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Industry Trend 丨 I can still earn money now?Talk together!

2021-11-27 18:03:52 24 ℃

Regarding the aquaculture industry, you can make money. Everyone has different views. Some people think that they can make money. Some people think that they can't make money. In fact, many people can't make money in the breeding industry.

why? We analyze the analysis from the following aspects.

The size of the aquaculture industry.

First, the most important issue is the size of this farming industry. If your aquaculture is relatively large, you can improve your income by compressing costs. If there is no way to compress the cost, it must be defeated by the opponent, which may lose money.

Therefore, when many people have cultivated, the scale of his breeding is relatively large, and it is a very normal phenomenon. Some people doing breeding in the countryside but they have lost their own money. This is another problem of breeding technology.

The environment of the market determines that you can make money.

For example, the pig is raising this year, in particular, in particular in the first half of the year, the person invested in the first half of the year basically earned money. In this case, the environment in the market is the final decisive factor. He decided that you can make money, and don't have a good profit. When the market is good, for example, in the case of last year, the main price is so high, the pig people have basically earned money, although it is relatively high in the cost of last year, but those who earn money are quite a lot. Like this year's environment is not good, although the cost price has dropped a lot, but still there is still no money to make money.

Earn money by breeding is really a certain luck.

To put it bluntly, like gambling. Your luck is not good, under the situation in which the market environment is not good, you can't make money, only losing money. If we are lucky in this area, we have a certain technology. In this case, it is a very good year, and the harvest will definitely be very good.

Therefore, the problem of farming can not earn money is really hard to say, for this, everyone has different opinions, and there will be different benefits.