Fala's future listed four months evaporates, the boss's payment is still there?

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Fala's future listed four months evaporates, the boss's payment is still there?

2021-11-28 18:06:18 29 ℃

According to the report of people, recently, FF (Faraday Future, Fala's Future) received a warning letter from the US Securities Exchange Commission, saying that because there is no submission of the third quarter earnings, FF is listed as a list of non-regulations. Companies; after receiving the returned warning, the FF allows FF to submit a compliance plan within 60 days. If Nasdaq is approved, it can be re-obtained within 180 days after the report expires.

In this regard, FF said that in the first two days of receipt of the alarm, the company has submitted a document that explains why the release of the published earnings. In the document, FF is investigating the allegations from the inaccurate disclosure of the air mechanism, and the financial report cannot be submitted before the end of the survey. As for when the investigation ends, FF will not be determined. FF said "Incompecreedly disclosed allegations" refers to a 28-page version of the Wall Street in October. Investigation report.

Affected by this news, the listing of FFs listed less than half a year, the stock price once fell over 10%. As of November 27, Beijing time, FF stock price reported $ 6.17 (listed on the day of the market for $ 13.98), the company's latest market value is only $ 2 billion, less than half of the listing of $ 4.5 billion.

To be honest, I saw the troubles of Fara's future. 4 months, the market value evaporates, many people will be very worried about that there is no hope in the end, and Jia Yuepi wants to use the law to launch the might of the future. How old?

First of all, we can say that the future list is a relatively compliant process. It uses this way of booking the company's borrowing transaction. In a short time, the listing of the listing of its own listings is relatively The first thing is that the risk is relatively small, it is also easier to implement, but from another perspective, it is not a list of capital markets, it is difficult to say. Instead, the biggest problem in the future is that the capital market has appeared, and the pressure-based capital market has begun to have some untrustworthy law. This is the biggest problem in France's future.

Secondly, let's take a look at the future. In recent time, a large number of institutional investors have been warning or being warned by the supervisory. It actually proves a point, which is from the perspective of the entire capital market, for future patience The force is gradually declining, and Fara lasts for so long, I have never given the capital market with a good story, even even a car is not manufactured, the capital market is getting smaller and smaller, even I started to doubt that this company is not a liar, so so many institutional investors will appear in the future. A series of moves of the regulatory layer will be affected by public opinion, and naturally, there will be a warning of the warning method to pull the next future.

Third, from a long-term point of view, the current Fara Music must find a way to find a satisfactory answer to the capital market, whether accelerating its own development, producing the first car, or other multi-multi-diversity in the capital market The profit model, but no matter what to do, you must give the capital market with an explanation. If this tape is not, Fara's future issues will be further severe. Moreover, we have repeatedly said a problem. For Jia Yueping, it is very difficult to make money in the way to make new energy cars. Farass, even if you return 10,000 steps, it is very good, and it is not necessarily able to make Jia Yueping. Have a good profit and income. So under such a big background, Jia Yueping's road may still be far away.