How dangerous new variant virus in South Africa?Frighten the global stock market, encounter black Friday

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How dangerous new variant virus in South Africa?Frighten the global stock market, encounter black Friday

2021-11-27 18:02:19 32 ℃

Global stock markets plunged yesterday.

Not only European stock markets dropped sharply.

Former US stocks futures fell there.

Even the Asian stock market crash there.

In contrast, although the A shares today fell, but only slightly, it is a lot of strong.

Biden before the release of oil reserves, international oil prices failed to suppress the go, today is a rare crash.

The global financial market can make such a dramatic upheaval, now only two variables, one is the Fed's monetary policy, it is a disease.

Both of which currently are not too favorable.

Fed meeting minutes released November 24, Fed officials expressed concern about inflation, and said that if prices continued to rise, the Fed is likely to accelerate to tighten monetary policy, including raising interest rates faster than previously expected.

The epidemic, I have analyzed the article yesterday, Europe has become the world's new epicenter of the epidemic, currently the world every day, 60% of the cases are from Europe.

Originally Whether the Fed's monetary policy, the epidemic is still negative factors, it has been going on for a long time, while the global financial markets still looks good.

The reason why such a sudden drop today, just because of various factors accumulate to a critical point, there is a relatively heavy straw so pressed down.

This straw is the South African side announced a new crown a new variation of the virus.

(1) new variant virus

South Africa's National Institute of Infectious Diseases (NICD) said in a statement, it has detected a new virus variant B.1.1.529 new crown in South Africa on November 25.

This B.1.1.529 new variation of the virus, even the names are not yet officially named, it triggered such a strong concern, just because information from the public to see the current, the mutant virus is quite B.1.1.529 "vicious." The new crown virus infecting humans is to combine with human ACE2 receptor protein by protein S to invade human cells. The mutated B.1.1.529 S protein has up to 32, is twice the number of mutations delta virus. More specific, the new crown viral S protein receptor binding region is a region called the RBD. B.1.1.529 variation in RBD area of ​​up to 15. what is this concept? Delta currently raging global virus mutation, mutations in the RBD region only two. Not that this mutation, the more dangerous. But apparently, the more mutations possibility of variation, the greater the risk. B.1.1.529 mutation in the S protein so much, which means the current antibody drugs, vaccines for the new crown B.1.1.529 effectiveness is likely to further decline in the number of specific decline, scientists also need to be confirmed. But people should be psychologically prepared. Some time ago the United States have not been promoting the new crown virus antibody drug developed out of such antibody drugs against the new virus crown, basically to combine the crown area for the new virus S protein with the ACE2. So the more B.1.1.529 mutation in the S protein, there is a greater difference between this virus drugs and vaccines "eyes" has shown the way, then there is the effectiveness of these drugs and vaccines will be reduced. However, oral small molecule antiviral drugs, because they do not act on the S protein, which may affect smaller. Whether drugs or vaccines, for the desired shape of the virus are relatively high, which is like a precise identification of the defense system, the more the virus mutates, the greater the difference has shown the way, then the possibility of slip through the more Big. Current Delta mutant virus has been very different compared to the last year of the initial version of the virus, the vaccine was not effective to prevent infection, can reduce severe morbidity and mortality. The phase difference B.1.1.529 Bideerta mutation of the virus, compared to Delta mutant virus compared to the initial version of the difference is even larger. So we should have an intuitive understanding of the extent of variation B.1.1.529. The only way, in fact, still not lead to market panic. Even more critical is the situation in South Africa recently announced the spread of the variant strain today.

Not long ago, South Africa has reported only about 200 confirmed cases every day, but over the past week, a sharp rise in new cases on Thursday reached 2465 cases.

