Young people are trapped in the weekly report, "王" hidden in it

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Young people are trapped in the weekly report, "王" hidden in it

2021-11-28 12:04:17 12 ℃

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Several Internet Tucao employees work together, weekly inevitable is the hottest topic, because the hiding of "Volume king."

Many companies have weekly, even daily reporting mechanisms, the monthly report. As a management tool, carries a weekly combing work, the results show, and resources for other effects, this is an "excellent tool." But now, the workplace is becoming a weekly "involution" the best carrier.

"996, the size of the week, everyone says it is the volume, in fact better, after all, is based on working hours give money." An employee said manufacturers, most of the volume is a weekly, a daily work only, it has become a competitive field. "In the past, between departments, the division is different, we all of the dry, nothing comparable. But with weekly everyone can race with up."

It is understood that writing weekly, will also affect the company's leading assessment of staff work, so "Well done is better PPT well done" things happened, and now the Internet in the new jingle is: day / week / monthly blowing good, pay no worries.

In this context, employees who start comparisons of weekly multi-word, whose weekly comprehensive. "Others wrote more than 1,000 words, I wanted to write more, and finally wrote more than 3,000 words." "It was just text, then gradually more than a chart, and then later still images. Originally, only the work report, and later added to the list next Organization of the work week, as well as the work of reflection. increasingly lengthy pattern is also more original. "" It is said, there are people to make a weekly video. "

Moreover, because the weekly usually sent directly to the leadership and will not be co-workers, which makes the workplace "effort Party" have a chance, obviously, and colleagues collaborative work done, but it would be all the credit in the weekly report. In addition, weekly transmission time delay has become a means to express their own overtime work.

Weekly does have its role carding, reporting, but the weekly under the "inner volume" has been out of nature, and gradually become a burden "working people". Employees bluntly:. "What no time to do every Friday, has been in a hurry weekly, since the beginning of the work had to put on hold just to pay weekly, ridiculous."

Many manufacturers are also aware of the side effects of a weekly newspaper, and began to adjust, in July 2020, the staff are delighted to have Ali broke the news on softly:! "Weekly cancel TL (team leader) need to send monthly reports, but not more than 1000 word !! "when mentioned, the Chairman of the Board of directors Ali Yong also respond to employees:" "May 2021, in the first 17," Ali encouraged Japan to cancel weekly "November 27, an employee told Ali fired. Finance: "our division is now no need to write weekly, biweekly, but just write colleagues in other departments, as well as written, may be different requirements of different division.."

This issue bistro, we find young people are coerced daily / weekly / monthly few, they are manufacturers or from the Internet, or from small and medium enterprises and traditional enterprises, but have a fear of being dominated by weekly, actively or passively "volume" again. They, some to write weekly working hours fishing in troubled waters, the timing of submission of the weekend, to create the illusion of hard work; it was also because the newspaper was too sketchy to be led to establish a negative, followed by "continuous learning" has become the company's daily "roll king"; Others experienced colleagues in the weekly "snatch" credit, staged a workplace "of calculating the" ......

As a management tool, weekly might not like the size of the same week was canceled. After the cancellation came after weekly news of Ali, other companies do not follow up. But only make weekly back to the management tools themselves, can really play a role. When management not only through weekly measure of the ability of employees, when young not to waste time in the workplace on this show, this weekly was really meaningful.

Weekly became among colleagues "of calculating" the arena

Bay | 25-year-old deft employees

Work on the Internet, most tired is not the work itself, but the pull between relationships, as well as various meetings, weekly and other small things, these metaphysical things, the energy consumption of all light up.

After graduation, I move directly into the school deft work, to go before there is the Internet's brother said to me, deft slightly complicated internal relationships, management systems and processes is not perfect, obviously a very simple thing before and have to coordinate several days, and will stand, Semana these little things are very weary.

Fearless, prior to the formal work, I thought again how complex energy complex, just open meetings, weekly writing it, what fear, not to mention a good salary, you may be able to put up with.

