While closing the store, open the new store, the tea Yan Yue color "arm" self-rescue

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While closing the store, open the new store, the tea Yan Yue color "arm" self-rescue

2021-11-27 18:03:10 18 ℃

This article: Tea Yan is a very contradictory tea and drink brand. It is in the country, but has not really gone from Changsha; it has been sought after by capital, but it has completed four financing, but it is calm and calm. Development mode; it is closed in Changsha multiple areas, and opens up new stores outside the heavens and earth outside Changsha. Such contradictory tea is worthy of exploration.

1, three months to close multiple stores, tea Yan Yue color to survive?

2, intensive open shops, is it really suitable for the long-term development?

3, the epidemic accelerate the shuffle, how to stabilize the color of the tea Yan?

On November 5th, a news about "Haidi will shut down 300 left and right stores", it is reported that Haidilao has issued an announcement at the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, announced that 300 points will be closed before December 31 .

Coincidentally, after 5 days, the tea Yan Yue is also hot search on the store, but it is only different from the seafront, and the tea Yan Yue is already the third concentrated closing store, and the number of closed stores is 87, near the current tea. One-sixth of the number of Yan Yue color stores.

It seems that under the epidemic, the catering industry is not good, especially the dining industry in intensive open stores.

Three months close a lot of shops, the tea Yan Yue is survived?

On November 10, tea Yan Yue announced centrally closed some stores. This is already a temporary closure of tea Yan Yue color. The first time is because of the epidemic policies, the second time is a July epidemic.

Obviously, under the epidemic, the catering industry under all lines is not good.

In the early stage of the epidemic, the passenger flow is reduced, and the cash flow pressure has led to many small and medium-sized, operational capabilities.

According to the sky-eye check data, as of November 30, 2020, the total number of Chinese tea entries is over 300,000. And in this year, the company closed, clearing, revoked, and the company was over 130,000, accounting for up to 43%.

In the late period of the epidemic, it is necessary to face the reduction of the closing passenger flow, the pressure on the cost of manual and rent.

Under this heavy pressure, even the tea brands of the head are not good. Taking the highest popularity of the famous tea as an example, in the 2020 year, there was a new 34 store in the next door store, and the expansion is very fast.

But affected by the epidemic, the year-on-year sales growth rate in 2020 fell to 18%, while the number was 165% in 19 years. Not only that, the average sales of the herbal tea has also dropped from 14.41 million yuan to 9.56 million yuan.

The results of the tea-intensive opening store are still in this way, let alone, especially relying on tourist bonus. As the net red tea brands of Changsha, the 颜 is undoubtedly a synonym of Changsha.

It is therefore, therefore, tea Yan Yue has adopted a strategy of intensive opening stores, so that there are several tea Yan Yue, fully absorbed the tourism group in every street in Changsha Center.

Such a play is allowed to taste the sweetness of the color, and it also has a small bitter. Especially because of the epidemic attack, it is more difficult to rely on tourism groups and intensive open shops than other tea and brands. Even the announcements of the 色 directly said: "It is not so good to live."

It's hard to imagine that I have a hard to seek, the price is only fried to 600 yuan a cup of tea Yan Yue color is now frequent closing shop, and it is still very strong in tea, seven-point, tea, etc. It is active in various cities to form a distinct contrast.

But the color of the tea is no longer pursuing decent, lives, and it is important than anything. Shops that turn off traffic and undecisive stores are a timely stop loss, which is also a wise choice.

Just "live", however, how to make a good appearance of the expectations, is a true problem that the 颜 面 面 问题.

Intensively open shops, is it really suitable for brand long-term development?

The intensive opening of the market is a double-edged sword.

The tea Yan Yue color response is said: "The intensive cloth has earned a bonus, but also the consequences of the reduction in people." This declaration with the current bitterness of the sea. "

In fact, whether it is the same problem, whether it is the same problem, whether it is the long-term development of the brand?

In fact, the strategy of intensive open stores is originally subverting, and the routine store model should be in a regional equilibrium distribution. For example, in a city layout, there should be several people to open several people, and gradually expand into multiple streets to open the store to cover all people as much as possible.

But the color of the tea is anti-road, choosing to open the store as much as possible in a street, in this way, in this way, to stand in a city.

Is this strategy effective? There is. Hot pot faucet sea fishing and Chinese tea drinks represent tea Yan Yue color is rapidly occupying the market under this strategy.

Seaila fishing is a strategy of intensive dots. From 2019 to the first half of this year, Haililasu added a new 829 stores, and the store has a very high intensity. Such strategies also make good improvements in the hospitality and service efficiency of Haidilao.