Although there is currently less than 100 cases of B.1.1.529 variability in South Africa, the researchers suspect that the variants are related to the most recent high incidence rates in the Haogend region. There is a big reason to guess that the current South African epidemic has risen to rapidly, which may be that this B.1.1.529 variant strain has quickly replaced Delta variant virus, which has become the mainstream variant virus in South Africa. South Africa's scientists are also determined that the new cases of new cases are caused by the strains. And other countries' response is also relatively fast. Even the Britain's long-term lying in the country, this time, it feels like being scared. The UK has announced that from 12:00 on the 26th, the United Kingdom will include 6 African countries such as South Africa and Botswana, and suspend the flight of these countries to enter the United Kingdom. The Singapore Ministry of Health also announced this afternoon. Singapore will be divided from 23:59 on the 27th, restrict passengers from 7 African countries such as South Africa, Botswana, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia and Zimbabwe. From the current world countries, the rapid response to B.1.1.529 variants of South Africa is also sufficient to see the potential potential threat of this variant strain. Therefore, there is such a dramatic fluctuation in the global financial market, which is not strange. As for the global financial market, it is an excessive reaction, or some alarm, this also has to see the subsequent series of dissemination of B.1.1.529 variants. If B.1.1.529 variants will be like Delta variant, quickly spread in the world, it is possible to prevent control over the world's epidemic, resulting in major adverse effects. But everyone does not need to have excessive panic. Not all variability viruses can quickly spread around the world, and the previous South America also has some variation of viruses to defeat Delta variant viruses, but eventually failed to spread around the world. The virus should be varied to the extent that the Delta variant virus is actually a very uncomfortable thing. B.1.1.529 Variant strains Although the mutation is much more variant than Delta, it is much higher than Delta variant virus. It is currently not directly concluded, which requires a process of scientific research. However, research is studied. We do not panic, the world is more "fierce" response to the variant virus in advance, I think it is not over. Because although I don't know how big is the current specific threat to B.1.1.529 variants. But at least B.1.1.529 So much mutation has been fully explained that its "potential" threat is very large. Moreover, many mutations in B.1.1.529 are seen in Delta and Alpha, and the current South African rapidly increased epidemic, is already sufficient to explain the actual threat of B.1.1.529 variants. Therefore, all countries in the world have begun to break sailing in South Africa. I think it is not over-reactive. It is worth mentioning that the B.1.1.529 variant strain found, one of which is from South Africa to Hong Kong, which is worthy of being highly vigilant. Be sure to avoid B.1.1.529 variant strains spread around the world. (2) Why is South Africa who mentioned a variant virus, everyone heard two names in South Africa and India. Why is the variant virus spread from these two countries? For example, the current globally ravaged Delta variant virus is varied in India. This is because the Indian population is very young, plus India's sanitary conditions are very poor, so the immune system of India can tolerate the existence of viruses. That is, new crown viruses, can be in India, long-term existence, and do not affect their daily lives, which makes viruses in the process of infection, and increases the probability of key variation. South Africa is more exaggerated, and the South Africa has about 12.5% ​​of the population in 2017 is AIDS patient. After the HIV patients infected with new crown viruses, it is called a large "raising carrier". Since HIV is specially attacked the human body immune system, the HIV's immune system is very weak. Therefore, after infection with new crown viruses, the AIDS people's immune system is basically no fire to new crown viruses, nor does it respond to it, and it is "no symptom". This is like a person who has lost his feelings, it does not feel pain, does not mean no danger. However, because new crown viruses can have long-term in AIDS people, this makes AIDS people carry new crown viruses, which will become a hotbed of virus variation. In June of this year, there was a report that South African researchers found a potential new crown virus mutation on a 36-year-old HIV infection with advanced female patients. The woman has more than 30 mutations in the body within 216 days of carrying new crown viruses.