As a result, more than a formal job in April, completely insight into how people can be complicated, even weekly can be rolled into "the palace scheming."

And colleagues to do the project together, ideas, plan out all my execution when landing in a spot of trouble, find that a lot of my colleagues advice. As a result, the project has not fully landed, he happened to see his colleague this project included in his weekly newspaper, and boast of his lengthy credit, as if the whole project is led by him and the key actors.

When the leader of our group itself very seriously weekly, so our group of colleagues write weekly weekly are very "hard", has not canceled a few months ago deft size weeks, colleagues often work overtime that day on the weekend to write weekly.

When I was in the job, I was still in the study stage. Leader talked to me, saying that my weekly report is too simple, only progress, no reflection, let me put my study, think and output all in the weekly report He can see if I have a growth. To be honest, I heard this speech, my heart had a lot of question marks, is there only I can see my growth? Usually I sat there so much, didn't you see it? Tucao is spoken, I still have a connection on the surface.

Later, I gradually discovered that because the upper level attached to the weekly report, and it was likely to hook his performance, the colleagues were rolled up, and more than anyone who wrote , more deeply, in the weekly report The drama of the robbing, and the drama of the hard work is endless.

Later, a friend who had a better relationship with another department gave me a trick. In the future, my weekly report should be written enough, why there is such an idea, execution time, execution details, and if it is one person? It is necessary to label that it is a colleague who has implemented, and has cooperated, but also to participate in your project in your project. In this way, the leaders looked at the weekly newspapers, a little comparison, knew who was exaggerating their words.

Later, I wrote a weekly report to have a heart, a detail didn't let go, not given another opportunity to be a job. Weekly should also be more written.

To be honest, I really consume energy. When I write a weekly report, I have to force myself to play myself, and I will hold back the inner resistance to write "Palace Xinji".

When weekly, there is a fixed form, stipulate that only write work plan, progress, and recent results, streamline, and unnecessary nonsense. But it is estimated that this is impossible, at least in our group is impossible.

On Friday, "full-time" Write a weekly report, Jingdong's "Weekly Culture" made my heart

Wall wall, 25-year-old Jingdong Group, former employees

At the end of last year, I jumped from a Internet factory to Jingdong Headquarters. Jingdong is my second job, and the reason why the last Internet big factory is retired, mainly considering that the neutral distance is too far, plus KPI heavy, various overtime, size.

But I didn't expect that in Jingdong, in addition to the pressure on the growth of the business itself, there are also various internal consumption. From the beginning of the entry, I deeply realized the weekly news of Jingdong. Online training, officially work, I need to write weekly news, no flaws, not being "talking". I still remember the first time I wrote weekly, because the words, the words were improper, I was criticized in the work group. Later, I have to spend a few hours a week, sometimes I am put on Friday. I wrote a weekly newspaper all day.

Jingdong's weekly reported culture is up and down. The direct leaders will take the content from your weekly news to improve their weekly reports, and report to his superior leadership. Therefore, the weekly report is not well written, it will not only be criticized, but also directly affect the relationship between you and leaders, and even affect the assessment of your attitude toward you.

We submit weekly reported that Jingdong's own 咚咚 table, rich in office accessories. I need to explain the things you do every week. I need to explain some of the work and project understanding. I will make charts, PPT, and complexity for some new projects. In particular, some cross-sectors need to cooperate, and weekly reports need to write progress in detail, with people, various reports, risk tips.

Once I and the leadership business trip, the leadership has a project, so I will write a weekly report for my busy. I don't dare to refuse, I can only write two counsels in my scalp, but also imitate the leadership of the tips and write, write a weekly report, continue to complete the work, all over the weekend. What I didn't expected was that since then, the help of the leaders wrote Zhou reported a home, and every month, I watched my brain twice and three times.

