, the third round of supply, many cities were optimized in the released part of the publication.

Rough statistics, 17 cities that have already released an announcement have been optimized.

Shenzhen will compete in the competition, which is adjusted to "Sales Public Housing" by "Of the Year Self-held Rental Housing".

Suzhou reduced the auction requirements, down-regulating the proportion of margin, lowered from 50% of the two batches to all 30%. The first payment ratio is reduced from two batches to 50%; and the market guidance price of the land is canceled. Jinan's margin ratio average is also reduced by 50% to 35%

Chongqing is hidden into a shake number, and Wuhan streamlines the competition link after the price.

In addition, there are five provincial capitals, and the price of some blocks is released.

These five provincial capitals are the Guangdong Provincial Association Guangzhou, Fujian Province, Fuzhou, Sichuan Province, Chengdu, Zhejiang Province, Hangzhou, Jiangsu Province, Nanjing.

In Fuzhou, the upper and floating prices of new housing sales guidelines at the time of premium were increased from 0.1% to 0.3%, and the maximum upper release was raised from 1.5% to 4.5%.

In Chengdu, it increases its limited price level while reducing the starting price of 3 trend furnace plots.

Hangzhou, including 13 sectors such as Hangzhou, Xiaoshan Economic Development Zone, Canal New Town, etc., increased in 200 to 2000 yuan / square meter.

In Nanjing, the price of blank sales of 4 flots in Hexi is 44,40,000 yuan / square meter to 44,800 yuan / square meter, and the price limit of the blank of the southwestern G112 plot is more than 4.63 million yuan / square meter, ratio Early lower limit rose about 2,000 yuan / square meter.

In addition, the price limit of the blank sales of Gulou Binjiang, Jiangbei International Health City, Jiangning Binjiang and other places also appeared more than 400 yuan / square meter to 2000 yuan / square meter.

The above four provincial capitals have relaxed some of the sales limit of new homes, Guangzhou, and four provincial capitals in front, not relaxation, but completely released.

In the third round of the third round, Guangzhou Nansha, Huangpu no longer emphasizes the future purchase of housing defined sales prices.

That is, the new house built after this 7 sects is no longer limited.


Why do you want to relax price?

The reason has been opened to see the mountain, because the second round is concentrated, there is a large area of ​​flowing and withdrawal.

20 cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, etc. have been completed, with a total of 70 blocks, with 195 blocks, and the overall flow rate reached 31.8%.

Among them, Changsha, Beijing's flow rate exceeded 60%, Shenyang, Guangzhou, Hangzhou's flow rate (including termination, more than 50%. Chengdu, Fuzhou flow rate (including termination) also exceeded 30%.

Nanjing is relatively low, but it is also 22.5%.

The cause of this phenomenon is not complicated. Under the three-way red line and the real estate loan centralized management system, the financing of the housing and enterprises is difficult, the return, the developer, especially private housing enterprises, no money to play.

In addition, due to high land prices, new housing limit, plus all kinds of rules of rules, profits are slightly thin, and some are even unprofitable, so they don't want to take the land, not, but don't want to take the land, some It also retreats the first round of the first round, such as Hangzhou, Nanning has a return incident.

The private housing enterprise can't afford it, and I don't want to play. I have a low premium when I take the second round of shooting. Loss of state-owned enterprises, central enterprises and local citys, have a lot of blocks, otherwise data will be more ugly.

This problem brings to this large-scale stream, this number is also said many times in the previous article, there are two main:

First, after large-scale flow shooting, many cities can't complete the establishment of the year, the residential land is small, which will affect the supply of new houses in the next two years, and the price stability of the house price after the two years.

Second, the money bag affecting the local city.

In yesterday's article, this number has already listed the 瞠瞠 数据 数据. 10 months ago, 23 provinces and municipal autonomous regions sold in the province and municipal autonomous regions a decline in last year, of which Yunnan, Xinjiang, Hainan, Heilongjiang, etc. were more than 50%.

At present, sales revenue is an important source of fiscal revenue for most places. The revenue of selling is reduced, which will inevitably affect the operation of the city.

