Domestic alternative speed!2021 performance high-growth third-generation semiconductor list is released!

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Domestic alternative speed!2021 performance high-growth third-generation semiconductor list is released!

2021-11-29 06:02:09 54 ℃

The third-generation semiconductor term is frequently mentioned related stocks recently is an active market, the overall upward trend.

The third generation of semiconductor i.e. third generation of semiconductor material, gallium nitride (GaN), silicon carbide (SiC), zinc oxide (ZnO), diamond is representative of four, is the main material 5G times

Accompanied by a wave of technological innovation sweeping the globe, 5G and other next-generation communications technology rapid development, the development of the semiconductor industry is huge. The third-generation semiconductor materials involves many fields, including power electronics, information engineering, defense industry, new energy and other related industries in the future can be expected.

This article is to inventory of 26 outstanding third-generation semiconductor-related companies (Part I).

Hite high: net profit of 677 million; net profit growth rate of 4342%

The company established its Shanghai Granville core 6-inch GaAs first domestic / gallium nitride semiconductor wafer production line, has now reached gallium arsenide 2000 / month, gallium nitride 600 / month wafer manufacturing capacity, Some products already in production.

The company's main products include high-end core equipment development and security, high-performance IC design and manufacture, flight training, micro-electronics.

Zhiguang Electric: net profit of 648 million; net profit growth rate of 2055%

Indirect investment Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd. Guangzhou, the Guangdong-core. The semiconductor die Guangdong items facing the third generation of semiconductor chip of silicon carbide fabrication techniques.

The company mainly engaged in power electronics technology research and application products, integrated energy services overall solution, energy technology and industrial services investments.

Silan: net profit of 728 million; net profit growth rate of 1543%

The company has built 6-inch silicon integrated circuit chip production lines GaN, covering material growth, device development, the whole chain GaN circuit technology development, packaging, system applications.

The company's main business is electronic components of the development, production and sales. The major products are integrated circuit device, a light emitting diode.

Poly Chan photo: net profit of 133 million; net profit growth of 709.6%

Products currently involved in R & D and technology to produce gallium nitride epitaxial film of GaN materials is the development of technology, chip technology is the development of GaN chip production technology.

The company's main business is a compound semiconductor optoelectronic materials research and development, manufacturing and sales operations around the LED lighting applications and provide energy management services contract for the core.

Fu Man Micro: net profit of 485 million; net profit growth of 687.8%

The company in the third generation semiconductor GaN (gallium nitride) fast-charging field, related products have been imported bull M customers and other well-known manufacturers supply chain, market steadily.

The company currently works with the high-power GaN master chip, PD protocol chips and other products. Related companies chip NF7307, have higher integration, higher performance and higher reliability.

Magneto-optical Mentech: net profit of 9.013 million; net profit growth of 274.4%

The company's GaN-PD 65W adapter, fast charging source has a small bulk delivery.

It is a research and development, production and sales of the manufacturer and is mainly engaged in communications within the network communication field magnetic components, optoelectronic communication means, communication devices and communication systems supply power adapter tech products.

Microelectronics: net profit of 61.61 million; net profit growth of 222.5%

The company actively layout to SiC and GaN as the representative of the third generation of semiconductor device technology, and gradually have the ability to provide total solutions to customers.

The main business power semiconductor device design and development, chip manufacturing, packaging and testing, sales and other business.

New clean energy: net profit of 311 million; net profit growth of 207.8%

The company is one of the leading semiconductor power device design company; is the first country also has a trench-type power MOSFET, a super-junction power MOSFET, a shielded-gate power MOSFET and IGBT one of the four major product of local enterprises.

The company is mainly engaged in the MOSFET, IGBT power semiconductor chip and device research and sales, has been gradually on imported MOSFET, IGBT and other high-end products as a substitute.

Kim Bo shares: net profit of 334 million; net profit growth of 192.7%

The company's advanced carbon-based composite material products have broad market prospects in the field of semiconductor applications.

The company's main business is in advanced carbon-based composite materials and product development, production and marketing; main products include single crystal pulling furnace thermal field system products, polycrystalline ingot furnace thermal field system products, vacuum heat treatment PRODUCTS Wait.

Altimeter shares: net profit of 112 million; net profit growth of 177.2%

The company has developed the corresponding cutting device and cutting supplies for third-generation semiconductors, is actively promoting the market.

The company is continuing to develop new products, to promote the diamond wire cutting industrial applications in more high technology materials processing hard and brittle silicon photovoltaic materials, semiconductor silicon, sapphire materials, magnetic materials, etc.

Dry according to optical: 165 million net profit; net growth rate of 168.4%

Cooperation with third-generation semiconductor Shenzhen Institute is a comprehensive multi-level depth cooperation, research and development on this platform technologies, including but not limited to gallium nitride and Micro-LED.

The company is a company engaged in research and development, production and sales of semiconductor optoelectronic products. The main products are LED epitaxial sheets, full color LEDs and chips and gallium arsenide solar cell epitaxial sheets and chips. Wenzhou Hongfeng: Net profit 48.57 million; net profit growth rate of 165.7%

The company this time I issued a transferred fundraising fund for non-specific objects for "silicon carbide single crystal research project". Through the project, strengthen the company's basic research and new processes in silicon carbide, research and development capabilities of new products.

The company's main business is the development, production and sales of electrical contact function composite materials, components, components and carbide products.

Tianfu Energy: Net Profit 120 million; net profit growth rate 158.1%

The company intends to invest 200 million yuan of shares Tianke Heart 3.7068% of shares, Tianke Here engages in research and development of third-generation semiconductor silicon carbide wafers.

The company's main business is electricity and thermal production, supply, natural gas supply, urban water supply and construction construction.

Note: The company summarizes the public information, according to the performance statement, only as sharing and exchange learning, not for the sale of sale (the recent share price of the above company has a big increase, do not catch up, do not catch up, don't chase high!)

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