A big message brush!WeChat and payment are halapted, 乞丐 and small vendors cry ...

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A big message brush!WeChat and payment are halapted, 乞丐 and small vendors cry ...

2021-11-27 18:03:25 72 ℃

Author: Feng Liyi


In these few days, I believe many people were brushed by a message about the payment code. In fact, strictly tells this news, because things happen to last month, but these two days have been reported by many media.

On October 23, the People's Bank of China issued the "Notice of the People 's Bank of China on Strengthening Payment Acceptance Terminals and related business management". The "Notice" is specified for the use of personal receiving barcodes, requiring effectively distinguishing the scene and use of personal and special merchants to use the collection bar code. For individuals with obvious business activities, they must not pass personal receivables. .

At the same time, the central bank requested barcode payment receiving service agencies to take effective measures to prohibit personal static receiving barcodes for remote non-face collection. "Notice" is implemented from March 1, 2022.

What does it mean? Open your Alipay or WeChat, there is a personal collection code. The use of this collection code is used for personal collection, and a practical example.

For example, once I was registered in a hospital. As a result, the hospital only accepted cash or bank swipe. I didn't have the two things, so I had a person who registered, borrowed 100 yuan, and then opened the payment code. I swept it down, this is over.

If there is no payment code, I will add friends to him to turn money, more troublesome than directly scan code. This notice is not limited to this function. Face-to-face, the collection code on the phone on the phone, can be paid.

So, what is the function of personal collection code this time? Or use my personal experience to talk to everyone.

The place where my family is downstairs, there is a couple of old couples that have a roadside mobile stall to do tofu brain. The two old people were actually a big age, but they still insisted on doing this little business outside, and had to admire the Chinese people's hard work.

How to collect money, they are not used by mobile phones, and now people are basically without cash, so they have to print the collection code in advance, there are WeChat, and Alipay. I asked them who this collections is, saying is their son.

Telling true, I am also a bit worried that their son does not give them the money to sell tofu. Look at the old couple so hard, so I have to prepare some cash every time.

The intention of this notice is to distinguish the payment of personal collection codes and operating nature, then personal collection is not to operate. In other words, according to the new regulations, the best way to print the two-dimensional code before selling the tofu brain, unless they learn to operate the phone, keep the payment code can be used. However, frequent small equivalents may also be marked into people with obvious business activities, and the last big probability is not.

I haven't been to eat tofu, or I hope that the old couple will go home to support the year, don't come out, do this kind of little business that doesn't make money - don't use it, can't pay for money.

In addition to these small traders can no longer use the personal collection code to collect the money, another affected population, it is estimated that everyone can think of it.

The blessing of the city tube is now rare, but not completely. There is a downtown area near my house, and occasionally I can see the elderly who are begging in the ground. Sometimes they look too bad, I also want to give money, or have no cash on my body.

The times were changing, but they had to change, and they also started to print the money in advance, although I feel strange, but I will basically sweep a few dollars to give them.

This is notified that after March 1 next year, the big probability will lose this receiving channel. And now everyone does not bring cash, 乞丐 this ancient occupation, maybe it will completely disappear.

Of course, the central bank still does not dedicate for hawkers and 乞丐 selling tofu brain. The current news is that individuals can apply for the collection code to change to business uses, and the standard relevant departments of the change are still studying.

For example, the elderly son selling tofu brain, you can go to the application for business collection, and manage it according to special merchants. Whether the small-scale operation should be taxed or not, it can be determined that 乞丐 should not be able to apply for this business.


What is the risk hazards of the central bank to standardize? I seriously studied the notice and summarized the following two points.

First, fight underground gambling. The central bank said that there are some criminals to use the "running platform" to attract a large number of people with a high-income barcode to use the personal static receiving barcode and the gambler "point-to-point" online remote transfer gambling, and the gambling is hidden in many normal trading scenes.

My understanding is that this should refer to those who engage in underground casinos. Since the underground casino is definitely inevitable, it can prevent gambling flow after blocking this vulnerability.

Second, protect consumer rights. The relevant person in charge of the central bank said the "Notice" generally helps to better protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, and help the lawless elements through the transformation of payment accepting terminals, apply for false merchants and other means to steal personal information, and even steal account funds. It is conducive to enhancing the quality of services such as banks, payment agencies, transaction information inquiry, and fully guarantee consumers' right to know, reduce relevant disputes and complaints;

In the long run, the "Notice" on standardizing individual collection codes will further enhance the quality of orders for personal operators and small micro commercial households. Regarding the prevention of false merchants from picking up the consumer personal information stealing account funds, I haven't seen WeChat and Alipay have broken down the money to turn money. Perhaps there is such a thing, but there is no big report. Anyway, protecting personal information is a thing conducive to the development of the Internet, then when this risk is really existed, it is necessary to strengthen prevention.

But in the improvement of "receipt quality", I am a bit confusing. Sweeping code pays so simple action, how can I improve the quality of "receipt service"? Improved into the risks of information exposure, it is difficult to improve into sound control, and then shouted "pay", pay the money? In short, I didn't understand it, I can only wait for "long-term watch".

Regarding the management of special merchants, I also glanced at it. It is indeed a focus on some wrongful acts. Of course, it is more important to the risk that the special merchants may happen.

The behavior of achieving a risk of one level is:

1. Malicious destination; 2. Bankruptcy or suspension merchants (maliciously closed); 3. Forced transactions; 4. Cutting machine; 5. Set.

The behavior of reaching the secondary risk is:

1. Frequently changed service institutions; 2. Associate merchants involved in the insurance; 10. Cross-border payment of false, stealing or counterfeit use;

These behaviors are of course not coherent with the vast majority of merchants. However, even begging, they are all tired of people with these behaviors, resulting in causing the printed QR code.

The fate of the liar and the hawker, and the fate of the big factory has happened at this moment. This is fully proven, although human sorrow is not connected, but the fate of human beings is always connected.