"The influence of intelligence building and promoting financial journals" is successfully held

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"The influence of intelligence building and promoting financial journals" is successfully held

2021-11-27 12:03:32 43 ℃

On the afternoon of November 24th, the "Tsinghua Financial Review" has been successfully held by the online closed door seminar on the theme of "Improvement of Improvisory Financial Journals in Wisdom Construction". The seminar is an important part of the "Double High" program project "Double High" program project in Tsinghua University. At the seminar, Liu Xiaoling, Secretary-General of the Chinese Journal Association, delivered a speech; China Financial Press Co., Ltd. Party Committee Secretary, Chairman, "China Finance", China Finance, China Academy of Sciences Science and Technology Strategic Consultation Research Institute Information Network and Communication Center Director, Researcher Zhu Tao, " Chinese Academic Journal (CD version) "Deputy General Manager of Electronic Magazine Co., Ltd. Zhang Wei, deputy chief of the National Financial Research Institute of Tsinghua University, and Zhang Wei, deputy editor of the Tsinghua Financial Review. . The seminar was hosted by the Assistant General Manager of Tsinghua Financial Review.

Liu Xiaoling, Secretary-General of the Chinese Journal Association, delivered a speech. She has made recommendations for the development of the media-type learning from the perspective of strategic development. Liu Xiaoling mentioned that the "Tsinghua Financial Review" held this seminar is carried out in the context of the 19th National Plenary Session, and is profound and strong. The intelligence role is pushed, and it is an important part of the country's soft power, and the national strategy of high quality service. The media-type think library is still in our start-exploration phase, and there is a shortage and problem in development. She suggested that the role of the media-type learning, need to pay attention to the construction of the media intelligence development, attach importance to the development of specialization and differentiation, attach importance to the development of talents, and pay attention to the media advantage and highlight the advantages, and pay attention to digitization in the media type learning Applications. At the same time, she pointed out that the financial intellectual period should adhere to all from the actual departure, the decision-making layer, the management and the social public answer "the era"; to implement the new development concept, strengthen the impact of high-end, lead the public awareness, and ensure the influence of media intelligence Continuously improvement; to locate media transition from higher levels, accelerate the construction of international communication capacity of "media type think".

Photo | Liu Xiaoling speech

Party Secretary, Chairman, Chairman, "China Finance" of China Finance Publishing Co., Ltd., issued a speech with the theme of "Influence Financial Journals Influence", which expounds the "China Finance" through innovative assistance. "China Finance" magazine (half monthly) was founded in 1950. It is the earliest financial publication since the founding of the People's Republic of China. After more than 70 years of hard work, "China Finance" has become a strong authority, policy Guided publications are the benchmarks of the financial journal. Jiang Wanjin introduced some important columns, topics, and "China Finance", "China Finance", focusing on the "China Finance" in recent years. He pointed out that innovation is an eternal theme. It is the driving force for financial journals. The future "China Finance" will continue to adhere to the times, long time is successful, keeping the innovation, playing the financial mainstream media to help my country's financial industry The role of high quality development.

Figure | Jiang Wanjin issued a speech

Director of the Information Network and Communication Center of the Science and Technology Strategic Consultation Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Zhu Tao, awarded the "Journal in Promoting the Significance and Value of Science and Technology" in the Development of Intelligences, and expounds the Science and Technology Strategic Consultation Research Institute to promote the scientific development of intelligence in the journal Aspects of construction, and introduce the selection principles of the Zhiku Journal. She said that the current domestic and foreign scientific development is in the critical stage of starting, the Science and Technology Strategic Advisory Research Institute constructs a wiskin journal group in the study of the two screw method to find the study of the study of the study of the study of the study of the study of the study of the academic community, and promoted the scientific development of the intelligence. This work has a "root" research in the study of the study of the study of the study of the study of the study of the study of the study of the study of the study of the study, and the soil of scientific development of the scientific development of the intelligent study, providing an opportunity, direction and carrier for academic scholars. She refers to the external cycle process of "resolving problems - the fusion research - reduction problem", and two mutually fitted, cyclical iterations of the MIS process fusion method and MIPS logic level.

