After in listening to colleagues, the salary of the Internet is metaphysics?

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After in listening to colleagues, the salary of the Internet is metaphysics?

2021-11-28 12:04:15 13 ℃

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Can your company exchange salary free?

Recently, Apple announced that employees can discuss salary, working hours and environments, which have triggered netizens' discussions on secretariat. With the same position in the same company, some people take 10,000 months, but some people take 15,000, in the Internet industry, different pay is a common phenomenon.

Some people found that more than just the company's efforts are higher than the old employees. Even the same period is entitled, the same work experience and work content, the payline is still very big, you are more exhausted every day, the income is more than every day Colleagues who touch fish. On the workplace, it is really "the child who will cry", "Huan people are bullied"?

There is a certain controversy for the secure system is reasonable. It is said that because the salary is opaque, the company can use this information asymmetry to lower labor costs. It is also believed that it is known that the salary is lower than that of the colleague will have a huge imbalance in employees, and the secretariat is the enthusiasm of protecting employees. However, because the number of employees is large, the salary is different, and most companies in the Internet industry are all secretaries.

There is no wall in the world. Once you touch this red line, how do most companies do?

Today, deep burning and 5 Internet practitioners talked. Some people found that colleagues were higher than their own salary, looking for leadership theory, and finally and leaking salary members were separated; some people were seen by colleagues to see the payment notice, and the other party to find leadership requires no sustainable, the two still have a trouble; more old When the employee learned that the new employee has a higher salary, the company incited the company's old employees to protest, which triggered the collective event.

In fact, whether it is called leadership theory or negative response to the leadership theory or negative response, it is still unintentional to disclose your own salary, and it is possible to fall into passive. Although everyone has a different attitude towards the tip, it is believed that it is always the first rule of the workplace.

The following is those caused by secretaries.

Encounter "unfair treatment" to find the leader, and finally left the same person with colleagues who leaked salary

Small | 28-year-old advertising sales

I did advertising sales in a Internet company. I didn't have a "secret salary system" on the labor contract. Even if I have a new employee's entry training, I don't know "I can't listen to salary". However, I have been working for 5 years, and I don't listen to colleagues' salary is also the consciousness of the elderly.

We sell salary, although it is a basic salary, but no one will think about the bottom salary, mainly to make a big head. I have always been the same for sale with the same level.

I didn't listen to the habit of paying the gap. But once, a long time I talked for a long time because I didn't let the other party satisfied, I finally failed to cooperate. In fact, before this, I have repeatedly applied to the company, I can't give this customer a little discount, the supervisor is rejected by the "lowest price".

It is about two months. I found that another sales of the same group actually took this company. For curiosity, I don't touch the multi-party person, and the discount given by my colleagues is lower than I originally given. My first reaction is that there must be a greasy in this.

I am not straightforward to question this colleague how to apply for a low discount, but I have been invited to eat, and I will have a closer to this colleague from time to time. He also revealed that he brought several major customers when he came to enter the company. This is committed to some industries and policy protection when necessary. Moreover, I also found that his basic salary is several thousand yuan higher than me.

I have confirmed the performance of the performance, but the competent opponent's "difference treatment", so that customers will naturally become more and more increasingly increasing and can get more favorable sales cooperation. I am also worked in the company for several years, of course, I am uncomfortable. Taking advantage of the quarter, I am with the supervisor, the basic salary is at least the same, on the discount, I hope I can apply for a low price discount.

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The whole conversation process is about 10 minutes, I finished my thoughts, the supervisor did not hesitate, immediately said that the basic salary is the judgment of the personnel, but if necessary, you can apply for a low price for the big customers. When I came out of the office, I found that I might be a bit reachabated, and I immediately prepared it.

But after a while, HR did not find me talking. In the work I also tried to apply for some need discounts, but the supervisor did not agree. The colleague who revealed the salary of salary was left for a month.

I know that I "betrayed" him, but I don't regret it. Many times our "lowest price" is a weapon, I have no weapons, how to fight in the workplace. I didn't have long been in this colleague and resigned.

I agree that the company implements "secret salary system", if everyone's salary is the same, certainly can't transfer everyone's positive, but I can't accept unfair competition.

Colleagues saw my payment of payment, looking for boss salary, there was no fruit, and I am.

Renuan | 30-year-old front Internet company person in charge

Two years ago, I worked in an Internet unicorn. At that time, I would clearly ask employees to talk about wages, and we will also see some Internet company employees who talk about wages or expenditures. So don't listen to each other.