After five months, I submitted a resignation letter. Write a weekly report is the reason, there is also a salary system, the complex approval process, and the PPT culture, let me be determined to leave Jingdong. Today, I am doing content marketing in another Internet company, there is no weekly report, there is no size, just need to work hard. In my opinion, it should be like this.

From "reverse teaching materials" to "Daily Template", I am inexplicably became "Volume King"

Luo You | 24-year-old business assistant

There is a sentence in the Internet, "Daily is daily than weekly".

Coincidentally, our company is the one written by the daily newspaper. And, although our company is only less than 100 employees, our boss is an extremely adopted "former factory employee" in the Internet big factory management model. The company's operation is basically unified to adopt "Okr Management Mode", even Daily The format also is also required to be done with the "OKR Working".

At the beginning, the "Okr Work Law" also did not have a hard regulation requires us how to write, but there is a template in the daily report in the background, "What did you do", "What Results", "What is the idea And supplements. When I first came to the company, I didn't know how to write it. I wrote a passage according to the template before I stepped off. Because the company also provides, the daily report needs to be submitted on the same day, and the next 10pp, it will be fined 200 yuan.

This is my first post to the company's daily, weekly summary on Friday became the "negative" on the General Assembly. Day meeting was originally our team leader with our meeting, but the way to meeting the boss walked in, tune out background system. And without hesitation on the point that our department opened a bar and point to open my newspaper, then delivered a nearly 30-minute impromptu speech at the meeting eloquent. He first told you my daily format is wrong, "even if not in accordance with the template to write, everything should be organized with decimals indicate the standard, but in daily written macro content too, have to be specific, let look people know what day you've done. "then he gave us a good colleague looked at other departments written daily. I at first glance, the "positive teaching," the sale of small partners, unavoidably will hold talks daily customer lists and results are listed neatly intention, and finally attached a further contact and maintain communication client list.

I did not think that there is something wrong, did not feel "volume", first came to feel that they should just learn. So then in order to avoid when writing their own newspaper can not start, I specifically bought a notepad, a day identifying him as done in the book.

In a day when their brains record daily work and daily content, I whim, "since every write daily newspaper every day, some work is known in advance, why do not I write today to do things in the newspaper, before get off work again the completion of the supplementary situation. "so, I set out the company first thing every day," mission today ", before get off work on the supplement" complete state "and" tomorrow plan. " The next day the day before and then daily in the "Tomorrow Plan" cut and paste to "mission today."

Under some operation, my daily looks full to the brim, words are hundreds of words. My Zhefan operation less than a week, in the month wrap-up meeting was held, also received a thumbs boss. He also specifically emphasized that "I have to tell colleagues in other departments, and more to learn from you, this way is great."

The next day I was in the background "wandering" to see colleagues Daily found that more than half of department colleagues have learned my "Daily template," but leadership is no exception. Until now, still with the department for more than half my colleagues and I have the same daily template, but this week wrap-up meeting, the boss also mentioned other departments of a colleague "mind map style Daily", and expressed the hope that we can be more between Learn.

I'm going next week, daily newspaper boss on the use of the form mentioned in the "mind map style."

Daily surprising selection, well-written cash reward

Mimi Shu Wen Chong 25-year-old company employee

A friend and I often say are weekly and monthly "volume" extremely harsh, but I think the weekly and monthly is not the most "volume" of our company's daily newspaper is the "roll" out of the realm.

Our company asked to write daily newspaper every day, but also the number of words required more than --500 words. Elementary school when the teacher asked us to write a diary every day, winter and summer, so no mandatory requirement of words, not to mention there are "sunny" This word can scrape together words.

Daily work but not the same, write clearly what to do every day, but in fact, we have a lot of projects are advancing on a monthly basis, sometimes busy day even will have time to drink water, but sometimes, a all day and doing nothing.

It makes me pressure Alexander. In order to write something every day daily, I even labeled sticky notes on the computer, unavoidably record the daily work, even down to who each phone call, the main content of communication. But this is not enough, in order to scrape together words, my colleagues are trying to make itself, there is a daily experience of writing experience, write study notes for each day. In short, lobbied to 500 words, everyone fight.

