Asia's large GIS software vendors fell by 10%, who is the funeral?

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Asia's large GIS software vendors fell by 10%, who is the funeral?

2021-11-27 18:03:19 19 ℃

Author: Yang Lei Editor: Small City Girl

Today, the concept of Yuan Yei will fall, and the money bag of the shareholder will shrink again.

Quotes show, supergraph software, Chinese online, Juchuang video and other stocks have more than 5%. Among them, the highest drop in the supergraph software disk is 10%, and the plate is first.

There are two reasons why the Yuan Cosmic Concept Unit is falling:

1. The previous increase is large, there is Adjustment requirements. From the beginning of September, the Yuan Cosmic Index increased more than 51%. In terms of stock, a typical company is a high innovation in the stock price, and the medium-green treasure has increased by more than 3 times. The Yuan Cosmic concept stock has accumulated the profitable disk after a round of estimation.

2. Important media issued, cooling effect. Recently, the Chinese Youth League pointed out that the "cut leave" routine in the "Yuan Cosmic" is used to be seen.

It is understood that the supergraph software is the third largest GIS software in the world, in 2015, the company has a local market share of 32%, in the middle of the industry.

The third quarterly report shows that the excerpt software has achieved 1160 million in the first three quarters, an increase of 21.3% year-on-year; the net profit of return is 190 million, an increase of 31.5% year-on-year.

How is the supergraph software with the "Yuan Universe"?

According to brokerage institutions, "Yuan Cosen" is based on VR / AR, AI, GIS and other technologies to construct digital replicans containing real world. At the same time, if the three-dimensional GIS technology is cooperated with the Unity engine, it is suitable for digital geographic mapping in the metacular universe, which can be considered as a metastatic base technology.

The business of the superogram software involves the above-mentioned underlying technology. As of the first half of the year, the GIS software business accounted for 9.858 billion yuan, almost a performance support point.

In addition to the "Yuan Universe" related to the "Yuan Universe", it is also close to the technology giant.

According to the in the first half of the year, the supergraph Software Super Tuning Cloud GIS application server platform has passed Huawei Validated certification of Tupeng Technology, which is the first product solution for Validated certified certification. The outside world is optimistic about the cooperation between the company and Huawei and other enterprises.

From the performance of the stock price, the supergraph software is stronger this year. From February 15.23 yuan rose to 35.69 yuan, it has increased more than 107%, and doubled during the year.

At present, the supergraph software has two major advantages:

1. Management is the technology background. For example, the company's new chairman Song Guanfu is a leader in China's GIS software.

2. Policy supports the development of the GIS industry. Previously, the Ministry of Natural Resources released the "Sandy 3D China Construction Technology Outline (2021)". The GIS industry will realize a comprehensive upgrade from two-dimensional to 3D, and the industry ushered in the rise.

In the future, the supergraph software can open performance growth with its own advantages, it is worthy of attention.


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