Dong Mingzhu 22-year-old Secretary has started live broadcast?So high-profile secretary thinks?

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Dong Mingzhu 22-year-old Secretary has started live broadcast?So high-profile secretary thinks?

2021-11-28 18:05:56 32 ℃

According to Beijing Youth Daily, because Dong Mingzhu, 22-year-old college graduates, Meng Yu children suddenly became popular. Since Dong Mingzhu said that she had to cultivate her "Second Dong Mingzhu", Meng Yu girl even was mistaken to be a Gree success. However, it seems that "the second Dong Mingzhu" actually refers to the good partner when Dong Mingzhu is live in live broadcast.

Recently, a hanging account called "Pearl Feather Sather" is quietly registered. The photo of this account is Dong Mingzhu and Meng Yu's photo, account certification is "Gree Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd.", which is binding to the account "GREE Gree Small Appliance Flagship Store", including air purifier , Rice cooker and other goods. Up to now, the account has released multiple videos. Among them, Meng Yu children said in a video "Share the product of Gree Electric in this account", the rest of the three goods of Meng Yu children.

During this year, During the eleventh period, "Dong Mingzhu is selected from the 12-year-old college graduate." This "22-year-old college graduate" is Meng Yu children. This year's 22-year-old Mengyu, I first graduated from the University of Zhejiang University in June this year. Due to the participation in Mango Satellite TV Variety Program "The first-time workplace" and the end of Dong Mingzhu.

From the current store of "Pearl Yu", the shelves have exceeded 35 pieces, but sales are not very ideal. The total sales volume of stacks is not 100, from many netizens, the buyer is not Very cold, more is to see the beautiful little sister.

To be honest, I saw Dong Mingzhu's beauty secretary has begun to broadcast the goods. Many people have begun to have a feeling of realizing, and finally knowing that Dong Mingzhu has been in the end of the way in the last time, we have this thing What should I see?

First of all, for Dong Mingzhu, many people will be very strange, because most of the business mansters are actually a relatively low-key state for their secretary, their secretaries should be hiding behind these heads. However, no one thought that Dong Mingzhu continued to push his secretary, went to the front desk and continued to go, and even said that he did not hesitate to have his own secretary. In such a big background, many people will think that this person will not want to Become a successor of Gree, but from the current point of view, it seems that Dong Mingzhu's purpose is not the case. The core logic of this secretary may not be the work of the secretary or the treatment of daily affairs, it might want to do It is a special job, while Dong Mingzhu is only worthy of red.

Secondly, from Dong Mingzhu's current operating point of operation, we don't think of this girl as a secretary, but as a complete set of directions of Dong Mingzhu, it will find that Dong Mingzhu is with his own The influence launched a brand spokesperson who launched a live broadcast of goods, which is undoubtedly what Dong Mingzhu is doing. After all, if it is a well-known entrepreneur, it is very difficult, and there is not much too much. Energy to do this, we see that the company's heads of the company in many live goods last year have gradually exited the field of live broadcast, because their daily work is too busy to go to the live broadcast, it is impossible to have This effort, so for Dong Mingzhu, it is better to use his own influence to hold a so-called secretary, then become a net red by this secretary, by her live broadcast belt, this may be Dong Mingzhu's direct purpose .

Third, for the current whole market, Dong Mingzhu's practice is actually unable to be unable. It is only a good thing for a young man. We have to play an unknown, after all, grow under the wings of Dong Mingzhu, Although there is a relatively fast growth, it also has more trouble, so in this case, it is recommended to have its own logic, form your own style, can't be affected by Dong Mingzhu, maybe this is This girl is moving further on the workplace.