But in fact, we finished daily, there is no feedback. Leading never return daily, sometimes I even doubt that he had not read the newspaper in the end we have submitted.

Until something happened, I know him not only to see but also to see the comparison. A weekday afternoon, the working group suddenly raged, three colleagues were named in recognition of the leadership, and the issuance of a cash reward directly in the group. The reason is very rewarding in my opinion wonderful - Daily well written, and even separation of the first, second and third place, respectively, three colleagues got 1,000 dollars -3000 yuan reward.

The event is also our private Tucao as "the boss ventilation Award", and was rewarded by three colleagues, all of a sudden become a target of public criticism. Log crowd was issued by some colleagues screenshots "whipping", such as "Just a few of them would be flattering, indeed the Reds in front of Boss", "requires 500 words to write 1000 words a little, indeed the reward."

In addition to private Tucao, I even heard a person of "cynicism", I really have to say "courage." One of my colleagues in the process of being rewarded with another colleague in collaborative communication, another colleague suddenly to the sentence:. "You dailies write that well, this thing has changed not understand ah" moment , called "social death" scene, the whole office is quiet.

Although the party suffered embarrassment, but we also did in the daily "roll" up. In addition to the human part of the boss wants attention, a large part of the worst people in order to do that, after all, from the moment there are competitions, in addition to the first, there will be also the last one.

So I followed daily "roll" in the atmosphere, increasing the number of words daily. When I started submit a log of 1000 words, I realized that the boss objective was achieved. Meeting of the company, the theme was "how to write weekly"

Amy Shu 26-year-old copywriting public relations firm

I was a public relations firm copywriting, our company is small, only a dozen people, but within the volume is very serious, no less than a "Palace fighting drama", a single from a small weekly newspaper will be able to spy or two.

Although the company is small, but our main customers are the Internet giant. Ever since, not only "alignment, enabling closed-loop, iterative, link" and the Internet "black words" has become essential that we work in exchange of words, the company's management system is also standard reference makers, brief meeting, will be aligned, week regular meeting after another, daily, weekly, monthly write forever.

The company arrived in time, I think it is nothing more than a summary of weekly work week and combing, services Party "Dad" has been very time-consuming and effort, and it should be concise weekly. But the fact is that I naive.

I write weekly for two weeks (that is, the company added about two weeks), the company's first notification I attended weekly meetings. To this regular meeting, I deliberately advance combed the job at hand, marked projects require collaboration with colleagues and bosses push, hoping to effectively promote through meetings, but they are completely useless. Because the theme of the meeting turned out to be "how to write weekly."

I was shocked. At the meeting, the boss stressed that in addition to weekly written, well-written weekly also sent to the group, I look, Goodfellas, each one has almost 1,000 words, and some separation of the size of the title, and even do "mind map". It's not finished, the last boss also put exaggeration, "wrote the weekly whether there is logic" and "a thinking person's underlying logic", so that we pay attention to weekly, and the weekly routine as a way of thinking training.

I even think that this will give me an open person, because I am the only newcomer. Looked at his weekly 200 words I reluctantly laughed, I may not know a copywriter writing structure it? Nothing but feel no need to waste too much time on a weekly nothing, 200-word summary of combing and can achieve the purpose of effective communication, no need to write 1,000 words a non.

But clearly Weekly role far beyond its own significance, became a tool in the workplace battle. Who column a few more pieces, the boss who did think much; who write long, represents a positive working attitude; who made late, on behalf of anyone in overtime, work on behalf of saturation.

In order to adapt to the company, I also began to be coerced. In addition to the weekly write longer, I also learned to "workplace skills", regularly sent weekly. Our company provides every Friday to pay weekly, but no one was sent in before get off work, but in fact we are all finished within working hours, but the time to send almost all after nine at night.

