The storage safety is lacking, and the Gree titanium battery can solve a lot of safety concerns.

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The storage safety is lacking, and the Gree titanium battery can solve a lot of safety concerns.

2021-11-28 00:04:56 17 ℃

Recently, the results of the fire explosion survey of Beijing Dahongmen Storage Power Station were officially announced, and the industry's reunification of industries on energy storage. In the context of dual-carbon strategic objectives, all areas have increased demand for energy storage markets, but security issues have not been relatively hindered by the energy storage process.

The storage safety is lacking

Some insiders pointed out that the energy storage is a systematic problem, and risk management should be carried out in systemic thinking. It can also be seen from some abroad's storage fire explosion cases that the cause analysis of energy storage accidents is a long and complicated process. In 2019, the US Arizona's grid side energy storage project exploded, and the survey report was released at the time of receipt, and the cause of the accident was that the fire extinguishing and the ventilation of the battery gas exacerbated the incident. However, the supplier questioned the conclusion of battery failure, suggesting that external reasons have caused thermal out of control. The two sides of the two sides have failed to reach an agreement. On April 6, 2021, South Korea had a 30-storey fire event, although it did not cause personal injury, but the accident directly leads to about 440 million won. Before this occurred, South Korea had conducted a long-term analysis of the two accidents of the previous year, and has made many lip guns with Korean energy storage companies, and eventually formed corresponding rectification measures, to South Korea. National energy storage facilities have made a charge and discharge rate, but it is still not possible to prevent the reservoir from being reunited again. In April this year, the Beijing energy storage power station accident has been reported that the China Electric Institute has an energy storage accident analysis report, analyzes the risk of external factors such as personnel management, meteorological environment, fire extinguishing facilities, and points out the wire harness layout. There may be problems that may exist in fire design, especially for battery management system failures and tidy of battery quality safety on energy storage. The survey results of the Beijing Emergency Administration and the industry's discussions also show that there is also a standard lack of standard deletions such as energy storage safety fire design. However, the short circuit of the lithium iron phosphate battery is caused by the direct cause of the accident, Moreover, the flammable and explosive components generated by the battery will also take an explosion in the event of electrical sparks, and the source of safety is in battery components or battery technology. Battery fires from new energy vehicles to the energy storage, the key to cracking the problem may not be supervised, but should be found on the core - battery technology.

Terminator of the energy storage security problem

Chen Qingquan, Chinese Academy of Engineering, publicly said: "I believe that the health development of the energy storage industry always puts the safety of the battery first. After years of practice, the Gree titanium battery is currently the best battery in the lives of lithium batteries. I. In recent years, battery safety has been regarded as the top priority, and the new products launched by battery companies have stressed how to prevent thermal out-of control and safeguard battery safety. Recently, the new version of the "Lithium Ion Battery Industry Standard Condition" comment was also clearly suggested that the safety of lithium-ion battery products should meet the mandatory standard requirements such as GB38031, and passed the inspection of corresponding qualifications, the battery management system should have Prevent excessive, short-circuit, overlapping, etc. The Gree titanium battery is a "safety problem terminator" that meets this kind of requirements. Among the CCTV programs, a Gree titanium battery is lifted to high-altitude heavy fall, and only the floor pit is pulled. The battery is not damaged. Then after the acupuncture test, overchart / over-play test, water immersed needle stab test, electric drill Test, cutting test, combustion test, etc. have no abnormalities such as fire explosions, and can still be powered. The reason is that the special material structure of Gree titanium batteries does not form a SEI film having a poor stability, from the root cause of the battery overheating, the risk of fire combustion, and avoids many side reactions, do not produce flammable Gas, safety performance is superior to conventional lithium ion batteries.

High security and then matching long life, high temperature resistance, and Gree titanium batteries have no enemy God of War. my country's earliest wind storage, is also the largest wind-printed project - Zhangbei Fengguang storage demonstration project has a use Gree titanium battery, which has been safe and stable since it is shipped. In recent years, Gree-based energy storage system has been put into transport in the Central Science and Technology Platform of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. With high safety, large magnification, long life, etc. Help Zhuhai Hengqin New District to achieve "Open Island, Vital Island, Smart Island, Ecological Island" Green Development.

Recently, Gree titanium energy storage system is landed in Liangshanzhou, Ganzi Prefecture in Liangshan, Ganzi Prefecture. With its safe and reliable, ultra-low temperature, long life characteristics, Gree titanium energy storage system can cope with high altitude, ultra-low temperature Insufficient power supply, unexpected power failure, etc. In the future, Gree titanium new energy will continue to cooperate with Sichuan Communication Company in terms of base station renovation, communication response, comprehensive energy, etc., to create a multi-fusion green base station to promote the "carbon peak" "carbon neutrics".