Dismembers "European Huawei" grabbing the meaning but fires, Liu Chuanzhi idol, the United States, the United States, the United States

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Dismembers "European Huawei" grabbing the meaning but fires, Liu Chuanzhi idol, the United States, the United States, the United States

2021-11-26 18:07:42 38 ℃

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Jack Welch, known as "the world's first CEO", has been done for only more than a year. He once helped the 20-year commercial giant General electrical to declare.

At the beginning of this month, General Electric GE announced that "one divided into three" restructuring is three listed companies, focusing on aviation, medical health and energy, and splitting will be completed in 2023 to 2024.

In this regard, some scholars believe that "the glory of the United States for more than a multi-century manufacturing and enterprise management culture lighthouse will not exist", more media live: "Goodbye, general electricity!"

Such conditions, compare the highlights of universal electrical light, more looks more. It is to know that universal electrical is considered to be the core of the US manufacturing industry, whether it is a boiler, or a power plant, or aircraft, ship, etc., so that the missile system, radar radio, medical equipment, etc. The electricity is opened.

Through Welch for 20 years of helm, General Electric is more ushered in the most brilliant development phase. With a large number of acquisitions and sale, General Electric develops from a industrial "giant" to the world's largest diversified service multinational company, sales from Welch's early 25 billion US dollars to 2001 retirement $ 130 billion, an increase of 5 times.

At the same time, the general electric market value has also increased from 14 billion US dollars to $ 410 billion, and the stock returns is 5,200%, which is twice the S & P 500 index. For this reason, when retiring from General Electric, Jack Welch won the "most respected CEO", "World First CEO", "The American Contemporary Entrepreneur". "

Successfully manage General Electric, Welchi is the world, many Chinese entrepreneurs are their fans. According to media reports, Liu Chuanzhi once said that his most admired CEO is Wellch, he has taken a question to find Wellch asked in the United States, can't blame it.

It is worth mentioning that although Welch creates a high-glory of the universal electrical electricity, he is a record of 417 million US dollars in a record of 417 million US dollars when he is in the suggestion. Since then, universal electrical still has not stopped to pay for him, from official aircraft to a country club member, "even a newspaper".

In the face of questioning, Welch's direct response: "I value this price."

The general electrical electricity is to pay the Welch industry, the financial mix camp, further expand the scope and scale of the financial business, more and more out of the residential industry.

What is crazy? There is a saying that if GE finance is peeled off separately, it will be slightly smaller than Morgan Stanley's seventh bank.

Playing financial resources "market" is more expanded, but there is no shortage to push the market value, fake and fake financial statements, etc. "Tattle", step by step to deepen its vulnerability. In 2008, the subprime mortgage financial crisis broke out, GE finance suffered heavy, universal electrical wounded, showed a shortage of phenomena.

If you say that financial play is broken, General Electric is "foundation" as a manufacturing giant, then, in the same year, he missed "French Huawei" anti- to bury the hidden dangers for yourself, greatly accelerated the company's decline.

The so-called "French Huawei", the French Alstom, in the Water & Electricity World First, the world's first, the environmental control system is also the world's first, super high-speed train and high-speed train or the world's first, can Calling the "Industrial Pearl" in France, but because of the market of universal electricity, universal electricity and the United States join hands to hunt.

In 2013, the four executives of Alstom were "kidnapped", with a variety of extreme pressure-pressed methods, forceding the Van, more than $ 772 million in huge fines. In the second year, Alston had to sign a confession agreement, followed by this "industrial pear" was dismantled, and the power business was universally invested in the sac.

Universal Electric Eats Alstom's power business, soaring the number of large turbines of the coal-fired power plant, it seems to laugh at the end, but with the Paris Climate Conference through the "Paris Agreement", develop cleaning energy into global action, natural gas And the coal-fired power market was deeply imposed, and the M & A of Alstom became "hot sagregation".

In 2019, "Wealth" was announced in the year of the United States, and General Electric became "the most deficient" company. The media blunt: "Drag is dragged down by the power business, universal electricity has become the company with the largest loss, with a loss of over $ 22.355 billion."

Who can think of the enthusiasm of the "French Huawei", dismald the biggest competitor of this power generation, but it creates a sharp "dissecting knife".

For this "ending", netizen commentary: "" With the poisonous apples do it, the ultimately poisoned himself. "

Of course, General Electric goes to the field floor, not just to make foams with financial, M & A business to "thunder", not only the management strategy of Welch and its successor in the new era, Also because it has failed to seize the software, consumer electronics and the Internet these new elaborations. "

History "baggage" is more heavy, and there is no "weapon" winning the future. How many "angry" can be used for universal electricity?


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