"Digital currency" can make money?Linhai men lose more than 10,000 yuan

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"Digital currency" can make money?Linhai men lose more than 10,000 yuan

2021-11-27 12:03:25 35 ℃

On November 19th, Mr. Zhu, Zhuhai, rushed to the police station, saying that he was "stock" to be deceived 18220.65 yuan.

From the beginning of November, Mr. Zhu is a small video on the advertisement in the video, inadvertently brushing a small video of a stock advertisement.

Then, he was pulled into a QQ group (old Chen) - the winning group of the championship, followed by other people in the group, watching a live courses every day, listening to the "teacher" to analyze stocks and digital currencies. Listening, he couldn't hold it, and started to buy a digital currency based on the "teacher". At first, he purchased a digital currency in accordance with the "Teacher" of the live broadcast, quickly profitable and cash withdrawal. When he increased investment, the platform showed that the audit was not passed, and the other party did not respond. He realized that this is a scam.

In fact, such a scam


case analysis:

The second step, the teacher debut!

The third step, the flowers take the wood!

Fourth step, fame and fortune

The fifth step, throw a bait

The sixth step, care for

In the seventh step, you can't prevent it.


The eighth step, I suddenly realized

The scene behind this scam is actually a 35-year-old woman who has served as Miss Frontier.

Police reminder

Preventing network investment financial fraud and we should do the following:

1, don't be temporary high interest rate to confuse your eyes. Investment in ultra-high income should be highly alert, do not believe that "buying and selling" only to earn, avoid falling into the network investment financial fraud trap.

2, do not blindly believe in online investment and financial advertising. The high-income, low threshold, and risk-free investment channels are often fabricated. The ultimate goal is to invest in the illegal wealth management platform, phishing websites, and induce victims.

3, do not join the "investment group" of strangers. Don't believe in the so-called "financial master", don't believe in the "profit map" sent by strangers, don't register "investment members" from the way to the network platform.

4, don't transfer money to a strange personal account. Multi-party verification is legal regular when investing in the platform. Once the fraud is encountered, the credentials when the remittance or transfer is saved and immediately alarm.

Thousands of liar

Seven characters must be kept in mind