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What is gardener leader?| 21 reading

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Speaking of "General", many of us will still come quickly from the mind that a man waving the sword in white horse, led the army to enter the battlefield.

This picture shows the relationship between classic "leaders" and "followers".

21 reading

Figure / insect

Nannell Koli Lan once served by the Wellsley College and Duke University, she led a university to lead a fleet, in her opinion, "leaders determine or clarify the target for the group, and concentrate in groups Each member's energy is implemented. "

Sometimes, the leader is often described as "like a command band" to direct a network. It is the initial meaning to find which instrument is suitable for playing, thinking about how to organize different music organizations.

In terms of networking world, it is especially important to become a gardener leader.


What is gardener leader

Figure / insect

Stanley Macristel has proposed the concept and characteristics of "gardener leaders", gardener leaders do not command, but "to create a environment that can grow up to thrive. At the same time, be prepared in advance, careful maintenance, Let plants can grow in the same time. "

It is important to sow, but careful maintenance, field management allows leaders more efficient.

George Shurtz has served as the Minister of Labor, the Minister of Finance and Secretary of State. He also used similar metaphors to describe the work of the Chief Diplomat of the country.

He wrote that efforts to cultivate and continuous maintenance relations is one of the "most underestimated" in diplomatic work. He has been speaking at the New Seminar. The students were deeply attracted by him. He told how to deal with other countries, how to help them develop, how to develop to block communication channels or destroy Trust the weeds before trust. A few years later, he said in an interview at the diplomatic relations committee, "preventing the weeds exceeded control, is constantly handling them early."

Another idea of ​​leaders into gardener from the UK successful venture home Stepheni Snow Jazz, she talked about her own way of "cultivating and maintaining" its own business. She always allows employees to have flexible, family-based timetable. When she needs to take care of her teenage son with autism, she also benefits.

"The truth is, no me, they do it very well, this may make me lose. So, this is when you build an organization, you have to do a good psychological preparation: It is not only me," Xueli When I said with the National Public Radio Station, "When I manage the enterprise, I will want to become a gorge. I will grow up, but also grow up, I not only develop my company. And four charities have been established, and they are currently running independently. "

Barclai Bank's vice-director Barbara Bourne is a veteran of a female elite small circle of financial sectors. She thinks that she is the biggest satisfaction in her work. "I invest and cultivate talents like spending. It is a blooming flower.


How to get gardener leaders apply to the network era

For women, understanding leadership is particularly easy, because traditionally, women are responsible for nourishing children, which is a metaphor in agriculture. But many smart men do this.

This kind of leadership is ideal for alliances and networks, which relies on the commandments and bonuses, but also relying on trust and commitment to the common mission.

Chesbroufu's famous research on how to organize and manage the innovative network is to focus on establishing trust.

A leader responsible for the provisioning and management of organizations to open innovation networks must strive to maintain and continue to deepen their relationships with external: "Continuous interaction has given a trust in the network."

The skills required to cultivate effective network leaders include commission and authorization, solve trouble and handling conflicts, set and strengthen the boundaries.

Entrusted and authorization are cultivation in the process of cultivation: sharing responsibility and power, encouraging others to develop, and create conditions to help them succeed.

Solving troubles and handling conflicts is weeding: found them before the problem, ensuring troubles can be effectively managed and resolved during happening.

Finally, as any parent and manager know, create a trust and self-reliance environment requires setting and strengthen the boundary. Clear definitions of behavioral norms, ethical culture, and acceptable and unacceptable behaviors form a safe space, excluding unmodified behavior.


Gardener leader's assistant

Fine cultivation, it may be difficult to do in a huge network. In this case, it is important to establish trust in a small group of leaders responsible for the rest of the network.

Charity Jia Jiefri Walker studied how to establish a collaboration, he emphasized the importance of honesty, just agency / group, they can "get people to find people in a fundamental group. Contact ".

However, there is not enough to have an intermediary. Leaders also need "a small group of objectives", they can provide "collaborative binders" for the entire network.

In practice, they need to "convene meetings, share knowledge, aggregate resources, track results, and let all relevant parties are responsible for their commitments until achieving common goals." If the intermediaries are seed seeds in the ground, the members of this group will weaken and maintain the irrigation program. An example of such a group is the "Service Transfer Group" of the Prime Minister of the British Prime Minister, which was founded in 2001 to ensure the public service reform tasks proposed by the government departments. The team is headed by Jazz, Michael, is responsible for assisting the development of goals, responsibaby to achieve goals, and develop and share problems. At the same time, it has also established a "trust relationship" between the competent government departments.

Design of Service Transfer Group is based on the British situation, but has been adopted by several countries and around the world.

Gardener leaders may be the largest difference between the network world and the world of chessboard.

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