The 色 色 每 每 每 区域 区域 区域 区域 区域 区域 区域 区域 区域 区域 区域 区域 区域 区域 区域 区域 区域 区域 区域 区域 区域 区域 区域 区域 区域 区域 区域 区域 区域 区域 区域 区域 区域 区域 区域 区域... Let the appearance of the tea are really a red sign for Changsha.

It has to be admitted that the opening advantage of intensive site selection is quite a small. On the one hand, this can deepen consumers 'brand awareness, trust, and then transform consumers' wishes. On the other hand, the intensive opening store makes the distance between the store and the stores, and the logistics distribution efficiency of the delivery is high, and the headquarters is also high in the store.

In fact, the economic principles behind the strategy of intensively open shops are nothing more than scale, that is, through a certain amount of size, reduce the cost of single-store management, improve scale efficiency, and finally obtain "less power times".

This strategy is often used in the convenience store of the retail industry, such as 711, convenient bee. But the color of the tea is not a convenience store. To know, the convenience store intensive layout is because one of its properties is convenient, it is to absorb the user groups in each subdivision area.

The essence of the color of the tea is a catering industry, not retail, its dependence on people is very high. And the strategy of intensive open stores, can also serve more user groups when people are intensive, but when people are flowing, they will let the same streets in the same street to grab their customers.

Most importantly, the 颜 色 will not live in Changsha, and the current tea is now open to Wuhan, Changde, will enter more cities in the future.

In this extension mode, the drawbacks of intensive open stores will be more and more obvious, and it is not suitable for the long-term development of the 颜.

Epidemic accelerate the shuffle, how to stabilize the color of the tea Yan?

"Offline the catering service industry is in winter, do the worst intent, save the best hope." This is the final eye on the phonetic in the response.

Under the epidemic, the catering service industry has indeed greatly impacted. At the same time, the epidemic will also speed up the shuffle. In the future, the tea and drink brands will be more and more concentrated, and the small and medium-sized tea brands that lack certain strength will be cleared by large.

And this is a challenge for the challenge for the 颜.

After all, the current tea Yan is still in a more embarrassing position, although it is a head tea brand that is positioned in the national style tea, the heat is also high. But people have the impression of the 色 色, seems to stay in a tourist city of a tourist city, and the 色 没 并 建 建 建 建 建 建 城市 城市 城市 城市 城市 城市 城市 色

Therefore, how to make the tea look in the shuffling tide of the epidemic, will be a main melody for the future development of the tea Yan.

It is also in this context that the eagerness of the tea is accelerating the pace of walking, except for the opening of the store in Wuhan and Changde. According to the color of the tea, the future will enter Liuyang, Zhuzhou, Yueyang and other cities, layout store network.

Thus, after the epidemic, the small-scale tea brands of the influence of the influence of the influence, the small-scale tea brands of the store is difficult to operate, and the size of the store is enhanced and the market share of the colorful store.

But it is not enough to play the game store. This year, the investment in the new tea and drinks is coming. First, the tea has invested 7 drink brands, including the peach peach, Wang Lemon tea, Yucai Mountain, etc .;

In addition to her tea, Honey Snow Ice City has also investing in "Guangdong Hui Tea" on October 12. This is the first investment after the Snow Ice City established a venture capital company in September this year. It is intended to attack higher prices. Gradient tea market.

It is not difficult to see that the head of the high-end market player tea and low-end market faucet honey ice city is through investment mergers and acquisitions, and thereby expands market share and integrated competitiveness, and also increases the chips in the capital market.

Although the mid-end market, although the competition is still fierce, there is no absolute advantage in tea brands. This is undoubtedly an excellent entry opportunity for the 颜.

So the tea Yan Yue also joined the investment merger of the tea and drink brand. On July 31 this year, Lu Liang, founder of the tea Yan Yue, investred in Changsha's net red tea and drink brand "fruit,", average price and tea color.

Recently, the co-state store of the tea Yan, the joint shop has landed in Changsha, and launched two tea drinks combined with their own characteristics, causing a small concern.

The "double strong combination" of the tea is pleasing, will help the tea of ​​the tea Yan to further integrate the tea market in Changsha, and firmly stabilize its position in Changsha. Thereby, the worries of the tea Yan Yue color into other cities, that is, "pay" lost the lady (Changsha Market) and the "other strategic market)."

But in fact, whether it is expanding the market or investment mergers, there is a little in a little risk for tea Yan. It's just not going to do it. If you want to win the right to speak in the middle tea market, you have to carry a certain pressure, go further.

After all, in the small couch, be a "greenhouse" tea, it is never the ambition of the 颜.