The Ying Ying industry has narrowed in the year, and the balance of profit and loss is in the future of the Alibimin industry.

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The Ying Ying industry has narrowed in the year, and the balance of profit and loss is in the future of the Alibimin industry.

2021-11-27 18:02:27 40 ℃

According to the Fin Federation, Ali Xiangyai recently disclosed that the year-end year performance report, the 6-month income ended on September 30, 2021, increased by 47% year-on-year, the loss was over 60% year-on-year, close to the balance of profit and loss. The Ali Xiangyai explained that this aspect benefited from the good control of the domestic epidemic to gradually recovery the film industry; on the other hand, relying on the company IP and content reserves, IP derivatives and commercialization have increased year-on-year.

The announcement shows that during the reporting period, the company has achieved approximately RMB 1.958 billion, and the same period of 2020 is 927 million yuan, an increase of 47% year-on-year; the operating loss has narrowed significantly from 196 million yuan to 0.76 billion yuan, and the loss is over 60% year-on-year. . Thanks to the diversification and operational efficiency of the business structure, the adjustment EBITA is about 0.05 billion yuan, which is close to the balance.

Ali Ying Industry said will continue to depth layout, improve the content production capacity of multi-categories such as movies and episodes; expand the scope of technology platform services; explore multiple business forms of IP derivatives and commercialization; depth with Alibaba Collaborate, promote industrial ecological cooperation, give full play to the potential of technology.

2021/22 Under the next half of the year, the Ali shadow industry participated in the "Changjin Lake" in the "Changjin Lake" to include the 2021st global box office for about 5.695 billion yuan box office.

To be honest, I saw this financial report in Ali Ying Industry, the biggest feeling is that the overall market can be like, then what should we analyze this financial report in Alibaba?

First of all, long-term sensational sense of smell of content products has always been the biggest advantage of Ali shadows. From the "I am not a medicine god", I will go to "Wandering Earth" and "Green Book" and the nearest "Changjin Lake". Almost every year's thermal movies have the giant shadow business, so from this point of view, the Ali shadow in the content industry is undoubtedly very successful, with strong content industry support, can give the market Provides the output of a stable content industry, this is the biggest advantage of Ali shadows. In the entire cultural industry, we can have good content, who can have a good development prospect in the market, the content is the main trend of the market, so in such a big background, Ali Ying The industry has undoubtedly has a strong market influence, which is undoubtedly the most core basic advantage of Ali Ying Industry.

Second, let's see that it is not the same as other traditional cultural companies. After all, the Ali Xiang industry is a technology company, so there is a point in its financial report, it is very worthy of attention, this is the content and technology of the head, the report period, Ali The content business income of the film is approximately 562 million yuan, and the technology business income is about 567 million yuan, so in a sense, technology is becoming another big growth engine of Ali Ying Industry, and the technology capability of Ali shadow can give In such a situation, in such cases, not only has its own advantages, but also in the scientific market, this is undoubtedly the greatest growth point of the Alibye industry, with the entire entertainment industry. The pace of digital transformation accelerates the advantages of Ali Ying industry in technology will be able to give more stories in the capital market, thereby forming a better capital market expectation.

Third, from the perspective of long-term development, the Ali Ying Industry has a core key point. This is the overall operation of IP. The current IP has become the fastest growing point of the entire cultural industry. Whether it is Beijing Global Studios. Opening, or bubble Mart, some famous IP operations companies are constantly hot, IP operations will become an important trend of the development of the entire cultural market, and continuously improve IP operation and maintenance capabilities under such a big background. Especially like Ali Ying Industry, it has a huge commercial transformation basis. Once it can form a complete set of commercial system through IP operations inside the Ali system, it will be possible to push to Alibyai. From an a via company to a comprehensive cultural ecological company.