Now, I find that writing weekly than deal with Party A father but also a waste of brain cells, I do not know this more to write longer, more write more fancy weekly what's the point, but do not know when this day is a start.

"Rolled rolled" Weekly getting longer and longer, more and more tricks

Yan Yan Shu 24-year-old marketing editor

Earlier this year, I went to work for a publishing company, originally thought to escape from Internet companies will be able to stay away from "Weekly", the results did not realize that after entry, the new company not only require employees to write weekly, and daily and monthly reports.

Entry on the first day, I was asked to submit daily and other employees the same. But in fact, the whole day I spent in processing the entry formalities and office supplies brought in, did not do anything substantive work in the evening I bite the bullet and Internet search template compiled a few experiences, by nailing submitted to the leadership, not only the result of the leadership has not criticize me, but also told me "do not write too trivial things in daily where, as long as you can record what they did."

I was naive to think that the work report of the new company can simply write a few words, so in the first week of direct cross-weekly "Flying self." I had just finished writing his second, third work, the full text of no more than 150 words, perfect control in less than five elements; then copy and paste into the Shared Documents department's weekly (because a lot of work to colleagues, collaboration, need each other We know each other's progress). Because little word, I honor the first weekly pay.

The results Sunday night, weekly document links in our department abruptly sent to the working group, watching my "five elements within the" shining in the first row, weekly content behind a colleague's longer than a; even some people in the completion of the project also written from behind the work perception, reflection summary, etc., but also lobbied for a three-five hundred words, one with a college entrance essay 800 words long. I realized, "involution" all the time.

However, due before the big leaders have made clear a chat, not in the daily / weekly / monthly reports to write these meetings and other daily chores, can only write job / project progress. In desperation, I had started to write sentiment work like "water" words, after all, dozens of people weekly, leadership can not be read one by one, and once the "outstanding", will become their own "work is not saturated" to prove .

I thought that the number of words that the week reported it was very painful, and the monthly report was also spent on the colleague of "volume". When there is a month, the leader has given us to record the item time node at any time, it is best to be reflected in the monthly report. So, in the monthly report, I made a form using Excel to record the time of spending for each job, and the time node is recorded, "rich" monthly report content. After the leader saw, he felt that his monthly report was very good, and decided to implement the form of this monthly report in all the doors, but also made a colleague of the personnel department for a set of Excel table templates, used to count our project / work. Duration, the name of the United States "" We directly furn out the project and the time, you can save the time when the employee writes the monthly report. "

I am going to the end of the month, I have to get ready to write a monthly report. Because there is an additional job of "trying to recall, make enough (sufficient) work, I will now write a monthly report, which takes at least half an hour to an hour than one hour. I understand the progress process of the project, weekly, monthly report, but constantly "volume" report content form, "prove", "prove", "saturate", this day, I really don't know when it is a head.

Working time to touch the fish Write Weekly, then submit on the weekend "overtime"

Nami | 27-year-old advertising administrator

I am now working in the beginning of 2020, I came here, I was very happy, and there were not many companies, and they were also very pleasant to colleagues. The company's main business is made by design, copyrights, and brands. I am responsible every day is something that is very routine executive.

Because the company is not large, it is an advertising company, so we don't have a strict attendance system, nor use nails such as enterprise office products. Working communication is the enterprise mailbox. I have no weekly newspaper when I just entered the job.

Probably starting from April last year, leaders suddenly announced that they must submit weekly reports. Weekly report format, long short and submission time is not limited, as long as you pay before the end of the week. But the weekly report is submitted, not only to send it to the superior leaders, but also to copy other small partners. We guess it at the time.

No matter what reason, we have started writing a weekly newspaper. At the beginning, everyone is still writing. In order to not want to delay the rare entertainment time weekend, after a lunch break, everyone's work is surprisingly - seriously "compiling" weekly, then submit it before get off work.

