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Shenzhen Xinwangda Integrated Energy Service Co., Ltd.

2021-11-28 12:07:20 33 ℃

Pocket Qujing News November 26th, Shenzhen Xinwangda Integrated Energy Service Co., Ltd. Li Zhai Yili Ban is in the field inspection of Qujing Jingban.

The inspection team came to the Silicon Photovoltaic Industrial Park and the New Energy Battery Industry Park in the Economic Development Zone, and founded the development of 10GW single crystal silicon rods and the development of new energy battery industries, project construction promotion and production. Condition.

At the symposium, Guihua, the first-level researcher of the Economic Development Zone, detailed the latest project propulsion situation, and invited to Xinwangda's inspection team. I look forward to Xinwang to the open area to invest in Industrial. develop.

The examination group details the development history of Xinwangda Group, main products and technology, industrial layout, and integrated energy business. The inspection team said that the field investigation deeply understood an excellent investment environment in the open area. At present, the Silicon Photovoltaic Industry and New Energy Battery Industry have a good industrial layout plan and project foundation. The cluster effect is highlighted, and Xinwang is expected to work with Qujing Economic Development Zone.

It is reported that Shenzhen Xinwangda Integrated Energy Service Co., Ltd. is a lithium battery energy storage integration and application technology as the core, focusing on grid storage, industrial energy storage, family energy storage, network energy, and integrated energy service business, for customers Provide energy storage systems and overall solutions.