260 million!Deep aging should be advanced?Liaoning is the most aging, Shanghai is 4.4 times that Shenzhen, foreign investment, the stagnation of the retaining stocks.

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260 million!Deep aging should be advanced?Liaoning is the most aging, Shanghai is 4.4 times that Shenzhen, foreign investment, the stagnation of the retaining stocks.

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Data treasure

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Population decline, can an aging have reversible?

In the latest "International Statistics Yearbook 2021", the number of marriage registrations has been low in 17 years. The marriage rate has a new low, the divorce rate is climbed, the birth rate fell below 1%, and the population of 60 years old is close to 20%, etc. Data is very eye-catching. The population is the first productivity, accompanied by the birth rate of continuous decline, and has successively introduced birth policies across the country.

Chinese population birth rate and Japan have been flatter 10 years ago

Many indicators are swords, and the population is not optimistic. The seventh population census data shows that the 2020 people have a natural growth rate of 1.45 ‰, and the population birth rate has been below more than 40 years. The first fell below 1%, only 8.52 ‰, triggered the public's fertility in China.

In fact, the decline in population birth rate has become the status quo facing global countries. According to the World Bank Data, the population density is the first India in the world, and the birth rate in the past 40 years has declined. According to the National Fifth Family Survey Report (2019-2021) in India, the summary fertility rate is reduced to 2.0, lower than the population The summary level of the total fertility is 2.1, the United Nations predicts that the Indian population will have a negative growth to the 2060.

US, Japan's 2020 people have a new birth rate, of which Japan is below 7 ‰, 2010 Japan's birth rate is 8.5 ‰, that is to say that China's current population birth rate is flat upon 10 years ago.

China's 65-year-old population is 2 times that of India

Like the birth rate, aging problems are equally ignored. Population aging is a big problem that is related to people's livelihood and social stability, involving thousands of households and hermeal descendants, have become an important topic that cannot be ignored and needs to be solved. .

State statistics show that since 2014, China's 65-year-old population has been more than 10% in seven consecutive years, which is to say that every 10 people have a 65 years old. In 2020, China's 60-year-old and above population has exceeded 260 million, accounting for 18.7% of the total population; the population of 65 years and above is more than 190 million, accounting for a new high, reaching 13.5%, accounting for 2 times in India. The gap between developed countries with Europe and the United States has gradually narrowed, for example, 65 years old, 65 years old, accounting for 16.63%. The population of Population India accounts for 6.57%, only half of China. It is worth mentioning that children under 14 years old are more than 26%, which can be said to be the world's most "young" population.

According to international standards, the population of more than 60 years old is more than 7% of the population than 65 years old, which means that the population of this country or region is in an aging society; accounting for more than 14%, it means entering the deep aging society. . According to the seventh population census data, China will enter the deep aging society in advance in advance in advance in advance. According to IMF forecast, China is likely to enter deep aging society in 2023.

From aging, transition to deep aging society, France used 126 years, the United Kingdom 46 years, Germany 40 years, Japan 25 years, according to IMF's forecast, China's process is likely to use only 22 years, shorter than Japan.

Shandong over 15 million people over 65 years old

Guangdong aging is only half of Liaoning

If the data predicted by IMF is established, China is likely to be the fastest in the history of human history. The population model of the IMF is also predicted. By 2050, there will be one of the 65 years old, which is more than 30% of the 65-year-old population.

According to statistical annual data, 31 provinces in the country (including municipalities, the same as the same), and the provinces of the aging society are up to 30. Tibet is the most "young", 65 years old, accounting for 5.67%, and the population below 14 years old is also the highest, reaching 24.53%.

There are 12 depth aging provinces. There are many northern provinces. Liaoning in the East Third provinces, the top 1,65nd, 65 years old, accounting as high as 17.42%; Jiangsu Province 65-year-old population accounts for more than 16%, ranking 5th In the four major municipalities, in addition to Beijing, Chongqing, Shanghai, Tianjin is more than 14% of the population over 65 years old, ranking 2nd, 4th, 11th in the country. Shandong Province is ranked 8th, with a population of more than 15 million in 65 years old, and the number is first in 31 provinces in the country. In 2020, GDP in Shandong Province ranks third in the country, but Shandong Province population outflow is relatively serious, and it is contrasted with aging levels. Shandong's births have declined, which has caused aging intensified.

Guangdong, the first largest province of the national economy, is also very young, and the 65-year-old population of the 2020 is only 8.58%. The ranking is third, which is half of the first Liaoning Province.

Shenzhen younger

Shanghai old age is 4.4 times in Shenzhen

The aging of large-scale cities across the country is also relatively serious. According to statistics, 21 in the country is oversized, and 19 cities have more than 10% of the population over 60 years old. Seven cities account for more than 20%, which means that there are more than 60 years old, and the top three cities are Dalian, Shanghai, Shenyang.

In the 4 municipalities, Beijing is relatively young. The proportion of population above 60 years old is less than 20%, but "Beijing" 14th Five-Year Plan "is mentioned that the Beijing elderly population base is large, and it is expected that" Ten " At the end of the four five, the population aging level will reach 24%, from mild aging into moderate aging. By 2035, the old population over 60 years old is close to 7 million, and the population aging level will exceed 30%, enter the severe aging. 21 cities, of the top four cities in Guangdong aging ranks among the late four, the youngest Shenzhen, the population aged over 60 accounted for only 5.33%; the proportion of the population over 60 years of Dongguan City, also less than 6%. The first-tier city in the north, the highest in Shanghai, the highest population of 60 years old, reaching 23.38%, is 4.4 times in Shenzhen.

17 bornened pensions won the capital of the north

Experts said that the birth rate of population decreased, and the population is an increase in aging. On the macro level, it is impact on national economic vitality, social structure and even national survival; on the microscopic level, every family and personal happiness and rights are affected. Under the background of the old population, the pension industry provides services for the long-term health, happiness realization of life.

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Data treasure

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