This is why, these variants are often found in South Africa and India. (3) Strict control is the only way out this year. With the popularity of the vaccine, people have always controversial for persistence of strict control. Although I have always believed that this kind of controversy should not be there, because the European and American anti-epidemic prevention performance has already proved that the scientific and strict control is strictly controlled, and it is the only effective way to respond to the epidemic. Vaccines is just our powerful weapons, but it cannot be completely dependent on vaccines. In the past six months, I have always said that my most worry is that the virus will not have more dangerous variations. This is not allowed. The reason why the developed countries such as Europe and the United States is negative epidemic prevention, because they have not been able to strictly guard against strict control, clear the virus to dynamic. So they don't have no choice, only to lie flat, come to the sky, pray for the virus, do not have more dangerous variations. In the past year, we have often heard such a statement that the evolution of the virus is to evolve into the direction of weak toxicity. However, the current change of the new crown virus has appeared to form a relatively direct challenge for such a statement. Perhaps the final new crown virus still has a weakening variation, but this is the same as the Fed's "inflation is temporary", there is not much significant. Because we are not clear, the new crown virus ultimately occurs such long-term weakening variation, how long it takes, in which the new crown virus will have more dangerous variations. In fact, the new crown virus has already refreshed a lot of awareness of our past to viruses. For example, last year's scientific community is mostly believed that the new crown virus may be the same as the flu, no high temperature, and there will be the effect of seasonal communication. However, the actual results are not, although the new crown virus is more suitable for winter dissemination, but it is clear that the power is not small in summer. Although human science and technology can have realized manual transformation of synthetic viruses, but such modifications, more only "constantly trying", "knowing it, but I don't know." We really understand the degree of understanding of the virus, I think it is not high enough. In this case, how can we pin all hopes to new crown viruses no longer happen? Therefore, regardless of whether the new crown virus does not have more dangerous variations, no matter whether this B.1.1.529 variant strain has its own surface. We should all adhere to the strict control of science, unless the whole world's epidemic can end, or developing a variety of vaccines, and more efficient vaccines, or drugs can be truly effective. In the end, most of the world's epidemic is over, we naturally reduce the level of the epidemic prevention and control. Otherwise, in the current global epidemic, we must not relax! As I have always said, the epidemic prevention and control, as long as a relaxation, the virus spread, and then want to control, it will pay 100 times. Therefore, the most important thing for epidemic prevention and control is the initial stage of viral spread, and at all costs will kill them within the cradle. I also know that this epidemic has lasted for almost two years, and everyone is actually an anti-fatigue feeling. Including the current lapse of the tour group of the tourism group that has previously been previously continued, and the local confirmed cases have been discovered in Shanghai. This is a higher requirement to weigh the scientific and defense strict control. We adhere to the strict control of science, and we have to pay great consideration. But many of us seem to have forgotten a little. It is not a "peace" period that can be picked up now. This is a war. The long war of human and viruses is getting more and more fierce with the emergence of new crown viruses. Many people, including the overall protests of Europe and America, rather than those who have cultured, this is the war of human and new crown viruses. Since it is a war, it is natural to fully mobilize, and I will win this war at all costs. Not passive lying flat, waiting for the virus yourself to become less dangerous, or wait for the virus to follow the SARS, suddenly disappear. This is not scientific with the attitude of life. Even if the B.1.1.529 variant strain, the dangerous factor of the last embodied, there is no surface on the surface, but it is only ambiguous. But in the current epidemic has been infected with billions in global, there are a hotbed for a large number of variations in viruses in South Africa and India. Who we dare to ensure that the virus will not happen more dangerous variations? In this war of human and new crown viruses, the vaccine is our powerful weapon, so we have to race with the virus variant, develop and update more effective vaccines as soon as possible. But at the same time, our will of human beings is the most fundamental guarantee for our winning this and new crown virus war. It is very difficult to perseverance to scientific and defense, and we have a pig team friend in Europe and America to drag the legs. All day I will instill some negative epidemic prevention throughout the day is a good mist, trying to make us have some people. Drag the water. Even we adhere to the strict control of science, and European and American public opinion should also have a variety of acids, films, and accusations. It's just unreasonable. This requires us to have stronger will, unite, and persistently strictly guard against strict control. I believe that only we insist on strict control of science and strict control, and can really defeat new crown viruses. This is very difficult. We must stick to it! come on!

Responsible Editor: Fangyuan