Figure | Zhu Tao delivered a speech

"China Academic Journal (CD version)" E-magazine Deputy General Manager, Deputy Chief Editor-in-Chief] The title of "Journal Policies Influence Evaluation", mainly introduces the comprehensive evaluation of the influence of journals in China's knowledge network evaluation center method. He pointed out that the journal is an important carrier for policies research results. Many journals are positioned to serve the government's decision-making, which helps to improve the Chinese characteristic decision-making system, enhance the policy research level, which helps to fully reveal the influence of journals, and promote The quality of the publication is improved. The influence of journal policy can be evaluated from the three aspects of policy research power, policy and policies, and policy influence. He mentioned that China's knowledge network has a long-term statistical analysis and quantitative evaluation of China's academic journals, and has made a lot of constructive exploration in the evaluation of the influence of journals, especially the policy influence evaluation of journals, forming a set of innovative Journal Influential Factor Index System.

Figure | Xiao Hong delivered a speech

Looking at the Vice President of the Wisdom Research Institute, Director Nie Ou, director of the Financial Research Center, issued a speech with the theme of "Exploring the High Quality Development of Media Tank", introduces the development experience of the watchwise. Looking at the Wisdom is a national high-end wisk, which is established, based on the national policy research, which is established. Nie Oi said that the lookout wisdom of the media institution is both a media-type learning, and a Zhicular media, which has undertaken a part of the important functions of the Xinhua News Agency, and has formed a strong reputation and influence in society. Nieo analyzed that the watchdow's wisdom can achieve these achievements, on the one hand, because most of the staff of the watchwind library will pick up the Xinhua News Agency, practical and strong news sensitivity, good at efficient, accurate acquisition information, and build Problem research frameworks from the relative concerns of government and market; on the other hand, because the lookout wiskin is under the guidance of the superior sector, it is constantly explored a large platform development model suitable for the needs of the political and educational research. Figure | Nie Ou issue speech

Zhang Wei, a member of the Party Committee, Associate Researcher, Tsinghua University National Financial Research Institute, Tsinghua University, and the deputy director of the National Financial Research Institute of Tsinghua University, and the title of "Exploration and Practice of the Transformation of Academic Journals for Smart Media". . He mentioned that since its establishment, the "Tsinghua Financial Review" has always adhered to the rumors of financial policies, leading the initial mission of financial practice, constantly exploring the practice, gradually building the "Tsinghua Financial Review" into a focus on economic financial policy interpretation and construction Wisdom type full media platform. Zhang Wei pointed out that practical experience suggests that academic journals have the inherent need, basic conditions and natural advantages of transformation and upgrading into intelligent media. Currently, complex domestic and foreign economic financial situation provides a broad space for financial intelligence. At the same time, he said that the new challenges and opportunities have brought new challenges and opportunities to the journal industry, and the paper texture is developed into a full media platform, which will also become an inevitable choice for the future development of the period.

Figure | Zhang Wei sent a speech

In the interactive communication link, "International Finance" "International Finance Research" "Agricultural Development and Finance" "Financial Forum" "Modern Financial Guide" "China Foreign Exchange" "Southern Finance" "Contemporary Finance" "China Banking" Journal of Changchun Financial College "Hebei Finance" "Financial Theory Exploration" "Financial Theory and Practice" "New Finance" "Wuhan Finance" "Financial and Economics Research" and Tsinghua University Press, etc. The person in charge introduces the status quo, development characteristics of the respective journals, and the thinking and exploration of these journals in the direction of intelral construction. In the discussion, "the next step of the financial journal should adhere to the guidance of the king, adhere to the strategy of multi-party cooperation, adhere to the idea of ​​media integration", "should follow the academic frontier, improve the quality of the articles, and expand the influence "Next Customs", "should continue to develop, realize the expert library from mechanism innovation, the expert library is a wisk", and the "evaluation system of the intelligent construction construction of academic journals". In exchange, everyone has benefited a lot from this seminar, I hope that there will be more opportunities to learn and exchange in the future, and join hands with continuous improvement of journals.

Figure | Seminar Cloud (some guests)

The "Tsinghua Financial Review" has been continuously held in the "Journal Influence Enhancement" theme seminar. The three sessions respectively explore the influence of journal policies, the influence of journals and the intersection of intelligence construction will help improve journals. I hope to investigate the market development status by organizing the seminar, listen to experts' opinions and suggestions, learn advanced experience, strengthen the construction of "media type learning", and promote the development of "smart media", combined with the actual situation and practice of "Tsinghua Financial Review" Exploration, find financial journals in the feasible path of influence improvement, and also provide useful reference for the development of similar journals.

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