Honey Snow Ice City: Why can street shop be a new pet?

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Honey Snow Ice City: Why can street shop be a new pet?

2021-11-27 12:03:02 40 ℃

Author: Wang Hui

"You love me, I love you, honey snow ice city sweet ..."

This is a sentence of self-contained voice, I believe that many people will be singing autonomous. This magic lyrics, brainwashed draft from the Honey Snow Ice City.

And tea, first-line brand like tea, Nai Xue compared to, the honey snow ice city may be a bit uns, but the argumentation and sound, this is not necessarily compared to my predecessor. With a rapid store expansion and surprising marketing, Honey Snow Ice City has laid his own mark in the hearts in the hearts in recent years.

Recently November 22nd, it is the birthday of the Snow Ice City Signature IP "Snow King". So a good day, Xue Wang will play a point of sound.

Honey Snow Ice City Snow King's birthday

What is the idea behind?

The birthday of Xuewang, must be hot and hot. Sure enough, the Snow King in the birthday invited his friends, including white elephant, sea fishing, Konka, beautiful, ink, etc., etc. Fans forward Weibo have the opportunity to get so many combination of joint gift packages.

As a partner of the takeaway, Xue Wang is also hungry, US group, has made a specific drink discount, and a green hill plan for the US group environmental protection.

In addition, it is more particularly that Xue Wang is also in-service, and has its own employee card.

On the same day, I visited Huawei's office area. I went around to melt, and I need to eat long life to restore the vitality, and then there is a model to start a meeting.

As a visitor of a brand marketing, I think this wave operation in the ice city is a bit, and the idea behind it may be like this.

Borrowing birthdays to strengthen the IP image.

Snow King is the facade of honey snow, letting this IP really stand up, let the public remember and love, one of the best ways is to make people do what people will do.

Outside life, the most doing the most doing the most, of course, at least 8 hours a day. So the King of Xue Wang was going to work in the birthday, which was to let it move like everyone, thus integrating into the public's life. In the road to Snow King, the melting thing is not working hard and tired.

In addition, it is important to take advantage of this big brand, which should have an important consideration.

Since 2017, China has established cloud computing departments, Huawei cloud progress, 2020 global IAAS market rankings to the top two in China, the top five in the world, become one of the world's five clouds.

This linkage in Honey Snow Ice City and Huawei may be an exploration of a marketing. Because Huawei Yun has released a Wohua Yuncheng plan this year, it is necessary to invest $ 100 million to support partners, including marketing support.

Branding point of Honey Snow Ice City

Unique marketing of grounding

In recent years, Honey Snow Ice City has become a brand of "flammable and explosive". In addition to the nearest brush show, Honey Snow Ice City also planned a variety of popular network marketing actions.

"Looking for the shouting of 麦 小" video in the shake system, created "big gold chain small watch, the honey snow ice city is good" "If there is a good day, the sky is old, shake the milkshake can't be less" Single short video with a maximum of hundreds of thousands.

Pushing the Honey Snowfark Bag Festival with "Fu Bag + Blind Box", buy five blessings can smash the bag, put the milk tea earrings, step on the small people's socks, etc. .

In the honey snow shop, "520 couple certificates", triggering customers to be curious, thus rapidly spread online, becoming new operations of young couples.

The excellent marketing movements of the Honey Snow Ice City can be clearly seen that these places may be a brand breaking point that honey snow can continue to focus.

First is grounding

Divine music "Honey Snow Ice City Sweet Honey" has the brain-based characteristics of "Small Unit Repeat", the melody is also a wide audience; the golden sentence of shouting Mai Xiaogie is also carefully written as a rhyme, earthquistence; blessing bag and gifts It is a popular commodity of a downtown; and the couple's card, you cater to the needs of the green men and women in love.

This kind of grounding gas is not seen in the first-line tea brands of the beautiful tea Nai Xue. The common marketing materials of the tea and Nai Xue show the exquisite stores, beautiful little sisters, mainly reflecting the quality of life.

The second is the foundation of the store.

