Statistics Data Show House prices New low, Poly, Vanke, and Blending

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Statistics Data Show House prices New low, Poly, Vanke, and Blending

2021-11-28 00:05:24 27 ℃

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"China Economic Week" reporter Sun Tingyang | Beijing report guide

| In October, the average price of new residential buildings in the country in October, the price of new low, Poly, Vanke, and Mongcheng is rising.

| In October, the new residential sales in the country has a new low, Poly, Vanke, Shuochui and Country Garden in October in January 17 months.

叁 | In recent months, the capital operation is frequent.

In October this year, the average price of new residential buildings in the country is new and low in the year, and the sales have been low in 17 months. However, the four real estate enterprises in sales, sales in October exceed September, and there were 3 price-priced sales in October. In October, the new product residential price in the country is new and low, and the sales of 17 months old valley traditional property market is "Golden Nine silver Ten", looking forward to usher in September and October to usher in the property market. But from the sales data of the country, this year is empty. The National Bureau of Statistics announced the data show that in October this year, the average price of new commercial housing in the country was 9,962 yuan / square meter. From the beginning of this year, the average price fell below 10,000 yuan. It is 1266 yuan per square meter compared to the small peaks 11228 yuan / square meter in January this year.

Similar to the first two years, the average price in the third quarter declined month by month. In August this year, in September and October, the average price of new commercial housing in the country was 10278 yuan / square meter, 10051 yuan / square meter and 9962 yuan / square meter, showing monthly decline. Such trend has emerged in the same period in 2018 to 2020, all falling on one month. And the previous year is that from 2018 to 2021, the price of this year has appeared in October for the first time this year. In 2018 and 2019, most of the other annual troughs appeared in January, in March, in March, 2020. However, the average price of 10 months this year is still higher than in previous years. The average price from January to October this year is 10,513 yuan / square meter, compared with the same period of 2019, compared with the same period of 2020, each square meter is still 1211 yuan, 527 yuan. In this way, the average price of the new commodity house in the country is still higher than the first two years. Another payable is that the new commercial residential sales in October this year are only 1.09 trillion yuan, the same year is new and low, and it has also created a new low in May 2020. In the past five years, the sales can be taken in October. In the past four years, the monthly sales of monthly sales appeared in July 2017, 2018 and 2019, January and February of January and February. New commercial residential sales in October this year have only 74% of the average value of the first 10 months. And in 2018 to 2020, sales in October are in the middle of each month of each month. In October sales and the average sales contrast in the year, 2018, 2019 and 2020 were 87%, 90% and 103% respectively. On October 18 this year, at the press conference of the State Council Information Office, the National Bureau of Statistics, the Director of the National Bureau of China, Fu Linghui, said in question, this year, since this year, through the improved mechanism of the real estate market, Inhibition of unreasonable demand, promote stable releasing of rigidity, restricting some real estate companies with blind expansion, the real estate market is generally stable, real estate investment, sales and housing gradually tend to stabilize.

China's Evergrande completion of China's Evergrande completion, China's frequently returning funds, however, the specific sales and sales average price of leading real estate enterprises change, and macro data is inconsistent. According to the data, the first 9 months of this year 5 companies 5 companies, are the Country Garden (2007.HK), Vanke (000002.SZ), China Evergrande (3333.HK), Blending China ( ) And Poly Development (600048.SH). The 5 company trafficking costs can account for 17% of the sales sales in the first 9 months. Observing the management of these five companies, can partially understand the operation of housing enterprises. After the explosive debt crisis broke out, as of November 23, the sales situation in September and October was not announced. In addition, four companies have announced sales, except for the sales average price of Country Garden in October, and the other three in price increases, the average price in October is in the middle of the first 10 months. Poly development price increase, sales price increased by 1167 yuan in October, reaching 15,717 yuan / square meter, this price is the fourth high price in 10 months before Poly Development. Vanke and the average price of China, rose 430 yuan and 210 yuan, and the two companies sell in the first 10 months of the first 10 months respectively.