After leaving this company, I was started with a friend, but the development and expectations were not quite the same, I planned to stop this project. Said to be a friend, actually at work, he is a handband, I think about bringing him with another company. When I am in the new company and the boss, when I take care of my friends, I will give us the same salary to the boss. I have been after a while, after the day after work, the leadership sent me, give me a salary, but it is not enough, he accidentally saw the news. At that time, it was really "social death scene", he immediately became excited, and he called the leadership theory, but also wage, I was also very embarrassed.

The next day to the company, he went to find a leader and big board. I don't know the specific negotiation process, but in the end, the boss did not agree to give him a payment. He had always been emotion. In the company, it is said that the boss's money is compensating for me to give up entrepreneurship. This money should have one. I was swallowed by me, I am calap. The leadership can understand that the summary of the salary is not what I deliberately leaked, but I have a trick and this friend.

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I think Internet companies do not allow taxes to talk about salary. The salary is really gap, and the public salary may affect work. At this company, there is another thing to confirm this.

The department I am responsible, also requires employees to talk to each other, but they still discuss privately, with some employees to find that their salary does not have another colleague, although everyone's salary is based on capacity level, workload Some factors are determined, but this employee is an imbalance in an attitude, with emotional work.

At that time, we didn't say that it would be penalized for employees for private discussion of wages, but because the state of this employee has affected the work, consider do not expel him. However, my department is really too missing, and finally I can only use appealing, giving him a salary to let him leave.

I used to be a grassroots employee, and I would like to make the salary open, and later became a management. After starting the team, I found that the salary confidentiality is indeed more conducive to management.

Colleagues are overworked about in listening to salary, let us feel discomfort

子 | 25-year-old new media practitioner

I am a graduate this year, and I have a few people in the company. One particularly likes to explore someone else's salary, but also in public.

He was at the beginning, and he went to the same time before the payment, he went to the same girl A, asked her how much did she set it. A and his background are similar, the school is good, her salary is determined to be the highest in our company.

A is truly, he said on the spot, to order 5,000 yuan higher than A high.

Results The wages are not ideal, less than A is still 2,000 yuan. He started to listen to me, because I was in the leader, the salary is to keep confidential. When he asked me, I said, "I will definitely be less than you", he asked, I didn't answer.

Next, he started to listen to the company, from the same period to heard the post, from this department to heard another department. It's still not enough to speaking, he still said. We sometimes eat together, he said in front of everyone, a certain salary is 15K, a certain 13k ...

The east window is because he is in listening to other sectors, he is known by the department leaders and reports to the boss. When the meeting, the boss was very serious, and even a bit angry, some people were in listening to others salary, this is the red line of the workplace, and then this situation will leave.

Source / Visual China

Everyone in the seat knows who is telling the belly, after all, he has asked. But just like notone, he didn't show tense, or he was happy. After a few days, he cooked with us, the first sentence is: I have risen by 2000, I am now salary. Who is it. We didn't take it, pretend, didn't hear it.

This new person does have this situation, it is not love to ask, just love. In fact, A is also the same, she is open to us when she has just set a salary. At that time, an old employee was present, and he heard it, soon leaving, it may be because he earned less. After this thing, HR and leaders also look for her to talk.

I understand the submarine system, and I understand the different payments of the same work, because this thing is very metaphor, it is necessary to refer to too much. Even if we are the same gentlemen, there will be a big gap between each other, not only on the education, and there are past internships, interpersonal communication skills, etc.

But I know that after the salary of this colleague is still quite sad. His work ability is not strong, why do you earn more than I earn, I don't afford to work every day.

Therefore, if the salary is all transparent, we don't work, and you have stared at the colleague. Don't touch the fish. The work that does not match his salary.

I talked about this thing with my mom. She told me that the value of only my own hand, I just graduated or not in the melon truce. I slowly wanted to open, the starting point is not the same, it will take a gun behind it later.

Old employees know that new employees are 500 high, and the people who incite the whole factory are not

Wang Ke can | 29-year-old entrepreneur company HR

I am supporting secretariat, before, because a employee told someone to tell his salary, it has caused a big wave in the company.

