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B station plus the "Z Genes" users

2021-11-28 00:05:40 29 ℃

Chen Rui, chairman, chairman, is promoted in many occasions, "Z Genetic" users are an important part of 哩 哩, "young, talented, creative, positive energy", but under profit stress, " Z generation "" users are being harvested.

Recently, the new set of B-station APP automatic renewal pit users was hot by the Shanghai Safety Committee, and this incident caused a lot of "Z Genes" users.


On the 23rd, the Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee released "We licked 12 App automatic renewal fee deduction period, found that there is a home to deduct 3 days in advance? ! The article of the SPP Supervision, "Most apps mentioned in the article on payment members' automatic renewal fee for payment membership is set before the period expiration date, and Shanghai Wide Entertainment Digital Technology Co., Ltd. (B Station) is 3 days in advance Deduction.

The Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee believes that many consumers have paid their members because of chasing a drama, watching a movie, or accidentally paying a member, essentially of the "Member Moon Tria", may not become a long-term member. Three days in advance violates the principles of voluntary equity, but also shorten the consumer selection cycle, causing many consumers to cancel the idea of ​​cancellation. "

"Some platforms do not add members' viscosity from providing quality services and experience, but always calculate how to give the membership shackles. Use some small routines to make consumers' automatic renewal ', later setup advance deduction, or even preferred deduction Fees, use members' careful to earn the 'memory tax', thus completing the final and key links of the banned members. "Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee.

The Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee pointed out that the practice of deducting the fee will certainly violate the principle of voluntary fairness in advance, but also shortened the consumer selection cycle, causing many consumers. "The members will come to cancel the idea." accomplish.

Of course, many netizens think it is.

Netizen "Wen Yucker" said: Is it in advance? Is it true for such a day or two? Why do you have so ugly, don't let, a millionth, have this more realistic, take optimize product optimization service? Not useful in the pit.

There are also netizens said, so if you are not prepared, it is recommended to cancel the automatic renewal contract in the first time.


This is not the first time.

In July this year, B stands once, and the time downtime has continued for hours, waiting until 2 o'clock in the morning, it will return all functions to normal.

In order to compensate for users, the B station gives you a 1 day of big members.

As a result, the operation is coming, and many users receive the 1-day member of this given, the next day, the automatic renewal is opened directly, or the money will be deducted.

This time, after the Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee exposed, it also directly attracted the attention of each official media.

The People's Daily This evaluation is:

Always accounting members, will only let users lose trust; service is good, experience best, can increase user viscosity. The platform may wish to enlarge the pattern, put away from the eyes, don't always pursue the "one hammer sale" in your eyes. More than a dozen mind is in providing quality services and experiences, so that it is to attract users and promote long-term development.

Years of external pressure, November 24th, responded to this matter:

Our company attaches great importance to it. In the first time, we have conducted self-examination and test, and immediately start to optimize, and adjust the automatic renewal fee to "deduction after 24 hours in advance".

Of course, the Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee will continue to follow up. If the subsequent B station does not correct, it will be exposed again.


It is stark contrast to the B station 3 days in advance, is that at November 24th China Network Media Forum Content Forum, Chen Rui said such a word:

The B station has been 12 years this year, but it is still a platform for a young man. In our last quarter earnings, Q3 was published 270 million months, of which 86% were under 35 years old. The average age of new users is around 21 years old, which means that there is always a constant young user to come to us this platform.

It can be seen that there are more than half of the young people in China in China.

China has so many young people like B stations, it is a good thing for the latter, but if the young people will market, only cold consumers, after all, the relationship between platform and users should be equal, integrity User will vote with your feet.

A Senior User of a B Station "The banana leaves are not known" on Weibo:

It is an example of seeing living killing chickens. Just suddenly tips for deduction, I saw who at 6 o'clock in the morning, the B station automatically renewed a big member. I am a double 11-year-old event last year, and the discount of discounts on October 6th, I just deducted the original price 148.

"I don't know if I have signed automatic renewal, I don't know three days in advance, now I haven't enjoyed the next year's meeting, asking for refund is my right, but the BUT transaction has not been refundable." Say.

"Chen Rui, Chen Rui, you can know too much to kill chickens. I used this long B station. I have a stop of B stood. Even the password has 2333, and the feelings of the B station cannot be said, but no one can be in me. Dress asleep me! Can I continue to buy discount members, can't retreat, I have canceled the automatic deduction, I will not buy it again. "

There is an analysis that the B-station set "Z Genes" users, the core motivation is profitable, and almost all Internet platforms, almost all Internet platforms, attract users, and now they will make money from users, but the B station is indecent.On November 17, the Ri Wei's three-quarter earnings report has shown that revenue is 5.24 billion yuan, an increase of 61.1% year-on-year; net loss is 2686 million yuan, an expand 144.01% year-on-year.

After the release of the third quarter, the B station stock price fell more than 10% for two consecutive days.It shows that the capital market is lack of confidence in B stations, although the B station will grow faster, but the loss growth is faster.

It can be seen from the financial report that the live broadcast and value-added services of the B station "big member subscription fee" have grown rapidly in 2019, 3850 million in 2020, accounting for 32%; in the first three quarters of 2021, the income exceeded 5 billion, occupying the occupation37% received.

It can be seen that the B station is in a small action on the membership, and the urgency of its profit is revealed to a certain extent.