Fund Project: Breeding Technology and Application Value of Fruit Seedlings

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Fund Project: Breeding Technology and Application Value of Fruit Seedlings

2021-11-28 06:10:05 25 ℃

Fund Project: Breeding Technology and Application Value of Fruit Seedlings

Fund Project: Gansu Provincial Little Mountain Forestry Experiment Bureau, project number: 2020 (4).

Tian Linghong, etc.

Loniccra Standishii, is a lobby of the winter, which is a non-nuclear cherry, which is a unique wild rare variety resource unique wild rare variety in China. 1000 ~ 1500 m of the kernel, the shrub and the stream are distributed. The fruit fruit is the earliest wild fruit tree in the wild fruit in the Xiaolongshan forest. Mid-March, the fruit is actually mature in the late March, and the fruit is 20 days, and in early April, it enters the fruit period, mid-April can concentrate in mid-April Receive, fruit color is bright.

1 Preparation

1.1 Test and plug-in selection

The plug is selected from the Little Mountain Li Zimin District, and the test has launched the seedling base in the Li Zilin field in May and 2021 in May 2020.

1.2 insert bed preparation

Insert the bed to select the sand. The substrate was dried before the cutting, and then disinfected and sterilized, water was watered with 40% oxide emulsifiable oil, and the blended was poured.

1.3 cutting scratch

From April and 2021, 2021, the wild-ranging branches were selected from the wild-growing branches of the wild, and the semi-wooded branches were selected from the branches of the wilderness, and the tender cuttings were selected. In April 2020, I took a born hard branch to do hard branches, cut into rotten strips, 2 to 3 buds of about 15 cm, and remove the base blade. The upper port is flat, and the lower port is 45 °.

2 cutting

2.1 cutting time

The cutting time is selected in early April.

2.2 cutting method

Cut should select the cut, fresh cutting. The ready-made cut is put into 120 mg / L of gibberellin for soaking. After 24 h, the plug is inserted into the interpolation of 3 to 5 cm, and the upper end is exposed 5 to 10 cm. With the collection.

2.3 Management after cutting

After cutting, water, film, placed in the laboratory special temperature and humidity meter (Model TH608). The deduction of the small arch shed to prevent frost, keep the seedbed moist, spray water every morning, the matrix water content is maintained at 50% to 60% in the field matrix holding water. When the temperature exceeds 25 ° C, pay attention to the wind and cooling, sunshade, and find that the matrix is ​​filled in time, prevent the root bare, water to the disease; the average temperature is stable at 20 to 25 ° C. After the cutting, a 0.1% otter bacteria is used to disinfect in the shed, and the dead leaves are removed in time. After 30 days, every 15 D is disinfected once, 60 ~ 90 d View the root of the root, will root the branches, others Plant.

3 seed seedlings

3.1 seed acquisition

The choice is growing and strong, the crown is satisfactory, and there is no pest, and the fruit is large. In late May, the fruit is completely turned completely and harvested.

3.2 postpartum processing

Put the collected fruit is dried in a cool and ventilated, pour it into the water, and the hand is completely separated from the seeds, filtrate, controls moisture, and dry the seed water content of about 5%.

3.2.1 Seed storage will handle the seed seal, and the water content is still around 5%.

3.2.2 Sowing seed processing Selection of sterilization and selective selection, the seeds are full, and the stored seedling seedlings. Remove the surface of the seed surface to be residual, add 0.5% potassium potassium potassium permanganate solution, and then rinse with water. Girlfrinter treatment of seeds After disinfection of the seeds, it can be soaked in a warm water of 40 ° C or a layer of laminate of about 20 days. The influencing method, that is, the seed is disinfected, 60% to 70% of the moisture content is mixed evenly in the ratio of 1: 3, and the germinated in an environment of 20 to 30 ° C. Regular inspection, maintain moist, and the germination ends when there are about 1/2 left and right seed cracked.

3.3 Sowing method

Sowing seed disks. Seeds can be broadcast live to seedlings, and they can also be transplanted into breeding acupuncture dishes. The acupolar size is 54 cm × 28 cm, upper diameter 60 cm, bottom port 28 cm, deep 53 cm. Use a sand matrix and disinfected before sowing.

3.4 After sowing

After the seedling and time seedlings, strengthen fertilizer management. The seedlings are transplanted to the field when 2 to 3 leaves. The transplanted density is about 30 cm of the line spacing, and the strain is about 20 cm.

4 pests and disease prevention

Some pests and diseases are easily ill, affect their yield and quality during growth and development. Common diseases include white powder disease, pests are mainly moth, golden caterpillar, copper green turtles, etc., need to take effect according to the laws of pests and diseases in previous years, take effective control measures, and reduce the probability of pests and diseases.

In the prevention and treatment of pests and disease prevention and treatment of fruit trees, high-efficiency and low-toxic new drugs are treated with real-time pharmaceutical treatment, and 0.05% avei pillowthics, 0.067% 净 药 液, 0.05% Aifine drug solution, Oxidated pleurora 800 times liquid or 90% of the enemy of 1000 times liquid spray control.

During the process of cultivation, the growth and development of seedlings should often be observed, such as finding pests and diseases, timely dealing; if the treatment is not ideal, you need to hire professional technicians to view, find out the causes of pests and diseases, and take control measures. Avoid deterioration or further spread. 5 application value

5.1 Garden value

The ciroses are halflet in the fruit trees, 2 to 3 m, and have rich messengers, the amount of flowers and fruits can be enjoyed. Cultivated in the shore, road intersection, rockery, etc. Suspected with fruit stalks, stronger, and scissors, can be used as a fence.

5.2 Edible value

The fruit is rich in nutrition, high sugar content, rich in variety of vitamins and mineral elements, its total content of calcium, iron and phosphorus is 24 times that of Apple, the phosphorus content is the first of the fruit content, there is a good food Value and health efficacy, have broad application prospects.

5.3 medicinal value

The fruit tender branches can be used in medicine, and their sexy, slightly cold, with pain relief heat, sputum dehumidification, and have a good effect on the treatment of wind and wet joint pain and external treatment.

5.4 Ecological value

Both fruit fruit trees cold, drought tight, good adaptation ability, developed root, high branches, high survival, and improve soil erosion, improve barren soil.