At that time, there was a young sister to enter the job. When I went to the factory inspection, a maintenance of the factory was responsible for the after-sales employee asked her to pay more, she was old. It's not happy to say that the old employee is not happy, and the little sister salary is 500 higher than her. They have similar positions, but she feels that their qualifications are deep, technology is good, and there is no new employee wages, which is very unreasonable. This old employee is very boasting, deliberately talking to the factory, the new little sister does not understand, it is high than their salary, the employees who have attracted the entire factory are not happy, collective protests, evolved into a collective event .

We are the company in the second and third-tier cities, and there are more than 500 salary. At that time, the boss did not think that this can have such a big influence. Our HR department repeatedly talked with these two people, one is to understand the cause and pass, and the other is to find a solution. We are even more biased towards the little sister, but the factory can't press this, and later she took the initiative to leave.

Source / Visual China

At that time, she had no way to work in the factory, no one is willing to cooperate with her, the solution we discuss is to transfer her, but she is also very sad, I feel that I have entered the company, I hope to work hard, others asked She wage, she didn't think much. She felt that she didn't count the wrong thing, but he had a big impact and wanted to take a break.

In fact, there is no problem with the company's salary system, and her salary is 500 more than the old employees because she has a bigger potential. It's just that she is too simple, and I don't know how to be so sensitive. I can't say anything. Of course, we didn't specialize in this time at the time. After this matter, when we joined them in the new employee, we would like to say salary and confidentiality, and you will be euphemistic, your salary is high, don't let others know and not happy, there will be some effects.

I have been quite a pity that little sister, she can be very hard, and there is no high hand. I think this matter is that our HR work is not done. If it is me, I will open the sale. But the leaders think that the little sister does not understand, the management of the factory is also difficult, can't hurt the hearts of the old employees, so she became a victim.

For the company, do not disclose the salary, on the one hand, in order to reduce the cost of employment, there is also a protection of such employees. Salary confidential This thing can be small, many people think that there is such a good confidentiality, that is not encountered. I really encountered it, I know more important to pay for salary.

Salary issues are the company's high-voltage lines, and the exchange of listeners should be dismissed.

Feng Quanlin | 40+ Years of Meikai Long Ai Home President

I think salary should be confidential, because the heart is the most bad management, most people are "unwaver and uneven". The most typical is the year-end award. If an employee took 100,000 year-end awards, it was a pleasant thing, but if he found the same level of colleagues took 120,000, he took 100,000 pleasure, and the smoke was disappeared. .

Everyone wants to pursue pay fairness, but in fact, each company has developed to different stages that need to attract different talents, and the pay is difficult to do most employees to feel the fair. In fact, the inner existence is fair, but the real existence and perception are two things.

For example, we have to dig a very important technology, publicity or public relations staff. This person may also be very important for competitors, and dig him to use a higher price. Another employee that has been released in the company, even if he two ages, experience, degree, and the pay is different. This will make the unfairness of the work of the work. This is difficult to avoid in the enterprise. The larger the company, the more obvious the so-called unfair phenomenon, the company's perspective and employee's perspective are difficult to achieve exactly.

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In addition, many people are in full, and each employee's acquisition is not comprehensive, and the employee thinks that they have paid a lot than B employees, why b employee can take so much money. But in fact, A master Master's work is likely to be a one-sided, and he judges that there is a deviation. We have no way to put all the people to show all, let alone some work is not quantified.

Of course, I have to admit that many companies will have unfair phenomena, such as custom post to level, the promotion system is not equally fair, leaders reuse employees according to their own preferences, these will cause unfairness. But this phenomenon is uncommon, nor for a long time.

I have encountered the payment of the employee to march the salary of the colleague, and I have resolutely dismiss. Listening to the salary, it is a high-voltage line in my eyes, it is resolutely not allowed. The company must establish a serious rule, otherwise some people often discuss salary, they will make many people do not stay in peace. The pay composition should be very diverse, the number is not fair, the biggest unfair is "big pot rice".

The Secretariat system is not to save costs, in order to make employees work better. However, salary transparency can be done in some positions, for example, in the sales position, the employees are the same, it can be transparent, but for other non-sales positions such as R & D, technology, there is no way to completely transparent .

In addition, I will regularly analyze the reputable salary, see the rationality, fairness of the company's salary system, compare the value of external peers and internal employees, and valuable employees will pay a timely salary, and inaccurate system will also be revised. Guarantee the competitiveness of the company.

I think that employees should improve their value, less look at the price, make value, naturally there, otherwise, even if the hopping, speculative drill camp, etc., it is not lasting.* The title is from visual China.In response to respondents, the text is small, the fire, the child, and Wang Ke can be a name.