[Risk Tips] Columbia Brainefi Port is stranded

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[Risk Tips] Columbia Brainefi Port is stranded

2021-11-28 06:09:55 24 ℃

Author: Liu Jiale


The Association issued the analysis of the analysis of the ship stranded accident in September this year, "said the ship's stranded accident", in this article, we have mentioned the Port of Barranquilla, Columbia due to water levels. Changes cause the ship to strand the problem. In the near future, we received the information of the local communication agent, and the water level change and dredging of the water can cause emergency risk tips for ships. This, we will re-issue the risk prompt circular to remind the recent plan to travel to the port area, or travel to the region, or a member ship that is already in the port area, pay attention to the port information, cautiously prevent the ship stranded accident.


Introduction to Port Risk

The Port of Bararaniya is located at the Haikou in the Magdalena River. The Magdalena River is the largest river in Colombia. The basin is a tropical climate. The rainfall is large, usually 1000 ~ 10000mm. . The rainfall in the upstream mountain is relatively small, but the average rainfall in the upstream is relatively small, but the rainfall from 10 to November is the largest year. The runoff of the full-watershed is 830 mm, and the average runoff model is 0.026 cubic meters / (s · square kilometers), but the upstream runoff modulus reached 0.114 cubic meters / (s · square kilometers). The average annual average flow rate is 7,000 cubic meters per second, the water level is 7m, the concentration of sand is 0.78kg / cubic meter, and the sand is 172 million T / A. Although the Columbia Hydrology and Ocean Investigation Center will update a Magdalena river in its official website every week or two weeks, it is subject to a large deposition of the sediment daily in the river water and the limitations of the measurement range, the water depth report Reference is also limited.

It is currently in the rainy season, affected by continuous heavy rainfall, the sediment on the upper stream of the Magdalena river is constantly being rushed to the Haikou. The riverbed under the waterway has been severely raised, and the water depth also has a dramatic. Variety. Dredging company is in the face of the great change of river dredging work, requiring port authorities to expand on the relevant dredging contract work, and negotiations with the port authorities, subject to this, the dredging work of local waters has been stagnant, so local Water depth changes are not optimistic.


Harbor is restricted

In view of the severe water depth situation in the estuary of the Magdalena, the local maritime authority currently announced according to the length of the ship, and the water to enter the ship's ship is regulated, and the provisions of its water limit are as follows:

(1) Ships with no more than 180 meters long, the ship is not more than 6.2 meters.

(2) Ships with no more than 200 meters long, the maximum water of the ship must not exceed 6.6 meters.

This port authority restrictions on the water of the ship is also the lowest point of the Harbor of Baranji. In order to resume the dredging work as soon as possible, the port authorities are carrying out the dredging of the company in order to restore the dredging work of the local channel as soon as possible, before the water depth situation is effective and improved, any water exceeding the above-mentioned specified ships can enter and exit Baranquia.

Affected by the restrictions on the water, six ships have to be further indicated by the port authorities outside the Port of Baranquira. At the same time, there are also many ships that have been affected by water in Hong Kong. Association of Port Facilities Of Barranquilla represents the current situation has caused a loss of more than $ 18 million, and many ships have to change the original navigation plan, go to Cartagena port or holy Port of Cartagena Or Santa Marta is berthed.


Association anti-loss recommendations

If the member is a recent plan to travel to Baranquia, or when it is going to or near the water job, in order to avoid the occurrence of stranded accidents, be sure to remind the crew to pay attention to the following points:

(1) Get the latest local chart and water deputy information in advance;

(2) In the case of conditions permit, try to arrange the ship to enter and exit the port during the day;

(3) The crew should pay attention to the working state of the depth instrument, and pay attention to the depth changes of depth of the depth of the instrument;

(4) The crew should accurately grasp the six-sided water situation of the ship before entering, and confirm the latest allowance to enter the country to eat water limit with the local agent;

(5) The ship driver should work closely with the pilot and the pilot, if it is necessary to make relevant recommendations or take corresponding measures.