According to authoritative media reports, there are many places that have developed financial operations because of the decrease in revenue.

To solve these two questions, you must sell more. Therefore, in order to mobilize the enthusiasm of the housing enterprise, in the announcement of the third round, half of the city reducing the threshold, Guangzhou, Fuzhou, Chengdu, Hangzhou and Nanjing relaxed the sales limit price.

The purpose of relaxation price is to improve the profits of housing enterprises. But what is the effect to the house? From Shenzhen, Nanjing has been completed, the effect is not ideal.


Yesterday, the third round of the third round of Shenzhen was sold all sold, 0 flow rate. Compared with the second round of shooting, it looks like it is.

But 11 plots, 5 were taken away by Shenzhen Metro, deep industry + Yantian Handan Union took 1, deep property took 1, deep industry took 1 Rongyuan, the Star River took 1.

That is to say, 11 local land, the private enterprises took only 2 pieces, and the state-owned enterprises took 9 pieces, accounting for 81.82%. On the second round, 21 places sold at the ground, 17 pieces were taken by the industrial enterprises, accounting for 80.95%. The state-owned enterprises are more serious, and the proportion of private enterprises will further shrink, most people are still choosing to lie. Vanke did not shoot in the second round of Shenzhen, this time did not shoot.

In addition, the average premium rate in Shenzhen was 4.7% yesterday, and the premium rate of the first round of Shenzhen is 31%, the overall premium rate of the second round is 8.7%, and the premium rate continues to decline.

In Nanjing, the situation is more poor than the second round, more cold.

When Nanjing second round, the original 53 local land, 11 plots were terminated, 1 flow shot, 25 reserve transactions, 16 premium transactions, the flow rate was 22.5% (including termination).

The third round of Nanjing was originally 61, and the three days ago suddenly terminated 15 places. No reason, the market guess may be no room company quotation, after all, these 15 terminated plots, basically focused on remote suburbs.

Yesterday participated in the 46th land of the auction, 1 passage. That is to say, the third round is supplied, and Nanjing's flow rate (including termination allowed) is 26.2%, which is higher than the flow rate of the second round.

The third round of the Nanjing third round is only 2%, while the first round is 18.15%, the second round is 4.43%, which is also continued to decline.

In addition, Nanjing's first row of soil has more than 100 households. There are about 50 participation in the second batch, and this round is only about 25 households to participate in registration. The average number of registration units per ground is only about 3.

Moreover, state-owned enterprises are still in the bottom. According to daily economic news, the phenomenon of local state-owned enterprises is more prominent. Such as the residential, deep industry, Jiangning Chengjian, Liuhe national enterprises and other local enterprises have become the main force of the Nanjing soil.


This, it can be seen that the threshold and relax limit are reduced, and there is no improvement, and there is no enthusiasm of the private housing enterprise.

The root cause of the effect is not satisfactory is that the privacy house is not solved and does not want to play. That is, the problem of tension in private housing enterprises is not solved, and the profit of the housing enterprises is also unresolved.

Since November, the financing environment of housing companies has been relaxed. According to the data disclosed in China Securities, as of November 23, 2021, the total financing of real estate enterprises was 61.75 billion yuan, an increase of 69.2% over October.

However, the principal bond is mainly central enterprises and state-owned enterprises, and private housing enterprises have still been embarrassed. The private housing enterprise is still exhausted for the debt, and it is still worried about the money, and even if there is a good cash flow, there is no high-profile announcement to wear the clothes.

In addition, relaxation price has not reached the effect of increasing the profit.

This number believes that to mobilize the enthusiasm of the private housing enterprises, on the one hand, it should be appropriately given private housing enterprises to increase financing channels.

On the other hand, it is appropriate to reduce the price and truly improve the profit margin of private housing enterprises.

The benefits of landing price, this number has been analyzed many times in the previous article, summing up three sentences:

First, improve the profit margin of the housing and enterprises, mobilize the enthusiasm of the house, and press the flow rate.

Second, lower the loss of local government land financial losses.

Third, complete the goal of stabilizing stable, stable housing prices, and stabilizing expectations.