Four sales in October were higher than September, and the overall data trend in the country was different. Among the four companies, Poly Development in October has increased the maximum, up 39% from September, Vanke and Mongcheng China rose 16% and 9% respectively, Country Garden has a minimum, less than 1%. In addition, these five leading housing companies, China's constant large and integrated China has also exploded large news. On August 19th, the relevant departments of the People's Bank of China talked about Hengda Group executives and requested that Evergrande Group strive to maintain stability, actively understand debt risks, and safeguard real estate markets and financial stability. On September 1, Evergrande Group official website disclosed that Evergrande Group held a "Guaranteed" military order signing conference. The 8 vice president of the group rate the special working group of the eight major kept buildings, the chairman of the provinces, led the team members, and the project, solemnly signed the "Guaranteed" military order. Under the leadership of Xu Jiayin, the Evergrande Group's up and down all employees swear by the greatest determination, the maximum force ensures engineering construction, and the quality and quantity completed the property delivery. In October 24, the Evergrande Group said that the Evergrandge Group Shenzhen, which is located in the Location of Hengda Headquarters, including the completion of the completion of more than 6 places in Shenzhen, Dongguan and other six projects. On November 19th, 63 in 15 regions in Guangzhou, Foshan and other Pearl River Delta, have been fully completed. In addition to "keeping building", Evergrande Group is also moving. On November 17, China Hengda disclosed that the company's wholly-owned subsidiaries were all transferred to Hengchen Network (0136.HK) stocks, and the transfer of 1.747 billion yuan, according to the book value of Hengchen network on June 30 this year. "It is expected to produce about 8.5 billion Hong Kong dollars from the transaction", and the payment payment is used as the company's general working capital. On November 19th, Hang Seng Index announced that China's constantges from Hang Seng Index ingredients, newly added Cinda Biopharmaceuticals (1801.HK), and all changes will take effect from December 6. Photography: "China Economic Week" chief photography reporter Xiao Wei

In addition to China's Evergrande, the capital operation of Fusion Group is also very frequent. There are two main listed companies in the Blending Group, namely China (1918.HK), respectively, and the actual controller of two listed companies is Sun Hongbin. In September of this year, the information on the Internet will strengthen Shaoxing Company to help the government, and the Fusion Group will subsequently clarify the incident. The Rongchuang Group explained the passage of things in the statement. The person in charge of Sauxing Company learned that the relevant leaders of Shaoxing City will supervise the safety production work of Huangjing Xiaowei project in the morning of September 24. If you want to use the net sign problem of the sales list of Sauxing projects, The content of the related text, as a bottler in the government, but at 9 am on September 24, due to the operational mistakes, the operation of Shaoxing local real estate exchange group, resulting in leakage of information. The Fusion Group said in the statement that there has never been there, no need and willing to submit a similar report to the government. At the end of 2020, the company invested a small town of the large-scale comprehensive cultural project. Moreover, the establishment of the project construction within the country is normal, the sales are well sold, and the Group is operating overall. But the worry on the Internet is not a hole in the wind. Since September, the integration of China's early termination of cooperation agreements, sell stocks, and equity, these operations are promoting cash back. In September of this year, the development of Fusion Group and Wanda Hotel (0169.HK) Terminates hotel management agreements at 21 hotels in advance. Among these 21 hotels, there are 19 hotels in operation, and the two hotels in construction and have not yet begun, this is to hold, Wanda management, and the expiration time is 2037. The reasons explained in the announcement are "due to the influence of the epidemic and the adjustment of the integrated business strategy." After the termination of the agreement, the Blending Group will pay an $ 133.2 million to the Wanda Hotel as compensation, paying 68.59 million yuan as an unpaid account payment. On October 29 this year, the Chinese announcement said that from June 1st to October 28 this year, it was sold with about 3.54 billion yuan to the US European stock (ADS), which is company 2017. The stock won the stock at the same time, and the initial investment is counted, and the investment income of China has reached 2.43 billion yuan. On November 7 this year, the integrated service was based on the price of 1.8 billion yuan, the acquisition of the operation management company of the Commercial Operation Plan of Commercial Operations in China. The acquisition company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China and the capital investment of 010 million yuan in subscription equity. At the end of October this year, the net assets received by the company were 0.112 billion yuan. From February 20 to October this year, the tax was gross profit of 0.7881 billion yuan. On November 14 this year, the announcement of China's announcement said that the fund support for approximately 9 billion yuan was obtained through three operations. First, Sun Hongbin supported the integration of interest in the form of an interest loan of 2875 billion yuan. Secondly, it is more than 4.182 billion yuan in the price of China's $ 15.18 / share. In the previous trading day, the price of this price is equivalent to discounting price than the discount price before the closing price before the Hong Kong stock market. Finally, it is more than 1.917 billion yuan in the price of HK $ 14.75 / shares. Similarly, compared with the blending service a day before the Hong Kong stock market, the plate price is also 11%. On November 15 this year, the share price of China and the integrated services will respond to discounts in the discount, and the stock price fell by 11.5%, and the integration service fell 16.67%. Guo Yao

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