"Macau new gambling king" Zhou Wei Hua was arrested!Carry out cross-border gambling, 80,000 members in the territory

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"Macau new gambling king" Zhou Wei Hua was arrested!Carry out cross-border gambling, 80,000 members in the territory

2021-11-28 00:04:46 55 ℃

Beauty, casino, listed company ... Macau "new gambling king" Zhou Weihua 's "paper drunken fans" and Rogue .

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Editor 丨 Li Yiming

Source | Wild Horse Finance

On the evening of November 26, "Ping An Wenzhou" issued a case to report to Zhou Yuhua approved.

Zhou Yuhua's "Washing Mihua", China Macao resident, Macau Sun City Gaming Intermediary One-person Co., Ltd. Shareholders, Directors. He is still the chairman of the Board of Directors of the Sun City Group (1383.HK), is known as the "new gambling king" in Macau.

According to the notification: Since 2007, Zhou Yaxuan has been contracting a gaming hall in the casino hall of Macau, and opened a network gambling platform in the Philippines in 2016.

Source: Official notification

In order to obtain illegal benefits, Zhou Yixuan develops domestic personnel and gambling agents, through high credit, promotion gambling business, providing vehicle transfer service and technical support, etc., to organize Chinese citizens to go to the overseas gambling hall gambling, Participate in cross-border online gambling activities;

Established an asset management company in China, providing services for gambler with assets, helping to recover gambling debts to assist customers in cross-border funds;

Using the illegal channels such as Undergrain Qianzhuang for the gambler's fund settlement service, gradually forming Zhou Weihua, Zhang Ningning and others are a cross-border gambling criminal group, a large number of personnel, and a large number of people. Cross-border gambling criminal group. As of July 2020, the criminal group developed a total shareholder-level agent, developing more than 12,000 gambling agents, developing more than 80,000 gamblers in China, involving the amount involved in the case, seriously improving my country's social management order.

The police shouted Zhou Weihua Its to invest in the case as soon as possible, and strive to be widely treated.

The Macao SAR Government issued a statement on November 27 that the SAR police brought the surrounded suspects and other cases of the police and other cases from the police station. The SAR Government reiterates all those in Australia Gaming Industry, must strictly abide by the legal provisions related to the National and Macau SAR.

Zhou Weihua currently holds 3 listing

The Sany Group spokesperson responded that it is currently fully following the relevant incident, and emphasizes that all the company's business is under the regulation of the Macao Special Administrative Region.

Has denied online gambling

Zhou Weihua is 47 years old, but it is already a new generation of "gambling kings" in Macau.

He is engaged in the work of the "Gathering" work in the early years, leaning on the maid lenders. Due to the "hitting face" with the Hong Kong drama character, the outer number "washed Mihua". Later, as the Internet raised, he seized the opportunity and got online gaming license in the Philippines, and operated the Sun City Gaming Website and walked on the Jufu Road.

In 2007, Sun City began to expand the Macau gaming business, and there were 14 gambling halls in just five years. Sun City Group has opened the Sun Century Group, Sun International Finance Group, Sun International Securities, Sun International Finance, Sun Entertainment Culture, Zhonghui International Communication, Sun Yig and so on, business covers gambling, finance, catering, entertainment, Movies, etc.

In July 2013, Sun City Group became the world's first entertainment gaming institution that obtained SGS international service certification.

In July 2019, the "Economic Report" reported that the casino and web servers of the Sun City online gambling platform are located outside the country, but the gamblers are in mainland China, gambling can settle in the mainland. And Sun City Network Gambling In the mainland's annual gambling amount is more than ten million yuan, it is equivalent to twice the annual income of China's lottery, and its annual profit is more than 10 billion yuan. When the report, Sun City Group's share price once fell by 20%, and then the Sun City Group's Sun City Gaming Intermediary Co., Ltd. issued a clarification statement to deny the business network gambling business.

Washing Micro Hua Yaqi emphasized: "I have never sent any colleagues in the Mainland to engage in any promotion or any gaming business, and have never participated in any underground capital transfer business, our employees, our funds, Our company, our business is limited to Macau. "

Source: Washing Micro Hua Yaqi Video

Entertainment gambling king

In addition to the big business, the private life of Zamihua is also the topic that is often talking about. Young multi-gold, self-proclaimed "Macau Gu Tianle", he once and Feng Xuebei, Wang Xiulin, Liu Wei, Pan Ji and other tender models, TVB artists have passed the gossip. Its 39-year-old day party is more invited to be a large number of tender models, and take the hot dance with them. And his wife Chen Huiling and "lover" Liu Bi Li's feelings have been in the years, and they can't say clearly.

In addition to operating gaming business, Zimeihua also involves the entertainment circle and tourism industry, and the company's sun entertainment culture has been investing over multiple movies, including Xu Zhi'an, Liu Haolong, Zeng Guoxiang, Lu Huoguang, Wen Yishan and other artists join the sun entertainment culture, in recent years Take the tide.

Maka Finance has landed in the Sun Entertainment Culture official website last July, and the official website introduced Sun Entertainment Culture Co., Ltd. has been investing and produced by 65 movies since its establishment in 2011. The total box office is up to 13 billion Hong Kong dollars. The well-known work includes "Chunjiao Saving" series, "Killing the Wolf II" "Killing the Wolf ‧" "" Brake "" Mekong Action "and" Red Sea Action ", there are no short box office dozens Billion of explosions. Zhou Wei Hua has served as a plurality of movies of a plurality of movies. But the official website of Sun Entertainment cannot be opened.

Last year, a movie star price is exposed and after the high-rise jumping building of an image. Some netizens have issued a text in the Douban Group, Weibo and other online platforms. It is called the Sun City Group, and the company and the company The artist participated in the "laundering" and other illegal activities by shooting movies.

In this regard, Thai Chuanhe has denied it last year's statement. In the early morning of November 27, Tautongchuan was once again released: "Thai Chuanchuan He and Zhou Wei Hua (Ramama) and Sun City Group have no relationship, please be careful to eat melon, rational judgment. For all 诽 权, We will still be respoted by law! "

Just clearance a listed company

Formerly Zhou Hua Hua's listed company Sun International (8029.HK), in February this year, it is intended to acquire an encrypted currency and mine machine in the Mainland, but encounter the wall of the mine in China.

At the end of August this year, Zhou Weihua clenched the sun International Shares, transferred to the business partner Zheng Ding, the chairman of the group. The Sun International will change nominally called Imperial Financial Group Co., Ltd. to cut Zhou Yaxi and the sun international.

Sun International is about 0.5 Hong Kong dollar / share before the suspension of transactions, Zhou Weihua is only $ 190 / stock, and the personal book has more than 70 million Hong Kong dollars.

What endon do you think Zhou Weihua will usher in after being arrested? Welcome Comment District tells us.