The tea, Nai Xue, etc. are all direct stores, and the number of national stores is 400-600. The Honey Snow Ice City has helped the promotion, and the national store has been over 10,000. This large store has become a marketing of honey snow.

Wang Weilong, the marketing tray of Honey Snow Ice City, said that brainwashing demon is not going to be popular at the beginning, but in "a year and a half, in all stores, play hundreds of thousands of times", this has accumulated tens of thousands of audiences Only there is a concentrated outbreak on the back online.

Throughout the domestic new tea and drink brands, it can operate so, almost only honey snow.

The third is to continue to improve.

In 2018, Honey Snow Ice City and marketing consulting firm cooperated with Hua and China to learn "continuous improvement". That is to say, every activity is trying to reach the best results, and in detail, continue to improve in the next execution.

The explosive activities of honey snow are all products that implement ideas.

For example, 520 couples, when the first year is printed, there are more than 100 store tests, some people feedback "this thing, I don't want to give me"; the second year, the honey snow hangs out in all stores, many customers start Take the initiative to have a couple; in the third year, the couple will first in the QQ space, then in the shake, friends circle screen, many store couples have been in advance. A event, silently do three years, slowly improve the or even the color, this approach is rare in the entire tea industry.


What is the success path of the honey snow?

From an inconspicuous street shop, the new show, the new show, the success of the Snow Ice City, mainly to seize several points.

The first is the price.

The average price of the honey snow ice city is basically around 6 or 7 yuan, and the average price of the low-end in the middle and low ends is 12 yuan, not to mention the tea, Nai Xue, a cup of nearly 30 yuan high-end pricing .

Tea products are actually difficult to reflect differentiation, so when the price of honey snow is low to a certain extent, the attraction of the public came out. After all, it is always possible to spend a few more people. I have found that it is not bad, perhaps become a frequent visitor.

There is also a quality outside of low prices.

In most people's eyes, low-cost represents low quality. And in the honey snow city, it solves this contradiction very well.

Honey Snow Ice City builds a solid beverage protocom factory to ensure the food safety of the core raw materials, the founder of the snow, Zhang Hongchao, also personally tastes each batch of finished products to ensure that the quality is completely reliable. In addition, honey snow has its own warehousing logistics center. In this way, the cost is going, but the quality can remain stable, then the cost price is coming out.

The store of Honey Snow Ice City is also an important factor in its success.

Honey is a certain obsession for the expansion of the store, because the company "eats losses" in the expansion of the store. During 2012 to 2015, the Snow Ice City slowed down the speed of the store because it was busy building a core factory. As a result, many good stores were grabbed by the southern tea brands and other books.

Maximum stores of honey, first aggregate overlines. The store is not only a store, or a banker of the snow; the customer is not only to buy a drink, or the first audience of the offline activities, the basis for online communication.

In addition, multi-store represents multiple employees, employees are also an important part of marketing activities. The evaluation criteria for the Marketing Ice City is that your employees are willing to participate. In fact, in the marketing activities of many fires in honey, there are less active participation and assistance of employees.


In fact, the marketing ability of honey snow began to show in recent years. Prior to this, the honey snow seems to be just a deep tillage silently in the city.

This accumulation process is very long and can be traced back to 1997. At that time, Zhang Hongchao, the founder of Honey Snow Ice City, started his sweet career in the university period.

After 24 years, Honey Snow Ice City has become a force that cannot be ignored in China. At the internal communication meeting of September this year, the relevant personnel of Honey Snow Ice City said that the number of domestic stores has exceeded 15,000 households, and now it is likely to exceed 20,000 stores.

The capital market has recently given a new valuation of the ice city, and it has reached 60 billion yuan. The listing of the Honey Snow Ice City is also in full swing.

However, this does not mean that the Snow Ice City has been successful. After all, tea is a homogeneous industry, and the products between peers cannot make absolute differentiation. So everyone is speech, more of the low cost and good marketing.

In both aspects, Honey Snow Ice is need to continue to prove yourself.