Even we once thought that the permeate system is implemented, so that we have a "touching fish" reasons for his work hours.

However, after a long time, this kind of pleasure of enjoying the fish together disappeared. I remember was a Saturday night in July, it was approaching 10 o'clock or have been ten o'clock, and suddenly the mobile mailbox prompt received a new message. After opening, I found that it was a weekly report from the written partner. I didn't think much, I didn't open it.

But let us accidentally, on Monday, the leaders actually praised this small partner, saying that she "also wanted to work on Saturday, the weekly reported well, unlike a lot of colleagues, it is similar." These words, after the snake, this small partner also explained to everyone, he only forgot, there is no work on weekends, and the content of the weekly report is very simple.

Although everyone didn't care about it, it was in fact the weekly volume of the weekly started. Although everyone is still working on Friday, we have written weekly reports on Friday, but I will not receive a weekly report from Friday. Or, the weekly report from no small partner is sent to 10ppurvers on Saturday evening. Of course, I am no exception. I usually write good on Friday. Time Saturday night, how long is it for colleagues with a few relationships, and more time.

Slowly, the time to send the weekly report will be postponed from Saturday evening to Sunday afternoon, and then it is a Sunday night. At first, "volume" is only in the transmission time, but when there is no "volume", some small partners will add some work content on Sundays, such as "Modify Copywriting" in the weekly report. And customer communication, "Modify Design".

But an executive, there is no one can write it out on the weekend, and I have already quit the "Weekly Report of the Inner Volume", and the Buddha is lying flat. But I still have a little bit, that is, I settled the time to submit on Sunday - "On the evening of Sunday, I will submit it on time."

Weekly Relationship Leadership Impression and Year-end Awards began "small things" "big things"

Right right 丨 28-year-old energy state-owned employee

I work in an energy state-owned enterprise. State-owned enterprises, everyone has a stereotype - drought and flood control, "big pot", mix the day, do one day, so "volume" seems to have no relationship with us.

But in these two years, our company has also begun to reform. One of the impacts is to remove the department, leading to a leadership of the current leadership, which is equivalent to several departments; two is the implementation of post, the work content is implemented, the responsibility is also people, so it needs everyone to everyone. The work content is clearer.

So in order to better master the work of the staff, the weekly newspaper also came into being. In the past, we didn't need to write weekly, but now Daily, weekly, monthly reports. There is a rivers and lakes in some places, so we also "volume". In our company, it is basically the same as the usual wage welfare of the same level employee. The only difference is how much the year-end award. After the reform, the distribution of the year-end awards, the leadership has a relatively powerful power, and the work and work completion of the position can determine a coefficient, and then determine the year-end award on the basis of this factor.

Our weekly report generally reports this week's focus, next week's work plan. However, in order to "performance" in the week, some people's work content began "distortion", small to open a meeting, and pay a table, may write a weekly report, may It is for a long time, one more, looks more saturation.

Regular work will also "add oil to vinegar", use some workplace "processing", which is very important, such as a tripartite project, weekly written: "Organize the partners, promote the project process." Actually gives both sides I called a phone.

This kind of "small trick" is soon being broken by our leadership, because everyone's work has a cross, a person adds a vinegar, but carefully look at others, it must have a problem. So occasionally call people to talk about, report work, avoid "volume on paper" affecting real work evaluation.

But not all leaders will consider this, leaders do not have time and energy to do this move, so it is inevitable that there is negligence, "volume" is not eliminated. Now in order to strive for leadership "praise", although I will not "add oil to vinegar", I will try to write the content, and the wording will be more generous, so that my work is relatively saturated, it is more important.

This also brings a tired, because the original simple report work, now gives the expense, hint. Is this "volume" meaningful?

* The map and the map are comes from visual China. Wall, wall, Bay Bay, Luo Chang, Amy, Nami, He Wei, Mi Mi, right right is the name.

* Disclaimer: In any case, information or opinions in this article does not constitute an investment advice to anyone.